Can You Sleep With Guinea Pigs In Your Room? Let’s Discover

When I bought my guinea pig I became very attached to him, which I really liked because he followed me around my house all the time.

I often wonder if it is okay for my guinea pig to sleep in my room.

Can you sleep with guinea pigs in your room?

Guinea pigs can sleep in your room, but sleeping in the same room has its advantages and disadvantages. If you do not have enough experience with keeping guinea pigs then you and your guinea pig may have problems.

In today’s article, you will find out if it is okay for a guinea pig to sleep in your room, what are the pros and cons, and similar questions related to the topic.

Is it okay for my guinea pig to sleep in my bedroom?

The guinea pig can sleep in your bedroom, but it is still best to have enough experience before deciding on this step.

For guinea pig owners who do not have enough experience, it will be more difficult to understand the characteristics and lifestyle of guinea pigs.

Because your guinea pig may not like it if you have a light on in the room, or if you are cold, it may be warm for them.

A guinea pig may dislike a TV or other device in your room, so you should first learn their behavior before you decide to let them sleep in your room.

Positive effects of having your guinea pig sleep in your room

Sleeping a guinea pig in your room has positive effects that will benefit your pet, let’s see what they are.

They will not be bored

Allowing guinea pigs to sleep in your room can be good for their mental health as they will not be bored.

Guinea pigs do not like to be lonely, so when he is in your room, you will play with him, which will positively affect and make your pet happy.

This is especially important if the guinea pig does not have enough toys and if you only keep one guinea pig.

They will be safe

Allowing your guinea pig to sleep in your room will be a safer environment for him.

It will not be exposed to potential attacks from predators, which they will not be able to have in an open space.

In nature, guinea pigs are constantly the target of attacks, because they are small animals that are usually prey, but in your room, they will always be safe.

Protection from bad weather conditions

When you keep your guinea pig in your room it will have a temperature that will allow it to feel cozy and warm.

Set the temperature of the air conditioner to around 60-85 F so that your pet can enjoy being in the room.

While outside, guinea pigs are exposed to all kinds of changes in weather conditions, and can sometimes die due to extreme temperatures.

Temperature is important to guinea pigs and affects their health and affects their lifespan.

You will be able to clean up waste from the guinea pig more easily

Keeping the guinea pig in your room will make cleaning easier because you won’t have to clean the whole house.

Whereas if you let your guinea pig all over the house it will be more difficult to clean everywhere so guinea pigs can poop and pee everywhere if they are not trained.

Of course, you’ll be cleaning the rest of your home as well, but your task will be made easier when you have to clean up guinea pig waste.

They will have enough care

Keeping your guinea pig in your room is an advantage because it will always be in front of your eyes.

That way you will know more easily when there is not enough food or water, and you will not let him be hungry.

You will notice more easily if your guinea pig is sick and needs a vet check, while if he is not in your room it may take time before you notice that something is wrong with him.can you sleep with guinea pigs in your room

Negative effects of sleeping guinea pig in your room

Sleeping the guinea pig in your room also brings negative effects which are quite normal, so let’s read about some of them.

Too loud noise

If your guinea pig sleeps in your room it can count on you at night. Guinea pigs are also active during the night and they may wake you up with their noises and behavior.

Therefore, you will need to provide them with enough toys to keep them from getting bored.

Give them enough food and water so they don’t make noises during the night when they are hungry or thirsty.

If you can, it’s best to have two guinea pigs because they won’t be bored while you sleep.

They may not have enough space

If the guinea pig does not have enough space, it can feel uncomfortable and get irritated.

That’s why you need to provide enough space for them to run and play in your room. If you just keep them locked in a cage it can negatively affect their health.

It is best to let them run and play in your room for at least an hour every day, which will cheer them up and help them to have better fitness and be happy.

Appearance of allergy

If you keep your guinea pig in your room you may get an allergy.

The allergy does not have to be directly from the guinea pig, you can also get it through their food, urine, bedding, or something else.

Signs of allergy that you may get are:

  • breathing difficulties
  • runny nose
  • sneezing
  • skin rash

To reduce the chances of getting an allergy you will need to regularly maintain hygiene in the guinea pigs’ cage and constantly change their bedding.

Danger from rodents

If your guinea pig sleeps in your room there is a high risk of rodents such as rats. Rats can smell the guinea pigs’ food and start coming around the guinea pigs’ cage.

That’s why you need to maintain your pet’s hygiene at an enviable level to prevent the appearance of rats.

Do not leave food scraps in the cage and change the bedding often.

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Unpleasant smell

Guinea pigs often poop and pee, so you need to constantly maintain the hygiene of their cage.

If you do not maintain hygiene, then an unpleasant smell will begin to spread throughout your room.

Occasionally ventilate the room where you keep the guinea pig and regularly take care of the hygiene of the entire cage.

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Can the guinea pig sleep in my bed with me?

A guinea pig can sleep with you, but it also brings some dangers to your little pet.

Here’s what can happen if guinea pigs sleep in the same bed with you:

  • You and your bedding can get dirty from guinea pig pee and poop.
  • You may accidentally push the sleeping guinea pig and injure it.
  • The guinea pig may fall off the bed and injure itself.

That’s why you should think carefully about whether it’s okay to try sleeping with your guinea pig in bed together.

It’s best to play with him anyway and finally put him to sleep in his cage, that’s the safest way for your pet.

Related questions

Do guinea pigs like it dark at night?

Yes, guinea pigs love the dark at night. They then eat and drink water and are quite active, they probably like the dark. Guinea pigs usually sleep more at night than during the day, although they can also take a nap during the day.

Do guinea pigs like silence?

Yes, guinea pigs prefer silence to noise. Guinea pigs are bothered when their environment is noisy and it can cause nervousness and stress, which is not at all good for their health. Therefore, keep the guinea pigs in a calmer environment, because it will provide them with comfort, safety, and peace.

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Sleeping in the same room as guinea pigs has its advantages and disadvantages.

The guinea pig will be safer and will always have enough food and water, but it can make you nervous at night with the sounds it makes.

You can get an allergy or get rats in your room if you don’t pay attention to the hygiene of the guinea pig’s cage.

Whether you decide to put your guinea pig in your room, decide for yourself knowing the advantages and disadvantages that we have explained to you in today’s article.

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