Do Guinea Pigs Like The Lights On or Off? Let’s Find Out

Guinea pigs are most active at dusk or dawn. Many owners wonder if they should leave the lights on at night so that the guinea pigs can do better in the environment or in the cage.

Do Guinea Pigs Like The Lights On or Off?

Guinea pigs still prefer to be in the dark, although they don’t mind when it’s light. There is no need to leave the lights on at night as they do very well without lights.

Leaving the lights on in the evening and overnight can disrupt their biological clock.

In today’s article, you will learn how guinea pigs behave in darkness and light, and similar issues.

Does my guinea pig like the dark?

Guinea pigs love the dark because then they are calmer and rest from too much light. At night, guinea pigs do not need light, because they can move very well in their cage.

If the light is on all evening it can disrupt their natural clock, and the guinea pig thinks it’s daytime all the time.

It is very important that guinea pigs have a normal cycle of light and dark so that they can feel the same as when they are in the wild.

When guinea pigs are in the dark they are usually calmer and this is completely normal behaviour. Guinea pigs produce more melatonin when they are in the dark than when they are in a bright environment.

Melatonin is a hormone that helps guinea pigs and other animals sleep and reduces stress levels.

If you notice that the guinea pig is nervous, you should dim the lights in the room, which will make him more comfortable and less stressed.

Does my guinea pig need light to see?

Guinea pigs can see quite well at night, although they do not have as good vision as other animals. However, they supplement night vision with their senses and do very well at night in the cage.

Guinea pigs when they are in nature they do quite well at night when they have to survive in the presence of predators and other dangers in nature.

Although guinea pigs love the dark, that doesn’t mean they have to be in a dark room all the time.

Guinea pigs should not be in the dark for more than 10 hours a day, in fact, this is normal and maintains their biological clock just like in the wild.

It is not good at all if the guinea pigs are in a dark room all the time or vice versa if they are constantly exposed to light.

Guinea pigs need daylight to search for food, play and run, and do other daily guinea pigs like the lights on or off

Does my guinea pig need light during the day?

Naturally, guinea pigs need light during the day, because that is how they will know that a new day has arrived.

Although you can also use artificial light, direct sunlight is best for your pet, as it helps them in their development.

UV rays from the sun help to develop the skeleton, production of melanin, and of course intake of vitamin D which is important for bones and normal growth and development.

Melanin helps guinea pigs maintain normal skin pigmentation.

In certain regions of the world where guinea pigs do not have enough light, special UV lamps are used to help create melanin artificially.

Is my guinea pig sensitive to light?

Guinea pigs should not be exposed to intense light, as they may get eye damage. Never place lights that shine directly into the guinea pigs’ eyes.

If they are exposed to too much light, myopia may occur and their eyes may enlarge.

When guinea pigs have myopia, it means that they see objects near them normally, but objects that are further away are blurred.

Myopia occurs when the eyeball is too long or if the cornea is too curved.

In such situations, the guinea pigs will have a problem seeing distant objects clearly, and injuries or falls can easily occur.

Therefore, it is generally best for guinea pigs to be exposed to a dimmer light that will not bother them and cause possible eye problems.

Are led lights safe for my guinea pig?

In general, led lights are safe for guinea pigs, while led lights with extreme LEDs can harm the guinea pig. Too strong led lights can damage the sight of guinea pigs, which is not perfect anyway.

It is best to include LED lights with lower lumens so that there are no consequences for the guinea pigs.

Or use LEDs with a little blue or red color, they are less harmful to their vision.

What kinds of lights do guinea pigs like?

Guinea pigs do not like any particular color of light. But we must point out that guinea pigs are dichromatic.

This means they have two photoreceptors:

  • for medium wavelengths
  • for short wavelengths

This means that your guinea pig cannot distinguish colors well, because they do not have three photoreceptors, that is, they lack the one for long wavelengths.

They cannot distinguish well which color is red and which is green, although they like the color green more.

Regular uv bulbs are perfectly fine for guinea pigs as they will not notice them as long as they are not plugged directly into the guinea pigs.

Regular bulbs should never be too close to guinea pigs to avoid damaging their eyes and vision.

What color do guinea pigs like?

Guinea pigs love many colors, but they love green the most. The color green has a calming effect on guinea pigs and makes them feel safe and happy.

Maybe the reason for this behavior is because it reminds them of nature and their natural way of life.

So if you can put green light bulbs in their environment it will help them calm guinea pigs like the lights on or off

Are guinea pigs afraid of any light?

Although guinea pigs love light, some types of light can scare them.

Guinea pigs are afraid of light caused by thunder or lightning.

They fear this kind of light because it is accompanied by a sound that frightens and disturbs them.

Do guinea pigs like shade?

Guinea pigs love the shade, because it is as welcome to them as the sun and the dark.

When the guinea pigs are in the shade it makes it easier for them to tolerate warmer temperatures in the summer.

Shades are always welcome for guinea pigs, whether you keep them indoors or somewhere outside in your yard.

Is it OK to cover my guinea pig cage at night?

You can cover the guinea pig’s cage, especially in the winter when the temperatures are colder to keep them warm.

But you have to make sure that there is normal airflow and circulation, they should not be completely covered in the cage.

A partially covered cage will allow them to have less light and feel safer in the cage.

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How many hours of light do guinea pigs need?

It is best for guinea pigs to be exposed to daylight for about 12 hours a day.

But it is best for them to have shaded areas in the cage or a house that will allow them to retreat when they want and not be exposed to too much light.

UV light is important to the health of guinea pigs and they need it in their lives.

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Guinea pigs prefer dim light or darkness. They don’t like too much light, even though that light is needed to know that a new day is coming.

Guinea pigs need to be exposed to daylight and normal darkness so that they will function properly, just like their biological clock in the wild.

Although guinea pigs love the dark, they should not be in the dark for more than 10 hours a day.

in home conditions, you should take care that they are not exposed to too bright light or too close light bulbs.

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