Can Hamsters Explode? Let’s Discover

Last updated on September 29th, 2023 at 10:16 am

Can hamsters explode? Although it may seem a bit funny and as a joke question, it still seems not so funny.

Hamsters can explode, mainly due to undetected tumors that grow, and their size causes the hamster to explode. Hamsters can also explode if we put them in a microwave oven,

Hamsters cannot explode if they overeat; although some think this is possible, this is still not true.

In today’s article, we will learn about all the possible reasons why hamsters can explode and how to prevent such an unwanted scenario.

Can hamsters explode?

Unfortunately, hamsters can explode due to tumors,also even if we put them in a microwave oven.

Tumors are a phenomenon that happens often, but with prevention and early recognition, it is possible to prevent the explosion of our puppies.

And we hope that no one will use microwave ovens for our pets. However, sometimes it can happen that the hamster itself, due to our carelessness, enters the microwave oven and explodes.

In any case, let’s delve deeper into the main reasons why hamsters can explode.

Hamsters can explode due to tumors

When hamsters have malignant tumors, they constantly grow and become too large in the hamster’s body. Because of this, our pets explode.

Unfortunately, tumors are common in hamsters and represent a complicated and painful condition for hamsters that ultimately end fatally for his life.

Since tumors are common in hamsters, it is best to know as much as possible about the signs of cancer and react quickly.

How common are tumors in hamsters?

Tumors, as we said, are common among our furry friends. Still, fortunately, they are mostly benign tumors that are not as dangerous as malignant ones.

Benign tumors do not spread and are not dangerous for hamsters, since they can continue to function normally.

While malignant tumors are fatal for our pets, they spread quickly, grow and end with fatal consequences such as death.

What types of tumors can hamsters get?

Tumors in hamsters can be malignant or benign; fortunately, only 4% are malignant. Tumors can appear in various places in our pets’ bodies, although they most commonly appear in the adrenal gland near the kidneys.

Also, a frequent location of tumor occurrence is in the lymph glands, also called lymphomas, mainly in older hamsters.

The rare occurrence of tumors also occurs in the brain, skin, hair follicles, eyes, intestines, and uterus.

can hamsters explode

How do you recognize the symptoms of a tumor in hamsters?

There are different symptoms for recognizing a tumor in hamsters, some of which are very easy to see, while others are much more difficult.

Tumors near or on the skin are easier to see, while the more internal they are, the more difficult they are to see.

External signs of tumors in hamsters are:

  • loss of appetite
  • diarrhea
  • pain in stomach
  • depression
  • loss of consciousness

These symptoms do not always mean that the hamsters have a tumor; it can be due to other reasons such as lethargy, poor diet, etc.

When hamsters have a cellular lymphoma that affects the skin, it causes skin inflammation and hair loss in certain areas.

It could be a tumor if you notice a lump or something similar on the hamster’s body.

All these symptoms should be taken seriously, and you should take the hamster to the vet to be examined. The earlier a possible hamster tumor is detected, the better and easier it can be cured.

How are tumors treated in hamsters?

The only way to treat tumors in hamsters is surgical intervention by a veterinarian to remove cancer.

The earlier the tumor is detected, the greater the chances of complete treatment and recovery.

The tumor cannot be treated if it is already in an advanced stage.

Hamsters can explode in a microwave oven

The worst thing is to put a hamster in the microwave because it will explode. This kind of thing is inhumane, and I hope no one will do this to our furry friend.

Since hamsters, like humans, have the most water in their bodies, that is the reason why they exploded in a microwave oven.

More precisely, the water molecules heat up and boil, causing an unwanted explosion in the hamsters.

Boiling water expands, but the hamster’s head cannot grow, and an explosion occurs. We recommend that you never microwave a hamster or any other animal.

Do hamsters explode if they overeat?

No, hamsters cannot explode if they overeat; finally, good news!

Indeed, when hamsters overeat, they have health problems, but fortunately, they cannot explode.

Why do hamsters overeat?

Overeating in hamsters can be due to many reasons such as overeating, stress and boredom.

  • Overeating due to stress – hamsters can overeat if they are under stress from other pets, predators, loud noise, or are scared for different reasons. Then they overeat due to the stress; this wears, and tears pass when the condition normalizes.
  • Boredom – if hamsters have nothing to do, they get bored, eat more and overeat. That’s why we should allow them to always have toys and other activities like running on the wheel, so they don’t get bored. Of course, we should pay attention to them and play with them. Thus we will deal with the boredom of our pets.
  • Too much food – the more food you leave for the hamster, the more it will eat, so pay attention to the amount. Hamsters will not know when to stop; they will eat as much as possible. That’s why we should pay attention to the food every day, not to give them too much, and certainly not too little food, but these are things that we gradually learn and practice with our pets.

can hamsters explode

Side effects of overeating hamsters

If hamsters overeat, they will not explode, but they will have other health problems.

Here are some of the problems:

  • Digestive problems – overeating will cause difficulties for digestion and all sorts of work in their digestive tract. This leads to other related issues and diseases that may be next for our furry friends.
  • Heart problems – because overeating will cause obesity and heart problems because these things are all related. Just like in humans, obesity itself will cause problems in hamsters. Heart problems can only shorten the lifespan of hamsters, who are naturally short-lived.
  • Obesity – caused by overeating is dangerous for their health, as well as the possibility of diabetes and other diseases. Obesity will make it difficult for hamsters to move and coordinate.

Can hamsters explode because they are too hot?

No, hamsters cannot explode from natural heating, as it is not the same as heating in a microwave oven.

Natural heating will not kill them, but it can harm their body and should not be neglected.

Hamsters can overheat for several reasons:

  • Too much food – will cause them to overheat, so you should not give them more than the necessary amount. Because it will cause blockages in their digestive system.
  • Stress – social stress causes hamsters to overheat because they eat a lot again and will overheat.
  • Some activities – hamsters need to play and run to use the energy in their little bodies. Otherwise, they will just overheat, gain weight and get sick.

Can hamsters explode on a plane?

No, hamsters cannot explode on a plane because the pressure on the plane is adjusted to suit both humans and animals.

If you take the hamsters with you on a plane trip, you should pay attention to the temperature so that they are not cold, which can cause them to get sick.

Traveling by plane is not the best option for your pet; it is much better if you take it by car.

Do hamsters explode when they die

No, hamsters do not explode when they die. Our pets can die unexpectedly and, while playing and running, suddenly stop and die.

When hamsters die, their breathing becomes more difficult, and their heart rate slows until it stops.

When the hamster dies, it stops breathing and moving.

What causes death in hamsters?

If tumors in hamsters are not treated in time, they will cause explosion and death, but our pets also die for other reasons.


Hamsters die from diseases, which is hazardous for them if you do not notice that they are sick.

So watch out for the following signs that something is wrong with them:

  • shortness of breath
  • too much sleep
  • poor appearance of fur
  • loss of appetite
  • weight loss

All these signs should be taken seriously and you should take the hamster to the vet to check its condition.


Hamsters have a short life span of two to three years, so they quickly age and die.

Sometimes if you take a hamster to keep and it soon dies, you may be surprised because you don’t know exactly its age.

So before you get a hamster to keep, take it to a vet to check its age.

can hamsters explode

Diarrhea or wet tail

Diarrhea or wet tail is very dangerous to the life of hamsters and can result in premature death. It usually occurs as a result of a bacterial infection.

The easiest way to detect a long tail in hamsters is if they constantly have wet genitalia.

Quick treatment is necessary because otherwise, it leads to dehydration, loss of appetite, lethargy, and death.

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Weak immunity

Weak immunity will not immediately kill the hamster. Still, it will cause diseases and infections that will further drive the death of our pets.

Hamsters get weak immunity if they don’t have enough food and stress.

Therefore, provide him with the best healthy nutrients and ensure that the environment in which they are located is pleasant for your pets.

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Can hamsters explode after eating drywall and drinking water?

If by some chance your hamster gets close to the drywall and eating from it and drinking water it will not explode.

There may be minor difficulties in digestion but it will not explode.

If you notice this phenomenon and your hamster after eating drywall shows signs of illness and becomes lethargic, then take it to the vet immediately to be examined.

There is a small chance that hamsters will try to eat drywall, but this possibility should not be ruled out, so it is best not to leave drywall near your hamster at all.


Hamsters can explode from tumors if you put them in a microwave oven.

Tumors grow in the hamsters’ bodies until they cannot sustain their size and eventually explode.

When the water in the body of the hamsters is heated, they explode if they are in a microwave oven.

Fortunately, hamsters can’t explode if they overeat, but that doesn’t mean that overeating doesn’t have consequences for their health, so be careful about the amount you give them.

Finally, hamsters often suffer from tumors, and we need to take them to the vet more frequently to prevent the tumors from spreading and exploding.

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