Do Guinea Pigs Like Sunlight? Benefits and Risks

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:27 pm

Keeping guinea pigs requires constant care for them, timely feeding, maintaining the hygiene of their cage, and many other responsibilities that arise to be healthy and comfortable.

Have you ever wondered what with other things like sunlight?

Do guinea pigs like sunlight? The answer is yes, guinea pigs like to be exposed to sunlight, but in moderation. Because too much sunlight can lead to dehydration, heatstroke, and exhaustion which can be fatal to your guinea pig.

In today’s article, we will learn how to properly expose guinea pigs to sunlight, how to protect them when they are out, and similar answers.

Do guinea pigs like sunlight?

Yes, guinea pigs love sunlight, but still preferably filtered or shaded light.

For example, while guinea pigs are on the lawn in your backyard, they still do not want to be exposed to direct sunlight.

They will look for shade so as not to be exposed to direct sunlight for too long.

Is sunlight dangerous for guinea pigs?

Yes, if guinea pigs are exposed to sunlight for too long when they are out in the yard it can be bad for them.

Because they can easily overheat, they can get heatstroke and sometimes even death.

When they are in nature, they manage to find a way to cool down when it is hot, but in the yard, we as owners have to take care of them.

How do guinea pigs cope with high temperatures?

We must first emphasize that guinea pigs do not like sudden changes in temperature and heat. They are too sensitive when rapid temperature changes occur in their environment.

They do not sweat like us humans to be able to control their body temperature more easily, which means that when it is hot they find it very difficult to regulate their temperature.

Guinea pigs need access to cooler places to avoid heatstroke, dehydration, and exhaustion, shade is a good solution for them.

What is the best time for guinea pigs to be exposed to sunlight?

Guinea pigs are most active at dawn and dusk.

Because they have sunlight then, but not too much, it is very rare to see a guinea pig being exposed to sunlight at noon when the sun is brightest.

Guinea pigs avoid intense sunlight, when there is little sun they feel the best time for playing and guinea pigs like sunlight

Do guinea pigs prefer light or dark?

Guinea pigs, however, prefer dark to light.

When it is dark it can be much easier to protect themselves from dangers like predator attacks, in the dark, they feel much safer.

Although they prefer the dark, light is still important to guinea pigs and should therefore be occasionally exposed to sunlight but in moderation or periods of time.

How to properly provide sunlight to guinea pigs?

In order to properly provide sunlight to guinea pigs, the most important thing is to strike the right balance between light and darkness.

With balance, they will be satisfied that they can use both light and dark, as they actually need to feel beautiful and comfortable.

Here’s what to do:

eclipse the room – do this at night because guinea pigs will consider it a time of rest and relaxation, and will feel safer.

Filtered light – allow filtered light, such as shadow through windows or even artificial light. That way they will feel much better and happier than just sitting in a dark room all day.

make them hiding places – they need them even when the lights are on in the room where they are. Hiding places will give privacy and a pleasant feeling to your pets.

Do guinea pigs need vitamin D from sunlight?

Yes, guinea pigs need vitamin D from sunlight, but moderate sun exposure.

Vitamin D helps in easier absorption of calcium and prevention of kidney and bladder stones.

This vitamin is also important for the development, growth, and bone strength of guinea pigs.

But we should emphasize that when they are inside the room, they can not receive vitamin D 3, because the glass from the windows prevents the development of this vitamin that your pets need.

Should guinea pig cages be exposed to direct sunlight?

No, guinea pigs’ cages should never be exposed to direct sunlight.

In such undesirable situations can only occur guinea pig overheating and side effects for it.

Too much sunlight is bad for them, so remember that moderation in exposure to light and dark is the key to keeping them properly.

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How to protect a guinea pig from overheating?

The guinea pig should be protected from overheating both outside and inside.

Here are some tips to help make your pet healthier and safer:

  • shade – whenever you can provide shade for your pet, or shaded light, or if it is outside, uses a fabric that transmits the least heat and is preferably light in color.
  • Cold places – put water bottles or ice packs in the cage, and the air conditioner is not a bad solution, but it should be at a normal temperature so that it is not too cold, and be careful not to blow directly into them.
  • water and food containers – you should avoid keeping the water bottle in the sun, the same goes for the food you give to guinea pigs.
  • Ventilation of the house – when it is warm outside and the guinea pigs are in the warm air, in the morning and evening be sure to ventilate your home to let in the fresh air, in fact, we humans need it just like our pets.
  • access to water – because our furry pets need water, always change their drinking water to have clean and fresh water, otherwise, there is a risk of bacteria if you do not change their water. The main purpose of water is to provide proper and constant hydration for guinea pigs.

Should guinea pigs with little fur be exposed to sunlight?

Yes, guinea pigs that for various reasons do not have a lot of furs should be exposed to sunlight, but much less.

This is especially true when they are outside because then the direct rays of the sun will affect them much more. The sun’s UV rays can cause skin cancer and other skin problems.

If you expose guinea pigs with thick fur outside for 1 hour in sunlight, then those with a little fur should be 30 minutes, that is guinea pigs like sunlight

Do guinea pigs need light at night?

Guinea pigs do not need light at night because they can not see in the dark.

However, they do very well and move in the dark due to several characteristics:

  • sense of smell – especially in the dark guinea pigs make great use of their senses of hearing and smell which help them find food, water, and the like.
  • whiskers – help guinea pigs feel easier in front of them, help them navigate and navigate space more easily.
  • memory – guinea pigs use their memory to remember where food and water are and exactly where they are in space.

What is the body temperature of a guinea pig?

The body temperature of guinea pigs is around 102 ° and 104 ° F (39 – 40 ° C).

Except for sweating on the feet, guinea pigs regulate temperature just like humans.

For example, when they cool down, their blood vessels constrict and the blood helps to warm their body. When overheated then the blood vessels dilate and heat can be transferred out of the body.

When a guinea pig is warm, it will seek shade on its own, because if it can not cool down then it is in danger of heatstroke.

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Guinea pigs love sunlight, but in moderation time, and preferably shaded.

Our pets can also be exposed to direct sunlight, but only in your presence, as they can overheat and receive heat stroke and death.

Guinea pigs prefer to be exposed to sunlight early in the morning or before sunset, then it suits them best because the sun is not too strong during that period.

Lastly, sunlight is important for guinea pigs because it provides the vitamin D they need, but be careful when and how much you expose them to the sun.

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