Can I Let My Hamster Run Around My Room? Find Out Now

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:34 pm

We all want to allow hamsters to enjoy, play and run to be happy. But is it okay to let them walk and run freely around the room?

Can I let my hamster run around my room?

Yes, you can let your hamster run around your room as it will make him happy as he can explore and play, you just need to make sure the room is safe for your pet.

The hamster will surely be happy because it will have more space to explore, and we, the owners, will also be happy next to our pet.

However, if you allow the hamster to run around the room, we must be careful so that it does not escape, or maybe hide somewhere in gaps, furniture, and similar places.

In today’s article, you will find out if it is okay to let the hamster run in the room and what to watch out for if you decide to take this step.

Is it okay to keep a hamster in your room?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to keep a hamster in your room, especially if the room is not exposed to loud noises that hamsters don’t like too much.

It is better for hamsters if you keep it in your room rather than keeping it in the kitchen or somewhere where there is a higher frequency of people, music or similar loud content.

Hamsters like quieter places to feel comfortable and not be scared, because they are always concerned about their safety. After all, they are often the prey of various predators.

The quieter the place where the hamster is located, the better for him, he will not have stress or similar negative reactions.

If your room is not exposed to a lot of light that is another positive thing that the hamster will like and will love to run and walk around your room.

That’s why it’s perfectly fine to keep a hamster in your room as long as you don’t play loud music, or TV or have other pets such as cats.

Should I Let My Hamster Out Of Its Cage?

Yes, you can let the hamster out of the cage to run and play in your room. The hamster will be happy to have more space to explore what is their natural behavior.

Before you let the hamster explore your room, you should make a few checks so that he can’t hide or escape, because it will be difficult to get him back later.

Check the following things before letting your hamster into your room.

You should close all doors and block objects in the room

When you decide to let your hamster run around your room, the most important thing is to make it safe enough so that it doesn’t happen to escape.

Hamsters are known for always trying to escape whether they are in or out of their cage. They are always looking for a way out of the cage, and they will do the same in your room.

Therefore, you should block all possible places where the hamster could escape, such as cracks in walls, parts of furniture, and similar objects.

The doors should of course be closed because they can escape in a short time and it will be much more difficult for you to find them later.can I let my hamster run around my room

Move the other pets to another room

In no case should there be other pets in the room that can harm your hamster.

Even if they can’t attack him directly, the hamster will still be afraid of them and can only experience stress that can make your pet sick.

Apart from other pets, other people who are not known to the hamster should not come to your room, because he will certainly be afraid of them.

Cover the electrical cables

Either remove or securely cover any electrical cords in your room that may be dangerous to hamsters.

Electric cables are perfect for hamsters to bite, and they can be electrocuted and have fatal consequences.

Bring the cage into the room

It is best to put the hamster’s cage in your room because that is his home, and it will make the hamster feel more secure.

If you want, you can take the toys and some food and water out of the cage, or rather bring them closer to the cage itself so that the hamster can eat and not feel threatened.

Open the door to the cage and allow the hamster to go in and out of the cage and run around the room.

It will be very interesting for him because he will feel free and happy. After all, he will explore when he wants.

Can I Let My Hamster Run Around My Room?

Yes, you are free to let your hamster run around your room as long as the room is safe for him.

Hamsters will benefit themselves if you let them run around the room because they will be able to exercise more, explore and of course they will be able to socialize more with you as the owner which will strengthen the bond with your pet.

Hamsters in the wild are constantly running and moving, so letting them into your room can only be positive for the hamster.

Several times a week, you can let the hamster into your room to explore, but be careful not to let him escape because he will certainly try to do that.

The bigger the environment or the room where the hamsters can run and play, the more they will be happy, so feel free to provide it for your pet.

How do we provide a safe room to release the hamsters?

If you let hamsters into your room, they will try to escape in a short time, you can be sure of that.

You have to pay attention to even the smallest details when you decide to let the hamster into your room.

It is a good idea to vacuum the whole room before you let the hamster into your room.

That way you will be sure to pick up all the small pieces from the floor that could harm the hamster if they put them in their mouths.

Any crack in the walls or furniture is enough for the hamster to hide and then it will be very difficult to get it back.

The bed, bedding, closets and other objects are possible destinations where the hamster will try to find its hiding place.

You will of course have to close the doors before you let the hamster run around the room. But always check the room before you let the hamster out, and then you can let your pet out to explore and play.

Since hamsters are small, if they get stuck somewhere, you won’t be able to reach them and then it will be difficult for you to get the hamster out of a hole.

If the hamster gets stuck somewhere during its hiding, it may not be able to go back and get out, and you will not know where it is, which can be dangerous for its life.can I let my hamster run around my room

What to do if the hamster escapes or hides when you let it into your room?

Hamsters have a natural instinct to always try to escape no matter how much you provide them with the best living conditions at home or in a cage.

If the hamster escapes or hides somewhere in your room or outside if you open the doors, there are still a few ways to get it out and bring it back:

  • favorite food – put some of his favorite food in several places and wait for him to come out to take it. Just don’t give him too much of his favorite food because then he will fill the pouches in his cheeks and won’t need to go out again for a while, and it will be harder for you to get him back.
  • flour and food – a very effective way to find and bring back a hamster is to sprinkle flour on the floor of your room and put food for the hamster. The food will make the hamster come out and with the help of the flour, you will see his footsteps where he steps and find out where he is hiding.

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In which room should you let the hamster run and play?

It is best for hamsters to let them in your bedroom, it will be the best and safest for them there.

Hamsters like quiet places with less light, and the bedroom is the best for this purpose.

The kitchen and living room are not the best choice because there are often more people from the family or other pets that can disturb the hamster and make him afraid.

The living room is mostly used for watching TV or other conversations with your friends, and the loud environment bothers the hamster and should therefore be avoided.

The bedroom remains the best place to let your pet play, run and explore.

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Is letting your hamster run around in your room good for its health?

Yes, letting your hamster run around in your room is great for their health. Running in your room allows the hamster to have better mental health.

When you let the hamster run around your room, it breaks the monotony of the hamsters and they will not be bored, and it will also reduce their stress level.

Hamsters that have less stress are much healthier, the risk of disease is reduced and their life span is extended.

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How long is enough for a hamster to run around my room?

When you let the hamster into your room, it will immediately start running and exploring.

For some hamsters, 30 minutes will be enough, while those with more energy may explore and run for several hours in your room.

Let them run and play as much as necessary, their body language will tell you when is enough and you need to put them back in their cage.

When they start to decrease running, or when they start grooming and hiding in a shelter then that is the time to put them back in their cage.


You can let the hamster in your room run and explore because it is very fun for him and will make him happy.

Before you let your hamster into your room you must be sure that the room is secure and that you have closed all the doors and windows.

You will need to block all possible places and cracks that hamsters can use to hide and escape.

In the room, there should be no other pets, unknown people, and loud music or TV, so that the hamster can feel safe and comfortable.

Letting your hamster play and run around in your room is good and beneficial and should be practiced several days a week.