Can Hamsters Have A Newspaper For Bedding? Let’s find Out

Hamsters can sleep on different types of bedding, some of them are good, while others can be harmful to the hamster’s health.

Some time ago I wondered if I could put shredded newspaper as bedding for my hamster, so I researched if it was okay, if it was suitable for my hamster.

Can hamsters have a newspaper for bedding?

Hamsters can have newspapers for bedding, but not all newspapers are suitable for this purpose. You should do certain checks on the newspaper before using it as bedding for your hamster.

Shredded newspaper is a readily available bedding material for hamsters, you just have to be careful that it does not contain inks that are toxic to your pet.

In today’s article, you will find out which newspapers are suitable for use as bedding for hamsters, what you should pay attention to when choosing, how dangerous newspapers are for hamsters, and similar questions.

Can hamsters have a newspaper for bedding?

Hamsters can have a newspaper as a bedding base, but you have to be careful because there are different newspapers, different newspapers papers, and inks.

For example, some newspapers are made of paper that is very sharp and can injure the hamster. If the newspaper has ink, it can also be toxic, depending on what kind of ink it is.

That’s why you must first do some checking on the newspaper before using it on your pet.

If you are using the shredded newspaper as the bottom layer for the bedding, you can put it on the bottom and then put the bedding that you usually use for your pet on top.

This will give you bedding that will result in good absorbent power and at the same time the hamster will be able to use it to burrow in it.

Whereas if you are only using shredded newspaper entirely for bedding then you should first remove any staples between the pages as they can injure the hamster and cause bleeding.

Using shredded newspaper is best used as an alternative to bedding as it poses a risk of disease to hamsters. Infection can occur primarily due to hamsters urinating and pooping on the shredded newspaper bedding.

What are the pros and cons of newspapers as hamster bedding?

Newspaper as a basis for hamster bedding has its pros and cons. That’s why we made a table in which you can read which are the pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Availability – The newspaper is very easily available and can be obtained almost always. Ink and chemicals – Care must be taken not to use newspapers with oil-based ink, as these are harmful to hamsters.
Cost Effective – Using newspapers as bedding for hamsters is a cheaper option. Absorption – Newspaper is not as absorbent as other bedding used for hamsters.
Comfort and Texture – Newspaper isn’t quite as soft as other bedding, and burrowing hamsters in them isn’t the same.
Dust and Allergies – Newspaper pages can be dusty and cause allergies in hamsters.

Newspaper bedding obviously has its pros and cons, however, you should pay attention to whether it has petroleum ink or soy-based ink that is not harmful to hamsters.

Do newspapers contain ink that is dangerous to hamsters?

Nowadays, toxic oil-based ink is used less and less, while in the past this type of ink was most often used.

Newspapers now use soy-based ink that is biodegradable and not harmful to hamsters. To know if a newspaper’s ink is toxic or not you should check the newspaper’s website.

In any case, be careful what kind of newspaper you use for hamster bedding, and always look for a newspaper that is non-toxic i.e. does not have ink toxic to their health.

Can newspaper ink harm a hamster?

If you use a newspaper that has soy-based ink or other biodegradable ingredients, then there will be no harmful consequences for the health of the hamsters.

The advantage of soy-based inks is that they do not have as many volatile ingredients as opposed to petroleum-based ink which is harmful to hamsters.

In any case, you should avoid illustrated magazines as they have a higher chance of being harmful to hamsters.

If you accidentally put shredded newspaper with oil-based ink by mistake, it can poison the hamster as it chews.

When you choose newspaper for hamster bedding, you should choose it to be thinner, because the thickness of the newspaper can cause injury in the mouth and gums of hamsters.

If by chance the hamster has problems since you put newspaper on his bedding, he will have the following symptoms:

  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • attacks
  • breathing problems
  • greater fatigue
  • lethargy

All these symptoms mean a health problem and if you notice them you should take the hamster to the vet immediately.can hamsters have a newspaper for bedding

Can my hamster eat newspapers?

The hamster should not eat newspapers, it is better not to eat them because it is of no use to their organism.

Newspapers do not have any nutritional ingredients for hamsters, they are more difficult to digest in their organism and can lead to certain blockages.

Even if the hamsters have the opportunity, they probably won’t eat the newspaper, maybe they will chew it, but they won’t eat it.

They may put it in their mouths and grind it into smaller pieces to make better bedding.

Which bedding is good and inexpensive for my hamster?

If you want to put bedding that is both cheap and good for hamsters, you can use paper towels or paper towels with soy-based ink.

Fresh hay and straw can also serve as bedding for your pet, just make sure it is not too sharp.

Because the sharp straw can injure the hamster with its sharp tips, causing cuts and other unwanted consequences.

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Which bedding should not be used for hamsters?

Never use cotton bedding for hamsters, because although it is soft, it can cause problems and blockages in their digestive system, which can lead to fatal consequences.

Cedar or pine shavings are also not a good option for hamsters because they may contain toxic ingredients or cause allergies in hamsters.

Perfumed bedding is also not good for hamsters because your pet has an excellent sense of smell and can cause respiratory problems.

How deep should a hamster’s bedding be?

Hamster bedding should be at least 10 inches. With this depth of bedding, hamsters will feel more comfortable and safer.

Deep bedding allows your pet to feel as if it is in nature, as it will be able to bury itself in it.

Certain bedding such as aspen flakes and fresh care are not suitable for burying tunnels, they cannot hold and will fall.can hamsters have a newspaper for bedding

How often do you change hamster paper bedding?

It is recommended that the paper bedding in the hamster cage be changed once a week. Changing the bedding is important because the area where the hamster lives needs to be clean.

Hamsters’ bedding gets dirty with waste, food, and water, so it must be changed once a week, and can be changed more often if necessary.

Clean bedding allows the hamster to be protected from infections and diseases that can seriously damage their health.


Hamsters can use newspapers as bedding, but only if the ink on them is soy-based or biodegradable.

If the ink is petroleum-based it can cause side effects and toxicity which is harmful to the health of the hamsters.

It is best to use shredded newspaper and other bedding that you use regularly as a combination for best results and hamster comfort.

Avoid cedar or pine bedding, as well as perfumed or cotton-based bedding, which can be harmful and dangerous to their health.

Hamsters usually like newspaper bedding, just make sure the ink is always safe for your pet.

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