Do Guinea Pigs Like to Be Kissed?

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:25 pm

When we take care of guinea pigs, we give them a lot of attention and care, which they really need so that they can feel safe and beautiful.

But sometimes we wonder what about kisses?

Do guinea pigs like to kiss? Yes, guinea pigs like to kiss if they have a relationship with the person they are kissing. However it depends on the individual, it can be different for each guinea pig. Some guinea pigs enjoy kissing or licking, while others do not.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will pay attention to this question and will get acquainted with the answers in more detail.

How do we know that a guinea pig loves kisses?

Guinea pigs show their affection for their owners and close friends through kissing.

However, each guinea pig is different, so knowing if the guinea pig loves kisses is the easiest to try.

For example, if a guinea pig starts running or screaming, it is a sign that it does not want to kiss or does not feel close enough to kiss its owner.

Do guinea pigs know when to kiss them?

Guinea pigs do not use kissing to express love, they actually use licking or rubbing their noses as a sign of kissing.

When you try to kiss them, they may run away, because they will not know that you want to express love to them.

In time they will learn that when you kiss them you wish them well and not bad, but it takes time for them to learn it all, so just be patient.

What are the reasons why guinea pigs do not want to kiss?

Guinea pigs by their behavior send signals whether they want to kiss or not. When they do not want to kiss guinea pigs it can mean that they do not feel comfortable in their environment.

Guinea pigs do not like to kiss and when they are not well or when they are sick, then they do not feel like kissing at all.

Sometimes when guinea pigs do not want to kiss does not mean that they do not love you, but simply that they are not such an individual who does not show affection and closeness to others by kissing.

What can we do to make a guinea pig want to kiss?

Before you start kissing your guinea pig, you must realize that it still takes time.

He can not immediately take care of you when you take it and immediately accept to kiss you.

In the beginning, when you start keeping guinea pigs, they are still very nervous, they care more about their new environment and they are worried about whether they are in danger.

So in the beginning you should let the guinea pigs adapt to the new environment, to their cage, and to the space around them.


Give them food, take care of them, and talk to them in a kind and calm voice, all these are important steps that will make your guinea pig feel safe, and calm and feel that you love him.

Only then is it time to start stroking, kissing or hugging your guinea pigs like to be kissed

Can we teach guinea pigs to kiss?

Yes, you can teach a guinea pig to kiss. But it will take time and training for them to get used to it, and this can best be achieved by giving certain commands or words.

When you tell him a kiss, he will gradually learn what exactly that word means, and then everything will be much more fun and simple.

However, we must realize that guinea pigs may not learn to kiss as much as we would like, they primarily use licking and rubbing their noses as a sign of kissing.

Can we always kiss guinea pigs?

The answer is yes and no because guinea pigs do not always want to be kissed.

When a guinea pig is nervous or shy, you should not kiss it.

At such times your pet will misunderstand you, will not understand your intention, and may bite you or start scratching you.

Kissing a guinea pig can be risky

Kissing your pet can also cause some side effects, here are some of them:

  • transmission of diseases – because if you are sick, by kissing a guinea pig, you can easily get it, it still depends on what kind of disease or cold it is, and whether it will harm your pet or not. Our recommendation is when you are sick not to hug or kiss a guinea pig.
  • transmission of guinea pig disease to you – here is the opposite situation, this time it can happen if the guinea pig is sick, it can infect you, for example with salmonella or some other bacteria.

In any case, whether you are sick or the guinea pig is sick, close contact between you and your furry pet should be avoided during this period, it is best for everyone.

How do we show our guinea pigs that we love them?

The more you are with the guinea pig, the more you will have their affection and you will get their love.

The more you play with them, the longer you spend together during the day and the more things that affect the relationship between the owner and his pet.

You can also caress them a little, especially on the head, behind their ears, caressing their backs, and the like.

Just be honest with them, show them that you want to take care of them, and make sure they all feel it and reciprocate.

How, except by kissing, does a guinea pig show that it loves you?

Besides kissing, guinea pigs have other ways to show that they love you and that they love to be with you.

Here are some of them:

jumping – when your guinea pig loves you, it jumps, which is a sign of joy and a sign that it feels good with its owner.

follows you – if you notice that a guinea pig is following you wherever you go, it is a sign that it loves you and wants to stay with you.

rubbing your body – Another sign that a guinea pig enjoys being with you is when it rubs against your body.

making a sound – when you caress your pet because it will be nice, no wonder if he makes sounds.

How do guinea pigs kiss each other?

Guinea pigs kiss each other in a different way than we humans.

They use licking and rubbing their noses as a sign of kissing or expressing affection for another person.

They use these ways of kissing with us humans, so we need to get used to their way of expressing love and affection.

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When is the best time to kiss a guinea pig?

You can not always kiss your guinea pig, because that way there is a risk of infectious diseases.

That’s why we need to choose the time when it is best to kiss the guinea pig.

The best time is immediately after bathing your pet because then it is still the cleanest of all impurities, which makes you safer and less likely to get a guinea pigs like to be kissed

Where to kiss a guinea pig?

Apart from the fact that the guinea pig should be clean, you should know where it is best to kiss it.

The best place to kiss your pet is above his head.

In any case, our recommendation is to wash after you kiss the guinea pig, it will be prevented for you just in case.

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Guinea pigs love to kiss, or most of them. They express kissing in a different way than us humans, usually by licking or rubbing our noses.

Guinea pigs can learn to kiss with training, but it takes time. Guinea pigs feel the love and care you give them, they just need some time to feel it.

The more you take care of them, the faster and easier the moment will come when the guinea pig will allow you to hug and kiss it.

Lastly, guinea pigs will love you as much as you love them, they will reciprocate in the best way.

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