Why Is My Cockatiel Bobbing His Head

Why Is My Cockatiel Bobbing His Head? (Find Out Now)

When you observe cockatiels, you will see that they can often do different things depending on their current mood.

One of those things cockatiels do is bob their head.

You must be wondering why cockatiels bob their head?

Cockatiels bob their heads to get more attention from their owners and when they want to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Sometimes cockatiels know how to bob their head and, if they are bored, more precisely as a way of entertainment.

In today’s article, you will learn why cockatiels bob their heads, which will help you better understand what they want to show with this behavior.

What are the reasons why cockatiels bob their heads?

There are many reasons why cockatiels bob their heads, so let’s find out all the really interesting reasons.

Cockatiels sometimes bob their heads out of boredom, or to attract more attention, but it can also mean marking their territory and some other meanings.

So let’s learn more about each of the signs and their meaning when cockatiels bob their heads, let’s get started right away.

Cockatiels bob their heads when they are bored

Cockatiels are very active birds that can get bored very quickly if they have nothing to do.

When cockatiels spend most of their time in their cage, they bob their heads as a sign of boredom.

Especially when you enter the room they will start bobbing their head even more giving you a sign that they want to pick them up.

So take them out of the cage for a few hours and give them some toys.

You can teach them to talk or buy another cockatiel to make them more fun to be around.

Cockatiels bob their heads because they want attention

Cockatiels bob their heads to attract attention.

in fact, cockatiels are a type of bird that likes to have a lot of attention, especially when other birds or people near them.

Of course, some cockatiels won’t bob their heads and don’t want attention, but most of them want attention, so they will bob their heads.

Cockatiels will notice if you notice them when they bob their head, they will shake their head even more to get your attention.Why Is My Cockatiel Bobbing His Head

A sign of aggression

Cockatiels know how to bob their heads as a sign of aggression.

Cockatiels will bob their heads up and down to let others know they are in their territory.

More specifically, it means territorial aggression, or by doing so, they want to show that the territory is theirs and others around to move away and step aside.

If other birds try to enter his territory, the head bob will probably discourage them from this idea, and they will retreat.

Cockatiels know how to bob their heads and when you first bring them into your home, they won’t be used to you yet and will bob their heads when you approach their cage.

If you bring another cockatiel, the same thing will happen again, the cockatiel will bob its head as a sign of warning about the new member of the family, so at first, put the new cockatiel in another cage.

After they get used to each other, you can only put them in the same cage.

Because of excitement and happiness

Cockatiels enjoy their favorite music and express it by bobbing their heads.

Cockatiels are known to love listening to music and depending on the music and rhythm, they will bob their head as a sign of mood and happiness.

Apart from shaking his head, the cockatiel will start dancing to the rhythm of the music and singing out of joy and happiness.

Cockatiels bob their heads when looking for a mating partner

Male cockatiels bob their heads as a sign of readiness to mate with female cockatiels.

When a female cockatiel is near them, they will dance and bob their head to give a mating signal so that the female cockatiels can notice it.

When they are in the same cage, you will notice how the male cockatiel bobs his head to signal the female cockatiel.

If you notice this, you will know that if you leave them together in the same cage, you will have baby cockatiels.

Male cockatiels sometimes bob their heads in front of a mirror if they know someone nearby or perhaps believe that the look in the mirror is another cockatiel.

Baby cockatiels bob their heads when they are hungry

Little baby cockatiels bob their heads when they are hungry.

While they are small, they are dependent on their parents, and gradually they learn how to fly and become independent.

But when babies are young, cockatiels bob their heads to signal their parents to feed them.

As the little cockatiels grow, they will become independent and not need to ask their parents for food.


Cockatiels can also bob their heads when they are sick.

This is usually noticed when you play with the cockatiel or feed it; if it starts shaking its head, it can be a sign of illness.

In these situations, you should take your cockatiel to a vet for a check-up because health problems in your cockatiel if not detected early, lead to loss of appetite and bad behavior.

Cockatiels also bob their heads if they are depressed or under some stress.

Why do female cockatiels bob their heads?

Female cockatiels usually bob their heads for the same reasons as male cockatiels, but there are two different reasons why they do it.

When feeding baby cockatiels

Female cockatiels bob their heads when feeding the young cockatiels because they need it for the food they give them.

This shaking of the head is necessary so they can more easily regurgitate the food coated with vegetable milk from the mother.

If the mother has more chicks, she will bang her head even more because the feeding process will be even more difficult.Why Is My Cockatiel Bobbing His Head

Feeding her partners

Again due to the process of regurgitation, female cockatiels have to bob their head to regurgitate the food.

Feeding two cockatiels through this process mean a great bond between them in their relationship.

Cockatiels sometimes return food to toys or their mirrors.

Is it okay for cockatiels to bob their heads?

Yes, cockatiel head bobbing is a completely normal phenomenon and behavior.

Head bobbing is often a sign of boredom and distraction from other cockatiels or owners.

Sometimes cockatiels bob their heads when they are not well, ie when they are sick.

Signs of cockatiel head bobbing will help you determine why this is happening.

However, suppose you cannot determine why the cockatiel is bobbing its head in a given situation. In that case, it is best to take the cockatiel to a veterinarian to examine it and through a conversation to see what it is about.

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Cockatiels often bob their heads, and this is completely normal for them.

Bobbing their head usually means they are bored, want to attract attention, or mark their territory.

In any case, bobbing their head may seem strange if you have not developed a cockatiel before, but over time you will get used to it.