Should You Cover Your Hamster’s Cage at Night? Let’s Discover

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 11:14 am

Should you cover your hamster’s cage at night?

No, you should not cover your hamster’s cage at night because it does not sleep at night. Covering your hamster’s cage at night can only reduce ventilation and airflow in the cage and cause life-threatening dehydration.

In today’s article, you will learn a little more about why you should not cover your hamster at night in the cage and whether there is any benefit at all in doing so.

Why not cover the hamster’s cage at night?

As we said at the beginning there is no need to cover the hamster’s cage at night, it will not achieve anything, although some do this to create darkness in their cage.

Covering the cage at night will not make the hamster sleep at night, they sleep during the day and not at night.

If you decide to try to change this habit you can only create problems for your pet, here are some of them.


If you cover your hamster’s cage at night it will not have enough airflow and ventilation which can lead to dehydration.

Dehydration is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to hamsters, as a dehydrated hamster can die within 3-4 days.

Hamsters need air to circulate daily in their cage.

Risk of respiratory problems

Hamsters have very delicate respiratory organs that can easily get infections.

If you cover the cage at night he will not have fresh air circulation and will breathe the same air in the cage that will smell of waste and impurities.

Hamsters pee and poop all the time, so if the hamster is covered, it will breathe dirty air and may get sick.

Choking hazard

If you try to cover the hamster’s cage, it can suffocate.

Hamsters will try to eat from the blanket or other covering you use to cover the cage and may suffocate.

It is enough for them to swallow a larger piece of the cover and suffocate and die.


Covering your hamster’s cage will only frighten your pet further.

Covering the cage will cause unnecessary stress, and as we know stress leads to disease.

Hamsters do not like changes to their environment such as covering the cage, so avoid doing this.

Will hamsters play less if we cover their cage at night?

No, the hamsters will have no problem finding their way into the cage if we cover them and will continue to play and run as usual.

Some owners cover the hamster’s cage to make it easier for them to sleep in the hope that the hamsters will not be able to be as active as they normally are every night.

They use their senses to do better when it’s dark and at night.

Covering the cage of the hamsters will not create a problem for them to be able to eat, drink and play, so there is no benefit from such a thing.cover your hamster's cage at night

Can you cover the hamster’s cage with a blanket?

No, you should not use a blanket to cover their cage.

The blanket is very dangerous and can only cause problems with their health:

  • suffocation
  • lack of air

Using a blanket won’t help change his sleeping habits either, and may only harm your furry friend.

Should I put a blanket over my hamsters cage when it’s cold?

You can only use the blanket if it is too cold to warm the hamster in the cage, but you should leave enough space for airflow.

Covering the hamster’s cage with a blanket in winter can also have negative consequences because the temperature regulation of the hamster’s body will be disturbed and they can get sick.

However, although a blanket can help in the winter, the danger of suffocation with a piece of the blanket is too great a risk for your hamster.

Better find another way to keep your pet warm.

Will covering a hamster’s cage make them sleep more?

No, if you cover the cage with the hamsters it will not help them to sleep more.

They have their own sleep cycle during the day, and trying to cover the cage will only harm them and disrupt their normal sleep cycle.

Hamsters sleep during the day and play and run at night, this is their natural way of life.

Will covering the cage make the hamsters quieter?

No, covering the hamster’s cage will not help make them quieter at all.

In fact, the opposite will happen they will be even noisier, and covering them day or night will have no effect in reducing their activities.

What do hamsters do when you cover their cage?

If you still decide to cover the hamster’s cage with a cover, he will drag it.

I put a cover on my hamster’s cage and he didn’t like it at all. The hamster keeps trying to pull the cover inside the cage.

That’s why you don’t need to put a cover because it won’t work if he constantly drags it into the cage, he can just bite it and suffocate, it won’t even cover the light, and it won’t warm him in winter.

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How Long Do Hamsters Sleep Each Day?

Hamsters sleep 6-8 hours every day, although it can happen that hamsters sleep even more and up to 12 hours a day.

Of course, if you notice that the hamster is constantly sleeping for 12 hours a day, then something is wrong with it and you should take it to the vet to examine it because it could be sick.

Hamsters sleep in short intervals because they are taught to always be ready for possible attacks from predators.

How do hamsters react to sunlight?

Since hamsters don’t need a covered cage, you must be wondering if they even need sunlight?

Hamsters don’t need sunlight, but that doesn’t mean they have to be in the dark all the time.

Sunlight is needed by hamsters to have a better orientation of whether it is day or night.

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Can You Use Artificial Lighting Instead of Natural Lighting?

It is best not to use artificial light, as hamsters are accustomed to natural light.

If hamsters are exposed to artificial light, they will lose time orientation, they will not know whether it is day or night, which is not good for them.

Artificial light and excessive exposure of the hamster to it can only make your pet sick, even endangering his life.


How do I calm my hamster down at night?

Hamsters are very active by nature, but to be calmer at night it is best to encourage your hamster to use the exercise wheel as much as possible. He will get tired and then he will be calmer and less active at night.

Why is my hamster so active at night?

Hamsters are very active at night, this is their natural behavior and you should not worry. Hamsters are nocturnal, they then run and store food around the cage, run on the exercise wheel and other activities.

Is it OK to wake up a hamster?

If you want to wake up the hamster from sleep, you should do it very quietly by talking gently. Hamsters do not want you to suddenly wake them up when they are sleeping, because then they may bite you and be nervous.


Covering a hamster’s cage is not a good idea and will not help at all to reduce their activity or make them calmer.

Covering the cage will not do much to keep them warm as it may interfere with their normal adjustment to their body temperature.

If you cover the cages of the hamsters, there is a danger of suffocation, dehydration, and the occurrence of respiratory diseases.

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