Can I Dye The Hamster’s Fur? Let’s Find Out

Many hamster owners including myself have wondered if I could dye their fur.

Coloring the fur of hamsters seems interesting and fun at first glance, but is it okay to do something like this on your pet’s fur?

Can I dye the hamster’s fur?

You should not dye your hamster’s fur because it is poisonous and can cause allergies, stress, and ultimately death.

Hamster fur dyeing is not good for hamsters at all and there is no need to risk adverse health consequences.

In today’s article you will find out why you should not dye your hamster’s fur, what are the consequences if you decide to take this step, and similar related questions, so let’s get started right away.

Can I dye the hamster’s fur?

Under no circumstances should you dye your hamster’s fur because you can only harm their health which is very delicate anyway.

Hamsters have different fur colors starting from red, gray, brown, and other colors.

Paints contain chemicals that are poisonous to hamsters and can cause burns to their skin, so don’t try it at all. If you dye their fur it can reduce the shine and softness of the fur.

The color itself has a specific odor that will also irritate other hamsters and can only lead to avoidance challenge dissatisfaction and social avoidance between colored and non-colored hamsters.

Is dyeing the fur of hamsters poisonous to them?

Coloring the fur of hamsters is dangerous and poisonous for them and can cause consequences for their health.

Dyes used for coloring contain chemicals that are toxic to both animals and humans.

There are dangerous chemicals in paints such as:

  • ammonia – for example, ammonia is poisonous to hamsters and can cause consequences and even death for your pet.
  • resorcinol – predicts problems with the central nervous system in hamsters, which can cause weakness and eventually death in hamsters. Apart from these consequences, it can also cause fur loss, skin burns, and other problems.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – is very dangerous and toxic because it causes blockage of the work of the respiratory tract and, in the last case, the death of the hamsters.
  • p-phenylenediamine – it causes cancer and other serious health problems.

All of these things we have listed are reason enough not to use dye and dye your hamster’s fur.can I dye the hamster's fur

The coloring of the fur in hamsters causes stress

First, we must emphasize that coloring the hamster’s fur itself will cause a lot of stress. Hamsters will feel very uncomfortable when coloring them, and will not be happy at all.

If you still decide to dye their fur, you should first wash their fur well, and wipe it a little with a soft cloth to absorb the water.

Then you can start coloring their fur and blow dry it on the lowest setting.

However, the process of dyeing and washing the fur takes about an hour, which is too much and is very stressful for the hamsters.

Stress can only make your hamster sick, so it’s best not to try to dye their fur at all.

Fur dyeing causes allergy in hamsters

There are many chemicals in the composition of paints that are toxic and can cause allergic reactions in hamsters.

Although some owners use dyes to dye their fur, it is best not to try at all and risk allergic reactions.

The skin of hamsters is very delicate and can easily cause unwanted reactions that can cause:

  • coughing
  • sneezing
  • itching
  • swellings
  • red eyes

We humans have stronger immunity, but our hamsters are not so strong and easily get unwanted reactions or allergies.

Hamsters can get skin burns from allergies, so you should not dye their fur. Paint colors are too artificial and contain ingredients that are harmful to the health of our little friends.

Hamsters can die if we dye their fur

Apart from stress, skin burns, and other problems, hamsters can also die if you try to dye their fur. This happens because hamsters are grooming and licking their fur.

When they lick their fur, the hamsters will enter the chemicals from the dyes directly into their body, and that’s when the real dangers to their lives begin.

The toxic ingredients from the paint colors will enter their body and begin to block their respiratory system which will eventually result in their death.

Apart from the danger of death, the hamsters will initially feel pain in the stomach, and their teeth may start to fall out.

This will certainly not be pleasant for the hamsters at all, they will actually experience pain, and stress and may eventually die.can I dye the hamster's fur

Is it OK to dye hamsters’ fur?

It is not right to dye the fur of hamsters because you can only cause problems with their health and death.

Hamsters are dependent on our care for them, and they completely rely on us to keep and care for them.

Hamsters cannot take care of themselves, they expect us to take care of them, and most importantly, when they become friends with their owners, they completely trust them.

Therefore, it is best not to try to dye their fur, although some owners still opt for this step even though it may harm their pets.

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Coloring the hamster’s fur will change their behavior

Coloring the fur of the hamsters will change their behavior toward other hamsters, and towards the hamster with colored fur.

Other hamsters will start to avoid the colored hamster because it will be a different color, but their smell may also change.

All this will contribute to the hamster having colored fur and encountering problems in socializing with other hamsters around him.

A hamster with dyed fur will change its behavior due to the stress it experiences while dyeing its fur.

He may start behaving aggressively and acquire unusual habits that he did not use before. My recommendation is not to try to dye your pet’s fur at all, which will protect its health and life.

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Is food coloring safe for hamsters?

According to the FDA, food coloring is as safe for hamsters as it is for other animals.

Is ink toxic to hamsters?

Ink can be toxic and dangerous to the health of hamsters, so avoid using paper bedding that has ink on it. You use bedding that does not have ink, so you won’t risk poisoning your pet.

What irritates hamsters?

Hamsters can get irritated by something around them and have itchy and red skin. It is enough for hamsters to ingest some toxic substance through bedding and food and get irritated.


You should not dye the fur of hamsters because it can lead to problems with their health and death.

The colors in the paints have many poisonous ingredients that are bad for hamsters and can cause allergies, stress, burns, and other harmful consequences.

Hamsters lick their fur, during which they will directly ingest the poisonous ingredients of the paints and may die.

So finally, never try to dye your pet’s fur, the risk to his health is too great.

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