Do Guinea Pigs Have Belly Buttons? Let’s Discover

Last updated on June 27th, 2023 at 10:38 am

If you look at placental mammals you will notice that they have belly buttons, although it is easier to see in larger mammals, while in small ones like guinea pigs it is a little harder to see due to their size.

Do guinea pigs have belly buttons?

Guinea pigs have belly buttons because they are also placental mammals that give birth to live babies. Umbilical cords form the belly buttons when they are disconnected and remain like a scar in the place of the umbilical cord.

It should be noted that umbilical cords vary among guinea pigs in size and shape.

Because guinea pigs are small, they are a little harder to locate, and you must be wondering where they are and how to spot them.

In today’s article, you will learn how to find belly buttons and other things related to this interesting topic.

Where can I find the belly buttons on a guinea pig?

A guinea pig’s belly button is always right in the middle of its lower abdomen. Finding the belly button in guinea pigs is not difficult at all, and you can find and see it quickly and easily.

Only in some long-haired guinea pigs such as Peruvians, Texels, and Silkies can it be a little more challenging to see their belly button.

If you cannot see the belly button in these guinea pigs because of their long fur, when you turn them over you will have to spread the fur to find it.

The belly button is easier to see in slimmer and younger guinea pigs. In male guinea pigs, the belly button is right above their genitals.

In female guinea pigs, the belly button is located above their nipples, and it looks like they have another nipple.

Why do guinea pigs have belly buttons?

All placental mammals have a belly button, so guinea pigs also have one on their body. The belly button indicates the position the guinea pig had in the umbilical cord.

All mammals that give birth to live babies must have an umbilical cord that leaves a trace, or rather a belly button.

At the moment when a baby guinea pig is born and its umbilical cord is cut, the belly button is formed.

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Do guinea pigs let you see their belly button?

To see the belly button of the guinea pig you will have to be very gentle and careful.

They don’t like you to turn them over on their back and look for their belly button, they might bite you and run away.

Therefore, with one hand, give him something nice to eat to attract him, and with the other hand gently look for the belly button.

If you cannot see the belly button, you should not worry, sometimes the mother bites the umbilical cord too close to the skin and therefore the belly button is not visible.

Do guinea pigs have an umbilical cord?

Yes, of course, guinea pigs have an umbilical cord when they are in the womb.

The umbilical cord is necessary and through it, the mother guinea pig feeds the baby with the necessary nutrients while it is in her stomach.

The umbilical cord is extremely important for the development of the baby in the mother’s womb because if there is no umbilical cord, the fetus will not be fed and will not survive.

The length of the umbilical cord in guinea pigs is about 2.5 cm and is removed when the baby guinea pigs are guinea pigs have belly buttons

How to remove the umbilical cord in guinea pigs?

The removal of the umbilical cord in guinea pigs is done by the mother guinea pigs themselves. It is not necessary to cut or anything like that, mothers bite the umbilical cord.

In the event that the mother guinea pig gives birth to more guinea pigs and does not have time to bite the umbilical cord, then the umbilical cord starts to dry itself and will fall off in 2-3 weeks.

At the place of the umbilical cord, a trace or mark remains, which then becomes the belly button of the guinea pigs.

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How to take care of the belly button of guinea pigs?

As with other parts of the guinea pig’s body, attention should be paid to the hygiene of their belly button. Always make sure their belly button is clean to prevent infections.

It’s best to clean your guinea pig’s belly button with a damp cloth every few days without using soap or other products that could negatively affect their skin.

Maintain cage hygiene that helps prevent guinea pigs from getting infections or anything like that in their belly button.


All guinea pigs have a belly button because they are placental mammals and it is located under their abdomen.

In long-haired guinea pigs, it is a little harder to see but if you pull the fur away then you will see the belly button.

The belly button can be different and have a different shape and size in guinea pigs.

The belly button is located wherever the mother guinea pig’s umbilical cord was and is formed when the umbilical cord is cut.