Can Hamsters Sneeze to Death? Let’s Discover

Last updated on July 9th, 2023 at 07:28 pm

Hamsters get sick and recover from various health problems, just like us humans.

Hamsters are very sensitive and gentle and very easily have health problems, but what about sneezing, is sneezing dangerous for hamsters?

Can hamsters sneeze to death?

Hamsters cannot sneeze to death, but it can be a sign of health problems such as infections and other diseases. Hamsters sneeze mostly due to dust or dirt allergies.

When hamsters sneeze, it is best to take them to the vet to examine them and check what it is.

In today’s article, you will learn why hamsters sneeze, what are the symptoms when they sneeze, and how to prevent your pet from sneezing.

Can hamsters sneeze to death?

No, hamsters can never sneeze to death. Sneezing in hamsters is a normal occurrence and not dangerous to their health.

Sneezing is dangerous when it is associated with some other disease such as infection, tumor, and respiratory infections that can be dangerous for their life.

Whenever hamsters sneeze, it does not necessarily mean that it is a sign of danger, but you must still pay attention to other signs and symptoms that they show.

What causes hamsters to sneeze?

As we say, hamsters sneeze to death, but that does not mean that we should just watch from the side, we must be aware of the danger of other diseases that can be fatal to them.

Therefore, let’s look at the situations in which hamsters sneeze and what their meaning can be for the health of your pet.

Hamsters sneeze when they have an infection

Hamsters may sneeze when they have an infection from dust, bedding, or wood oil.

When hamsters sneeze, even the smallest dirt or dust can cause sneezing that can further develop into more serious health problems.

Their respiratory system is quite delicate and infections and breathing problems can occur very easily. Sometimes dirty or dusty bedding can cause your hamster to sneeze, so it needs to be changed regularly.

Or if he sneezes on new bedding, then you may need to change the brand completely or find another bedding from a different manufacturer.

An infection followed by sneezing can also be a consequence of insufficient air circulation in the cage, so regular ventilation of the room where the cage is is required.

Fresh air is important for hamster health and reducing the chances of sneezing or other health-related infections.can hamsters sneeze to death

Sneezing in hamsters can be due to allergies

Hamsters can get allergies and sneeze, it’s completely normal for them, just like for us humans.

Hamsters can be allergic to various things you use, such as fabric softeners or certain bedding you use for your pet.

Food can sometimes cause an allergy in the hamster and it starts to sneeze. That’s why every time you give them something to eat, especially when they try new food, wait to see if they show an allergy and sneeze.

Allergies in hamsters can also appear from bedding, so we should pay attention to that option as well. In any case, hamsters are very gentle and it doesn’t take much for them to get an allergy and start sneezing.

Hamsters also sneeze when they have tumors

Although tumors are a rare cause of sneezing in hamsters, we still have to pay attention to that possibility. Tumors in the nose and head in particular can be a direct cause of your furry pet’s sneezing.

Many owners do not test their hamsters for head tumors, so it is difficult to find out if this could be the cause of sneezing.

However, if you notice that your pet has bloody discharge from his nose, it can be a dangerous sign that something is wrong.

You should take him to the vet right away to check him out and see if it’s a serious illness like a tumor or something.

What to do to prevent hamsters from sneezing?

To prevent sneezing in hamsters do the following:

  • Clean cage – always clean the cage in a timely manner, because any dust or dirt is a possible reason why the hamster sneezes.
  • Bedding – choose bedding that will not cause allergies and sneezing in your pet, it is best to use bedding made of wood shavings and avoid bedding made of cedar and pine.
  • Diet – every time the hamster tries a new food, it may start sneezing as a result of an allergy, so be careful at the beginning when the hamster eats something new.

Why do hamsters make sneezing noises?

When hamsters sneeze and also sniffling that is a sign of some problem with their respiratory condition.

Hamsters with these signs probably have an upper respiratory infection, or it could be a sign of a cold or the worst scenario pneumonia, which is a danger to their life.

However, hamsters are like other mammals and they can easily develop a cold.

How sensitive is a hamster’s nose?

Hamsters’ nose is very sensitive to smells because they have an excellent sense of smell.

Hamsters don’t like some scents like citrus, because this smell is overwhelming for them.

Some hamsters are also very sensitive to orange peel or lemon, so your pet will hide and run when he smells these fruits or vegetables.

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Why is my hamster sneezing and shaking?

When your hamster at the same time sneezing and also shakes this could happen when they catch a cold.

Hamsters when they have a cold also have together sneezing and a runny nose.

Also shaking is a symptom of diabetes or temperature changes in their environment.

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Sneezing cannot directly cause death in hamsters, but it can be a sign of some other disease that can endanger the hamster’s life.

Hamsters can sneeze for a variety of reasons such as allergies, infections, respiratory problems, and food allergies.

Any small dust and dirt can cause sneezing, so you need to regularly clean the cage and change the bedding.

In any case, sneezing is a normal phenomenon in hamsters, but be aware of the other possible dangers that we have mentioned.

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