Can I Keep Guinea Pigs In My Bedroom?

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:30 pm

Keeping guinea pigs requires a lot of dedication and attention; the more we take care of them, the happier they will feel and enjoy being together with us.

Apart from the daily diet, there are other things that we should pay attention to and adapt to the needs of our pets.

Sometimes we wonder if guinea pigs can be kept in the bedroom?

How will our pets react if we put their cage in the bedroom?

The guinea pigs will be completely safe and want to be in the bedroom or their cage. However, there will be some problems both for the guinea pigs and for us. For example, they will be possible allergies, sleep disturbance due to noises, unpleasant odors, and being careful about the temperature in the bedroom.

We will answer these questions in today’s article, so let’s start right away.

Can we keep guinea pigs in the bedroom?

Yes, we can keep the guinea pigs and their cage in the bedroom; it is entirely safe for them.

If you keep your pet in the bedroom, there are still specific problems, as well as positive moments if you decide to take this step.

Let’s consider those situations that can be unpleasant and pleasant for our guinea pig and us.

Occasional noises in the night

In general, guinea pigs are pretty quiet at night so that they won’t disturb our sleep, although you may hear them drinking water from time to time.

Guinea pigs are not very active during the night, so we can count more on them than on us.

If you want to sleep until late in the morning, then that’s a problem, because the guinea pigs wake up early in the morning and will wake you up with their movement and making various sounds.

The upside is that you won’t be late for work or if you have other commitments.

can i keep guinea pigs in my bedroom

Unpleasant smell in the bedroom

Guinea pigs maintain their hygiene very well, which is not disputed, although they poop and pee a lot.

However, if you do not clean the cage often, an unpleasant smell will begin to spread from the bedding where your pets poop and urinate.

Therefore, if you want to keep your pet in the bedroom, you must change the bedding in the cage regularly. The more often you clean the cage, the less or no unpleasant smell you will feel.

That is why we recommend you change the bedding in his cage at least once a week, or if you are able and if you have time, maybe twice a week.

Keeping guinea pigs in the bedroom can cause allergies

Although it rarely happens, it is still possible for us humans to get an allergy if we keep our guinea pigs in the bedroom.

The most common cause of allergies is not the guinea pigs themselves, we mostly get allergies from the hay and their bedding in the cage.

Owners of guinea pigs with a history of respiratory diseases, asthma, etc., should avoid keeping guinea pigs in the bedroom.

Guinea pigs can get sick

In the bedroom, we often use an air conditioner to have a pleasant sleep, and of course, we turn it on at lower temperatures.

Low temperatures are not very pleasant for guinea pigs, significantly below 20 celsius degrees, can negatively affect them.

Perfumes bother guinea pigs

In the bedrooms, we get ready before going out and use perfume, which is entirely normal for us, but can be unpleasant for guinea pigs.

Strong odors bother your furry friends and can cause irritation and respiratory problems.

So see how much less you can use them if you keep a guinea pig in the bedroom, and put perfume in another room.

can i keep guinea pigs in my bedroom

Can we keep guinea pigs in the children’s room?

No, guinea pigs should not be kept in children’s rooms because children cannot take care of guinea pigs well enough.

Children will be unable to detect in time if the guinea pig is sick. Children can develop allergies and other health problems if a guinea pig is in their room.

Another danger is an unintentional injury to your pets by children, so we recommend not to put the cage with the guinea pig in the children’s room.

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Can we keep guinea pigs in the kitchen or dining room?

Yes, guinea pigs can be kept in the kitchen or dining room because they will be able to see us and communicate with us the most.

The proximity of food will also allow us to give food to our pets on time.

The guinea pigs will be happy to be near us and feel comfortable.

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Keeping a guinea pig in the bedroom is excellent, although there are some positive and negative situations both for the guinea pig and us, the owners of these pets.

In any case, whether to keep a guinea pig in the bedroom is up to you, so we have listed several positive and negative factors that you should consider if you decide to take this step.

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