What Are The Signs of A Urinary Tract Infection in Hamsters?

Hamsters are very gentle and often suffer from various diseases and infections. One of the possible infections that occur in hamsters is a urinary tract infection. What are the signs of a urinary tract infection in hamsters? The most common signs of urinary tract infection in hamsters are when they are not ready to urinate, … Read more

Can Hamsters Die from Cushing’s Disease? Let’s discover

what happens if you accidentally step on your hamster

Hamsters are small and gentle animals that often suffer from various diseases, one of which is Cushing’s disease. Do hamsters die from Cushing’s disease? Yes, hamsters die when they have Cushing’s disease, but they can recover, but still, the percentage of mortality is higher than that they will recover. Hamsters can receive medication and therapy … Read more

Will Hamsters Starve if They Don’t like the Food? Let’s Discover

Hamsters want to constantly eat and store food because this is how mother nature taught them, they constantly think that they will not have enough food. Hamsters eat a variety of food starting from pellets, and various seeds, as well as vegetables and fruits. But will hamsters starve if they don’t like the food? No, … Read more