Do Guinea Pigs Blink? Let’s Discover

Guinea pigs have beautiful eyes, but do they blink like us humans or not?

Guinea pigs blink but it is difficult to notice because they do it very quickly. Guinea pigs blink often if they are in danger or less often if they feel safe and comfortable.

Blinking in guinea pigs allows them to moisten their eyes and protect themselves from infection and dirt in their eyes.

In today’s article, you will find out if and how guinea pigs blink, as well as other interesting questions related to their blinking.

Do guinea pigs blink?

Guinea pigs blink, but because it’s so fast, we often can’t see it with the naked eye.

Blinking in guinea pigs is necessary in guinea pigs because they do not have eyelashes to protect their eyes, blinking helps them to clear their eyes of dirt and keep enough moisture in their eyes.

Guinea pigs quickly close their eyelids and are very difficult to spot. Blinking in guinea pigs is very short and this is an additional problem to be noticed.

Do guinea pigs blink often?

Guinea pigs don’t blink very often, so you might think they don’t blink at all.

How often guinea pigs will blink depends on several factors such as:

  • the environment
  • their health
  • the vigilance
  • security
  • the stress
  • age

When guinea pigs feel safe they blink less, while when they are not safe and in some danger they blink more often.

The same thing happens when they are under stress, then they are anxious and tend to blink a lot more. Young guinea pigs blink more often than their older relatives.

Whenever guinea pigs blink more often, they are not comfortable in their surroundings.

Do caged guinea pigs blink more often than they do in the wild?

Guinea pigs that we keep in a cage at home blink less than their friends in nature who have many difficulties to live with.

This happens because in nature guinea pigs are much more often exposed to dangers from predators.

The more secure the guinea pigs are in their surroundings, the less they will blink.

Why don’t guinea pigs blink very often?

Guinea pigs do not blink very often because they are mostly prey in nature. They do not blink very often and because they have poor eyesight, they only blink when necessary.

They probably don’t blink very often so they’ll be better prepared for a possible predator attack when they’re out in the wild.

Less blinking means better chances to survive in the environment that surrounds them, that’s why they have that natural way of developing less blinking with their guinea pigs blink

What is the use of blinking in guinea pigs?

Blinking in guinea pigs has several purposes:


By blinking, guinea pigs have better moisturization and lubrication of their eyes. This is important because guinea pigs do not have tears like us humans, and blinking prevents dry eyes.


Because when they blink, their eyes protect themselves from dust, dirt, or objects.

Blinking protection is very helpful for guinea pigs living in the wild where they are exposed to external influences that can damage their eyes.

Guinea pigs communicate with each other by blinking

When guinea pigs blink they communicate with each other. By blinking, guinea pigs send signals to each other about how they feel.

Blinking helps them tell each other if they are satisfied, if they are comfortable in their surroundings, or if they feel safe.

Blinking is an additional way of talking among guinea pigs, certainly in addition to vocal communication using different types of sounds.

Factors Affecting Guinea Pig Blinking Behavior

Guinea pigs may blink more or less depending on several factors:

  • light – when guinea pigs are exposed to more light in the environment they blink more often because they still prefer less light.
  • comfort – usually causes guinea pigs to blink less, while the opposite, that is, when they are not comfortable, they are more nervous and blink much more often.
  • smell – if there are strong odors in its environment that irritate the guinea pig then it will blink more often as strong odors are a trigger for their excellent sense of smell.
  • injuries – or similar other problems negatively affect the behavior of the guinea pigs and they then blink much more often.

In any case, whenever guinea pigs blink more often it is not good and you should take them to the vet because there is something wrong with their health or they have a problem with the environment that surrounds them.

What should I do if my guinea pig blinks too much?

When guinea pigs are blinking very often it is obvious that you will need to do something to reduce the excessive blinking.

First, you can try to solve the problem yourself by seeing if the lighting in their space is too strong, then clean the cage because dust or other impurities can cause irritation and frequent blinking.

If the guinea pig continues to blink a lot then take him to the vet to check if there is an illness or injury that is irritating him to blink too often.

Blinking in guinea pigs is fine as long as it is not too frequent in all other situations it indicates a problem that needs to be addressed and your pets helped.

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Do guinea pigs have eyelids to blink?

Guinea pigs have eyelids that enable them to blink and close their eyes.

It can be harder for you to spot them because they rarely close their eyes completely.

Eyelids are hard to notice because guinea pigs blink very fast and you can’t notice them, they blink faster than humans and other animals such as rabbits.

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Do guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open?

Guinea pigs sleep both with their eyes open and with their eyes closed, it depends on the environment that surrounds them.

Guinea pigs are used to sleeping with their eyes open because they feel safer when attacked by predators and can react quickly if their lives are in danger.

When guinea pigs sleep with their eyes closed it is a sign that they feel safe, this usually happens when you hold them in your arms and when they trust you.

The happier and safer the guinea pig is in its cage, the more often you will notice it sleeping with its eyes guinea pigs blink

Do guinea pigs have good eyesight?

Guinea pigs do not have excellent vision, they cannot see far, and they are nearsighted.

It is estimated that guinea pigs see best at a distance of one meter, anything further than one meter is a problem for them, but they use their senses to be able to recognize when someone is approaching them.

In addition to good senses of smell and hearing, guinea pigs also have a good memory that helps them remember things and the environment for easier movement and recognition of objects.

An interesting thing about guinea pigs and their vision is that they can see in a 340-degree range which practically means they can see without moving their head.


Do guinea pigs stay up all night?

Guinea pigs are not awake all night, they sleep just like other animals, only they sleep in short intervals of 10-20 minutes. Guinea pigs sleep at the same pace both day and night, probably because that’s how Mother Nature taught them to always be. ready to be attacked by predators.

Why do guinea pigs stare at you?

When guinea pigs stare at you it may be because of fear or anxiety. They may freeze when they are scared and stare at you without moving until they feel safe. Another reason for staring maybe when they are under depression.

How good is a guinea pig’s memory?

Guinea pigs are distinguished by a very good memory which helps them a lot in their life. They recognize their owners very well and remember the locations and the environment around them more easily.


Guinea pigs blink like other animals, but we can’t notice it. They blink at a very high speed and therefore it seems as if they are not blinking at all, which of course is not true.

Blinking in guinea pigs helps to keep their eyes moist and protects them from infection, dirt, and dust. Blinking in guinea pigs can be less frequent or more frequent depending on the situation they are in.

The safer the guinea pigs are, the less they will blink, while when they are in danger they blink more often.

In any case, guinea pigs blink less than other animals, but this is all normal for these little pets.

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