Can Hamsters Eat Waffles? All You Need To Know

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:58 pm

Hamsters are pets that constantly require care and attention, as well as enough food to be healthy, get the necessary nutrients, and have a longer life span.

Of course, not every food is good and healthy for them, so we have to be careful what we feed them, as well as the amount we give them.

You must be wondering if hamsters can eat waffles too?

YES, hamsters can also eat waffles, as long as they eat them in moderate quantities, which will have positive effects on their health. Waffles contain protein, potassium, magnesium, and iron to improve the health of hamsters as long as we give them one teaspoon per week.

If hamsters eat too many waffles, side effects such as diabetes and obesity can occur. Moderation in the diet for hamsters is the most important, just like for us humans.

In today’s article we will find out how many waffles hamsters can eat, and the benefits and risks they may have for their health, so let’s get started right away.

What are waffles?

Waffles are a very popular food all over the world and are regularly eaten and served with various types of toppings from chocolate, honey, butter, and other toppings.

Waffles are made from dough, they can be of different sizes and shapes, depending on the recipe. They can be found commercially prepared, and frozen, and only need to be reheated slightly before serving.

They are especially popular in Belgium, where they are available in many varieties and flavors.

Waffles are a favorite among people, but our hamsters can also eat waffles, but in small strictly defined quantities.

Can hamsters eat waffles?

Yes, hamsters can eat waffles, they are safe for them as long as they eat them in moderation, because waffles contain sugar and fat.

Hamsters love to eat sweet food, so they will certainly not refuse to eat waffles, because they will like their sweet taste very much.

Waffles are a dessert for your furry friend who will enjoy eating them.

The only thing you have to be careful about is the amount you give the hamsters because if they eat too much sugar and fat, it will cause diabetes and make your pet fat.can hamsters eat waffles

How many waffles are hamsters allowed to eat?

Hamsters will eat as many waffles as you give them, so you have to watch the amount so that you don’t let the hamster end up getting sick or fat from the waffles.

Since there are several breeds of hamsters, they all have different digestive systems and cannot eat the same amounts.

If we take Syrian hamsters as an example, they, as the largest, can always eat the most, because they have the strongest digestive system, while other breeds understandably have to eat smaller amounts.

Here is the chart so you know how many waffles hamsters can eat depending on their size and breed.

Hamsters by breed  Amount of waffles
Syrian hamsters one teaspoon per week
Roborovski hamsters one teaspoon every two weeks
Dwarf hamsters half a teaspoon every two weeks

Stick to the table, because when it comes to feeding hamsters, the most important thing is not to give them too much, because otherwise they will get sick, and that’s really not good for their health.

Waffles are a sweet food that is high in sugar and fat, and should not go wrong when given the right amount to hamsters.

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How to give waffles to hamsters?

Hamsters are very sensitive and timid, so in the beginning, when you give them waffles, you should pay attention to them, and be gentle and gradually give them waffles.

It’s best to give them waffles yourself to start with so they don’t get scared and have more courage to try something new like waffles.

This way of introducing waffles into their diet is also good for strengthening the relationship with your pet because in the future it will be much easier for him to dare to try new flavors and new types of food.

Give him some waffles and pay attention to his reaction, because if he doesn’t like them, he doesn’t need to eat them.

After they finish eating, clean and do not leave waffles in and around their cage to prevent the appearance of insects, flies, and other insects.

Waffles spoil and if we leave them in the cage they can only cause diseases in the hamsters if they eat grated waffles again.

Be careful with the amount because, as we said, it can lead to diabetes and obesity in the hamsters.can hamsters eat waffles

Are there any benefits of waffles for hamsters?

Of course, there are benefits as long as the hamsters eat moderate amounts of waffles, the hamsters will also get an improvement in their health.

Waffles are processed food made from dough, they are not the best option for feeding hamsters, but still, in small quantities, there are some benefits for our furry friends.

Here is a chart of the beneficial ingredients of waffles for hamsters and what hamsters get from eating a small number of waffles.

Ingredient                          Benefits
calcium strengthens bones and makes them stronger
iron creates hemoglobin and keeps blood cells healthy
carbohydrates give them the energy to run and play
protein more energy and strength
potassium lowers blood pressure and prevents heart attack
magnesium stronger muscles and a healthier nervous system

Dangers of waffles for hamsters

As long as the hamsters eat moderate amounts of waffles everything will be fine, but if they start eating too much then there are dangers to their health and diseases.

Waffles are processed food with sugar and fat and can be harmful to hamsters if they eat too much, so let’s see what are the dangers of waffles for our pets.


Sugar is one of the biggest dangers that can make a hamster sick.

If hamsters eat too many waffles then they are in danger of developing diabetes, which leads to the appearance of other related diseases, and therefore you must be careful how many waffles you give to your pets.


Obesity is associated with eating foods high in sugar and fat, such as waffles.

If hamsters eat too many waffles, they will gain weight, and obesity is dangerous for the life of hamsters, it will shorten their lifespan.

When hamsters are fat, they move harder and have poor coordination in movement and balance.


Suffocation with waffles is rare for hamsters, but the possibility exists and must be taken care of for your pet.

You must not give large pieces of waffles, as they can cause your furry friends to choke.

Only give them small bite-sized pieces to avoid choking and other more serious problems for hamsters.

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Hamsters can eat waffles but only in small quantities due to the presence of sugar and fat in this food.

One teaspoon per week is quite enough for hamsters to enjoy this dessert without risking their health.

If they eat small amounts, the hamsters will have more energy, healthier blood, a better nervous system, and normal blood pressure.

If they eat too much then our furry friends are in danger of diabetes and obesity.

Larger pieces of waffles can get stuck in their throats and cause choking, so we should only give them small pieces of waffles.

Waffles are good for hamsters as long as we give them occasionally as a dessert, but they can never be their regular food.

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