Can I Let My Guinea Pig Run Around the House? Let’s Discover

Guinea pigs are in their cage all the time and they are bored and want to run and play.

You must be wondering if you should let them sit in their cage or let them run around the house?

Yes, you should let guinea pigs run around your house, it’s healthy for them and makes them happy and satisfied.

My guinea pig makes happy noises and makes popcorn when I let him around the house because he is happy to be out of his cage.

They need to play and run for a certain time of the day, so you can freely let them around your house, but before that, you will need to ensure their safety in the space.

In today’s article, you will learn why and how to let your guinea pig play and run around the house.

In the article, I will also share my personal experience with my guinea pig and how he behaves when I let him around the house.

Why do guinea pigs have to run around the house?

When you let the guinea pig run around your house it is a moment of joy for your pet.

My guinea pig jumps for joy when I let him around the house and enjoys those moments of happiness.

When you let your guinea pig run around the house it positively affects his physical and mental health and strengthens the relationship with you as owners.

Let’s read in detail about these benefits that a guinea pig will get when it plays around your house.

It improves their mental health

When you let guinea pigs run around your house it has psychological benefits for their mind and mental health.

And they like to explore and roam a little outside the cage, and of course, have a little fun.

Cages cannot provide enough of the running and playing that they need, so they have to walk around your house occasionally.

Running and exploring around your house will calm them down and reduce their stress which is a requirement for them to be healthy and disease free.

They will have a healthy body

When you let your guinea pigs out of their cage to run and play around your house it’s great for their bodies.

It allows their muscles to improve and they won’t be overweight as a result of all the time they spend in a cage.

Guinea pigs need to run around the house to keep their body in top shape, which is important for them to be healthy and less sick in the future.

You will strengthen your bond with the guinea pig

Allowing your pet to run and play around your house will allow you to strengthen the bond between you and your guinea pig.

When I release my guinea pig, he is so happy and after that he wants me to hold him and pet him even more.

When you let him around the house, you can also give them something to eat and that will make him trust you even more and strengthen the bond with your pet.

Be aware of safety when letting your guinea pig around the house

When you let the guinea pig run and play around the house, you need to secure it so that it doesn’t get any unwanted side effects like injuries, or it doesn’t eat something it shouldn’t.

Here are some practical tips on how to best secure the room when you need to let your pet out.

Beware of chemicals

Guinea pigs should not be exposed to chemicals that you use in your house.

That’s why you should always check if you have any cleaning chemicals left around the house before you let them around the house.

Even though some of them say they are safe, that doesn’t mean they are safe for guinea pigs.

Also, be careful not to keep them near any items that you have cleaned with chemicals, as they can still be harmful to the guinea pigs.

If the objects are cleaned with water then there is no danger to the guinea pig.

Get the house in order before you release the guinea pig

Do not let your guinea pig out if your house is messy as it may cause unwanted injuries to your pet.

When there are disorganized objects they can fall on the guinea pig and hurt him when he runs and plays, especially when he is making popcorn.

When my guinea pig makes popcorn, he hits many objects like chairs and the table, and he does it with the head, which can cause injuries.

Personally, when I let my guinea pig out, I always make sure to add pillows or bedding where there are hard objects so that they are soft if my pet bumps into them.

When my guinea pig is running around the house making popcorn, he bumps uncontrollably when jumping and that is the biggest risk of injury, especially to the head.can i let my guinea pig run around the house

Don’t let them run around the house alone

When you let your guinea pig run around the house, never leave him alone, always be near him.

Guinea pigs are curious and they will explore the space around them by:

  • they can get stuck in objects
  • they may bite a cable
  • they may eat some of the objects
  • they can get hurt when hit in the heat of the game

The guinea pig can play around the house, but always be nearby so that nothing bad happens. They are very smart, but still, an accident can happen that can injure them.

When to return to the cage

When guinea pigs run and play around the house they use up energy and after a certain time, it will be necessary to bring them back.

When you notice that they are no longer running, then they are probably tired and it is time to put them back in the cage,

Guinea pigs pee and poop very often, so after a while, it’s safest to put them back so they don’t make a mess with their poop.

Be aware of other pets and strangers

When you let your guinea pig run free around the house it is best to put the other pets in a separate room.

Although they can and will hang out together with the guinea pig without harming it, in order to avoid fear and stress to the guinea pig, my recommendation is that they be separated.

The guinea pig is sensitive and may not like the presence of a cat or other animal around him, and it may upset him.

As for other strangers in the home when the guinea pig is running again it is best to get them in separate rooms.

Guinea pigs are afraid of strangers and if they get close they may get scared and run away.

In order to avoid this kind of fear, the same unknown people should be in your home more often so that the guinea pig can get used to them, even then he may not be afraid when they play around the house.

Place bedding on the floor

So that the guinea pig can run safely and not make your floor full of poop and pee, put on a blanket or any kind of bedding, and maybe paper.

No matter how trained a guinea pig is to poop and pee in its cage, it can always do so on the floor.

However, they still pee and poop so it’s normal for them to do the same on the floor around the house.

If you let him through a smaller room, you will easily secure it with a piece of blanket, while if you let your pet through the whole house, then it will be more difficult for you to bed all over the house.

When should you not let your guinea pig around the house?

You should let your guinea pig run around the house, as it is good and healthy for them, but sometimes it is not the right time for a number of reasons.

If the guinea pig is sick or injured when it is pregnant, it is also not recommended to let it around the house so that it does not get hurt, so let’s look at all these reasons in detail.

When the guinea pig is pregnant you should not let it with other guinea pigs around the house

When a guinea pig is pregnant, of course, it will want to run and play, but it will not be able to move as fast as when it is not pregnant.

If the guinea pig is pregnant then you have to be much more careful that it doesn’t get hurt. This is especially true if you have two or more guinea pigs, as aggressive behavior can occur between them.

If you want to let the pregnant guinea pig around the house, always only let it out without other guinea pigs.

Keep an eye on the children

When the guinea pigs run and play around the house you have to watch your children so they don’t hurt them.

Children happily play with their pets, and can accidentally injure the guinea pig, so always be nearby.

That’s why you need to explain to the children how important it is to keep an eye on the guinea pigs when they are let around the house.

Or maybe the best solution is to release the guinea pig more often when the children are not around, although this is a little more difficult since children love these little pets the most.

When they are sick

If the guinea pig is sick, then you should avoid letting them around the house often.

However, it is best to consult a veterinarian, who, depending on the illness or injury, will tell you how and whether to let your pet around the house.

Because for some illnesses, it may be good for them to run around a bit, but if they have a serious injury then they may just need to rest in their cage until they heal.

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How to make running around the house more fun for guinea pigs

Just letting guinea pigs run around the house is fun and interesting for them, but you can enrich their enjoyment and fun outside of the cage.

Add some toys like a ball or something similar to make it even more fun for them.

Play with the guinea pig and pick it up, then release it back to the floor, and give it some food to eat while it is out of the cage.

All these little things will make your guinea pig even happier and more satisfied whenever you can provide them during their playtime.

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How long should guinea pigs be out of their cage and run in the house?

Guinea pigs need to be out of their cage at least once a day so they can run and play around the house.

Sometimes more and sometimes less depending on your free time, the guinea pig should run around the house to be healthier and happier.

Just being out of the cage will make the guinea pig calmer and happier and will reciprocate your trust, which will strengthen your bond with your pet.

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You can let the guinea pig around the house play and run, but you have to be careful that he doesn’t get hurt or eat something he shouldn’t.

Secure the house before letting him run, making sure there are no chemical residues near the floor and food that the guinea pigs should not eat.

Playing and running around the house is a great joy for the guinea pig and should therefore be practiced.

When the guinea pig plays and runs around the house it positively affects its health and fitness.

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