How To Change A Hamster’s Sleep Schedule? Let’s Find Out

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:45 pm

How can we make hamsters sleep at night just like us?

Yes, hamsters can be used to sleep at night like us, but it will take time and a lot of desire and training to succeed to change their habitat.

Hamsters generally sleep during the day and run on the wheel at night for 4-5 miles every night.

Some owners are concerned about this way of life of hamsters and their hissing at night when we sleep and are looking for a way to change their sleep cycle.

In today’s article, you will learn how to change the sleep cycle of hamsters.

How to change a hamster’s sleep schedule?

The sleep cycle of hamsters is the opposite of ours, they sleep during the day, and at night they move and run and play, which can bother us if we keep the hamster in the same room where we sleep.

However, although the natural cycle of hamsters is to sleep during the day, with attention and training we can change its sleep cycle.

Let’s see together what to do to succeed in this mission to change the sleep cycle of hamsters.

Improving the atmosphere in the room

Before you decide to wake up the hamster during the day, you should do some things and prepare them so that the hamster won’t get annoyed when you wake him up.

Lower the curtains or blinds in your home and reduce the light ie it should be dimmed.

In the cage, everything should be as it should be, from a wheel to food, water, and everything else so that the hamster can feel comfortable when you wake it up.

Turn down the TV and other sound devices so as not to scare the hamster and to feel a calm atmosphere, just as if it were night.

Trust between you and the hamster

Before you start changing the hamster’s sleep cycle, you need to build trust, so that he can trust you more, be relaxed and not get nervous.

It is best to first let a month pass after you get a hamster into your home, and only then think about changing its sleep cycle.

The more hamsters trust their owners, the easier it will be to get used to changes such as sleep cycles.

Time to wake up your hamster

Now that you have gained trust with the hamster and adjusted the room it is time to wake the hamster up during the day.

Most likely when you try to wake up the hamster it will be in a deep sleep and will want to continue.

Although hamsters are very pleasant and nice, when you try to wake them up, they will become aggressive and nervous and may bite you.

He will get scared and not know why you are waking him and will bite you as a sign of defense. Thus, the sudden awakening of the hamster can also cause stress in it, which is not good for its health.

That’s why it’s best to wake up the hamster without touching it, then it won’t bite you. You can gently hit the cage with an object and your pet will wake up.

If he still doesn’t want to get up and wake up, then blow a little in his face or put some food he loves next to his nose.

Food and its sense of smell will be activated and you can be sure is going to wake up your pet.

Do not let him fall asleep during the day

If you managed to wake up the hamster from its sleep during the day, now you need to keep it awake so that it doesn’t fall asleep again.

It is best to play with the hamster and keep an eye on it, otherwise, if you leave it out of your sight it may fall asleep again.

In fact, this is the most difficult part of getting the hamster used to being active during the day, both for the hamsters and for us owners, because we will have to take time to be with the hamster.

The hamster can start to get tired quickly because it will not be used to being awake during the day, in order to get used to it, the same scenario will need to be repeated for days.change a hamster’s sleep schedule

Have patience and tolerance

Getting the hamster used to sleep at night will take time, so you will need persistence and patience.

If the hamster can’t stand being awake all day, let him sleep, but he will gradually get used to the new sleep cycle.

It is not easy, but it is not impossible to get your pet used to running during the day and sleeping at night.

Why do hamsters sleep during the day?

Hamsters sleep during the day because mother nature taught them that.

They are often the prey of predators and at night they are much safer to move and have less chance of being caught.

The night is better because of the temperature, during the day it’s hot, and at night it’s cooler, which suits the hamsters because they live in warmer areas.

Hamsters come out of their shelters at night to find food and return to their tunnels and burrows.

Are hamsters nocturnal?

Yes, hamsters are nocturnal or crepuscular animals that sleep during the day and move at night.

We, humans, have the opposite schedule from them, and sometimes it’s difficult because our sleeping times don’t match.

That’s why some of the owners try to make the hamsters change their natural habits and teach them to sleep at night.

When do hamsters get up?

Hamsters get up when it gets dark, and go to bed when the dawn comes.

They run and play all night, while we sleep, which sometimes seems a little strange to us, but it is completely normal for hamsters.

They may also get up during the day, eat and drink water and then continue to sleep again until it gets dark.

Frequently asked questions

Do hamsters need light at night?

No, hamsters do not need light at night, they are used to the dark. They will be better and more reliable if there is no light in their room.

Is it OK to put a blanket over a hamster cage at night so they can sleep?

No, covering your hamster’s cage with a blanket will not change anything in their sleep cycle. It can even have negative consequences, the best way is just to train the hamsters to change their sleeping pattern.

What do hamsters do all night?

Hamsters do the same activities at night that we do during the day. They are active at night, they eat, run on the wheel, and play and that is their life at night.

Should you disturb a sleeping hamster?

No, you should not disturb the hamster while it is sleeping at all. If you wake him up from sleep, you can only scare him and get him stressed, which can ultimately make your pet sick.

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Hamsters can get used to being awake during the day and sleeping at night, but it will take time.

They are taught to sleep at night, so changing their cycle will require a lot of training and persistence on our part.

In any case, if you get the hamster used to sleeping at night, you will benefit the most, while the hamster will get used to the new sleeping pattern, although they still mostly want to sleep during the day and run and play at night, it is their natural way of life.

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