Are Mites Dangerous For Your Hamster? Let’s Discover

are mites dangerous for your hamster

Hamsters are small and delicate animals that can easily get diseases and infections. One of the dangers to the health of hamsters is the appearance of mites. Mites are parasites that commonly occur in all animals including hamsters. These parasites feed on the blood of the hamsters, the oils from the sebaceous glands,, and the … Read more

Why Do Hamsters Bite Themselves? Let’s Discover

why do hamsters bite themselves

Hamsters bite when they want to dominate or when they need to defend themselves, and this is their normal behavior, but sometimes they bite themselves. When you see the hamster biting itself then it surely worries you and you wonder why this phenomenon is happening. Why do hamsters bite themselves? When the hamster bites themselves, … Read more

Why Are Hamsters Fighting All of a Sudden? Let’s Discover

why are hamsters fighting all of a sudden

Hamsters are interesting pets that communicate with each other in their own way. They sometimes circle each other or touch each other’s noses as a way of communicating with each other. Hamsters love to play when they are together, but sometimes things get out of control, and they start behaving aggressively. Why are hamsters fighting … Read more