Can My Guinea Pig Climb? Let’s Discover

Guinea pigs are very fast and active, but can they climb? We must mention that Guinea Pigs are not the best climbers because of their body shape and small legs.

Guinea pigs cannot climb like other rodents which are much more adept than them.

The biggest problem is that they don’t have enough strength in their upper body. The weaker upper part makes it impossible for them to climb up.

Guinea pigs can climb through tunnels, toys, and entertainment and can escape if they jump over the wall in front of them, but only if it is not too high.

Due to their physiognomy, they get tired when climbing, which can sometimes lead to them falling and getting injured.

That’s why we have to be careful when they climb so they don’t fall, or it’s best not to climb very high places.

Can my guinea pig climb?

Guinea pigs can climb, but their bodies don’t allow them to be very good climbers. The reasons why guinea pigs are not good climbers are their short legs, as well as the following reasons:

  • they have no natural climbing instinct
  • they don’t have tails
  • poor climbing body physiognomy

Not having tails bothers guinea pigs and they can’t climb well, they don’t have balance like other animals that have tails.

The guinea pig’s body has no natural predisposition to climb, it has a compact body and this prevents them from being able to climb well.

Guinea pigs do not have enough muscles to hold them so that they can climb more, they may fall. Guinea pigs have short legs and cannot support their own weight when climbing.

I have often noticed this with my guinea pig, who when he wants to climb on an object usually falls because he can’t stand it when climbing.

Guinea pigs can’t climb a lot because they usually dig holes in nature to hide from predators. Therefore, they have not developed the instinct and body to be able to climb heights more often.

Guinea pigs can still climb shorter distances and heights when necessary or when in danger. Sometimes the curiosity of guinea pigs helps them to climb over a height and they succeed in this goal if it is not too high.can my guinea pig climb

Can my guinea pig climb a cage?

Guinea pigs can climb into the cage using other toys and objects that will serve as a climbing ladder. Especially when guinea pigs are young they are at their strongest and have a lot of strength to climb.

However, guinea pigs can climb the wall of the cage only if it is at a lower height, otherwise, they will fall because they are much heavier than the strength of their legs.

Of course, you should be careful when they climb into the cage so that they don’t fall and get hurt.

Can guinea pigs climb walls?

Guinea pigs will not be able to climb walls. If they try, they can only fall and injure themselves if the height is higher.

They will not be able to climb walls because their body will not be able to support the weight and they will fall.

In order for guinea pigs to be able to climb walls, there must be at least some bumps, otherwise, there is no other way.

Can guinea pigs climb trees?

Guinea pigs can’t climb trees because they won’t be able to hold on without falling.

They may sometimes try to climb a tree if they are threatened by predators, but this happens very rarely, almost never.

This is because guinea pigs always look first to escape into holes or pits in the ground.

They more often use trees as protection from predators, but in such a way that they make holes near the trees so that they can be protected from an attack from above by predators.

If they still manage to climb trees, they will either fall or be an easier target for predators, that’s why they avoid climbing, however, holes in the ground are their ally.

Does my guinea pig like to climb?

Guinea pigs do not like to climb much, they prefer to be on the floor or on the ground.

An exception might be young guinea pigs who have more energy and might try climbing a ledge or climbing ladder.

And if you cage them with bridges and climbing ladders they probably won’t want to use them.

Eventually, if you give them little ramps and tunnels that lead to food, then they will go over the ramps to get to the food.can my guinea pig climb

How high can guinea pigs climb?

Although guinea pigs are not good climbers, they can still climb to a certain height.

Guinea pigs can climb up to 12 inches in vertical height if they have somewhere to hold onto their limbs.

The younger the guinea pig, the higher it can climb, while older guinea pigs will not be able to climb very high.

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Can my guinea pig climb stairs?

Guinea pigs can only get on and off if the climbing ladder is lower.

For example, guinea pigs cannot climb stairs in a house or building because those stairs are higher and do not suit them to be able to climb successfully.

Guinea pigs can best climb ramps and ladders used in cages.

In any case, climbing guinea pigs helps them to be in better condition and have stronger muscles in their bodies.

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When do guinea pigs usually climb?

Guinea pigs avoid climbing because they don’t want to, but sometimes they use climbing in certain situations even though they don’t want to.

Here are some situations when they will try to climb:

  • If the guinea pigs are scared or threatened by predators then they have no choice and will have to climb to save their lives.
  • When guinea pigs do not feel safe in their environment they will try to escape and climb.
  • When guinea pigs see some food in a higher place they will try to climb up to reach it.
  • When male guinea pigs spot a mating female they will then try to climb over the cage or some other height to get to her.

When is climbing dangerous for guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs can get hurt when climbing, so be careful.

Here are some situations where climbing is dangerous for guinea pigs:

  • If the incline is greater than 40 degrees in the vertical position.
  • When the height is higher than 18 inches.
  • If the elevations are sharp-edged.
  • When the texture of the climbing areas is rough or stringy they can injure the guinea pig.
  • Smooth surfaces are not suitable for guinea pigs to climb on.


Guinea pigs are not very good at climbing, but they can still climb up to 12 inches in height. Their bodies do not allow them to climb like other rodents.

Guinea pigs can’t climb much because they mostly move on land and haven’t developed a natural climbing instinct.

In any case, they can climb stairs and tunnels that are not very high and steep.

Guinea pigs that are younger can climb better and more, while older ones do not have the strength to withstand climbing heights.

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