Can Hamsters Throw Up? Find Out Now

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:54 pm

Watching our hamsters and how eat with a great passion, sometimes we wonder if they can do the same or similar things, for example, if they throw up like us humans.

Can hamsters throw up?

No, hamsters cannot throw up. There is no way for them to throw up and expel toxins and harmful substances from their body. Since they cannot throw up, they may question their health.

In today’s article, we will find out why hamsters can’t throw up, even though sometimes it looks like they are throwing up, and how to protect hamsters from toxic substances in their body.

Why do hamsters sometimes seem to throw up?

Sometimes we see hamsters throwing food out of their mouths and think they are throwing up, but that is not the case.

They take the food they previously stored in their cheeks and take it out to put it somewhere else to eat immediately or later.

If the hamsters throw up something unusual, then it can be a result of diarrhea, and they also throw up blood.

The hamster throws up diarrhea

When hamsters throw up a brown and runny substance it could be diarrhea.

Diarrhea is dangerous for an animal and can make it sick, so if you notice this situation in your hamster, take it to the vet immediately.

When hamsters have diarrhea, it is a sign of the danger of flu, wet tail, cold, and the appearance of bacteria in their body.

Hamsters may throw up blood

In addition to diarrhea, hamsters can also throw up blood from their mouths.

If they throw out blood, it is a first-degree alarm and the hamster must be taken to the vet immediately because it can be dangerous for his life.

When hamsters throw up blood it can be a sign of:

  • cuts
  • urinary tract infection
  • internal injuries
  • broken teeth
  • Pyometra occurring in female hamsters

How to protect the hamster from toxic substances?

Since hamsters cannot throw up, there is a great danger for them from toxic materials that remain in their body.

Toxic stinks or the remains of objects with a toxic ingredient are possible hazards that can harm the hamster.

So let me read some tips on how to protect your hamster from harmful substances.

Watch his diet

Hamsters will eat anything they like, they won’t know if something is toxic or not, so we have to pay attention to their nutrition.

Although we sometimes do not know that some food is toxic to hamsters because we can eat it. Cyanide is a dangerous toxin that can seriously harm a hamster and is found in bitter almonds and apple seeds.

There are other foods that are toxic and dangerous for hamsters, here are some:

  • garlic – causes blood problems in hamsters
  • onion – just like garlic creates blood problems
  • sweets – have too much sugar
  • salt – is harmful and causes diseases in hamsters
  • citrus – too much acid that will make the hamster sick
  • cyanide – can kill the hamster

Therefore, stay away from this kind of food, although there are certainly other types of food that we have not listed, which are toxic and dangerous for the life of hamsters.

How do we know that hamsters have swallowed something bad?

In order to prevent problems or choking of hamsters because they cannot throw up, we need to know what the symptoms are when they have eaten something that is dangerous and harmful for them.

Loss of appetite

If the hamsters do not want to eat it indicates that something is wrong with them, and they may have swallowed something that is dangerous for them.

To make sure that the hamster is not okay, give him something to eat that he likes, if he still refuses to eat then he has toxic ingredients in his body.

In these situations, you should take your hamster to the vet immediately.

Rapid breathing

Rapid breathing is a sign that the hamster has problems and may have eaten something toxic, especially if problems with the heart and respiratory system also occur.

An examination by a veterinarian is required to determine his condition and how dangerous it is to his health.can hamsters throw up

Drinking too much water

Another sign is that the hamster is not feeling well when drinking a lot of water because there may be toxins in the body.

The only way to flush out toxins is water which helps the kidneys and liver fight against the toxic substance.

He doesn’t mind the fur

Hamsters always take care of their fur and groom themselves.

If your hamster stops doing this, it means that it is sick, it may have toxins in its body, and therefore it is not paying attention to its fur.


When the hamsters are healthy, they constantly run and play in the cage, on the wheel, and in general, do something all day long.

But if the hamster just sits in the corner of the cage or hides, then something is wrong with it, and there may be toxic substances that disturb its health.

These are just some of the signs, and there are others that indicate that something is wrong with the hamster, that there may be toxins in the body, and it cannot recover them, and we should immediately take it to a veterinarian to examine it.

How to prevent the hamster from choking?

We must say again that hamsters cannot throw up, and they are in danger of choking on food.

If hamsters eat large pieces of food they cannot regurgitate them and will choke.

Therefore, here are some tips on how to prevent choking in hamsters.

Cotton bedding can suffocate the hamster

Although it is widely available in the market, cotton bedding is dangerous for hamsters and they can choke on it because they will not be able to swallow it.

Cotton bedding can also get caught on their teeth and cause further problems.

If hamsters ingest cotton bedding they may die from it, as they will not be able to digest it in their digestive system, so stay away from such bedding.


When hamsters eat large pieces of food they can choke.

If you feed them store-bought food for hamsters, there probably won’t be a problem because it’s already cut into pieces so they can’t choke.

The danger is when you yourself give them food to eat and cut it yourself. It is best to judge for yourself how many pieces your hamster can eat for its size.

If you are not sure, then cut the food into small pieces to prevent the hamster from choking.

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Certain subjects

If hamsters eat some objects like coins, caps, pins, or some other similar objects they can choke and die.

That’s why you should keep such small items away from hamsters because they will eat anything in their path.

Keeping hamsters requires a lot of attention so that unwanted problems do not occur, because obviously when they swallow something there is no turning back because they will not be able to regurgitate it and throw it out of their mouth.

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Hamsters cannot throw up, but sometimes they may throw up blood or diarrhea, which is a sign of problems with their organism.

Hamsters cannot vomit, which creates problems for them and they cannot expel toxic substances from their body.

That’s why we have to be careful what food we give them so that it is not toxic because it can kill your hamster.

We need to be careful that they don’t swallow cotton bedding that can suffocate them, and the same can happen if they swallow coins and other small objects.