Do Guinea Pigs Miss Their Owners? Let’s Discover

Guinea pigs are very friendly pets that love company and love to socialize.

You must be wondering whether your pet will miss you when you are not at home or in other similar situations when he will not see you for a long time.

Do guinea pigs miss their owners?

Yes, guinea pigs miss their owners because they are social animals that need companionship and attention. Guinea pigs need interaction, and you as an owner are the best choice to provide them with that interaction.

That’s why guinea pigs need you to play with them and provide them with different activities and entertainment.

Signs that guinea pigs recognize their owners

Guinea pigs recognize their owners and show certain signs. Here are some of the signs that guinea pigs make when you are with them.

Guinea pigs hug you

Guinea pigs love their owners very much, and once they bond with them, they will always show love and affection.

They will love to cuddle with their owners as physical contact makes them feel nice and content.

If the guinea pigs miss you, they may start to lose their appetite and start sleeping in different places in the cage.

Guinea pigs don’t run away

Usually, guinea pigs do not run away from their owners, they like to be held and petted.

Unless you take them out of the house if they feel they are in a new environment they may want to run away.

Then they make various sounds of protest because they are scared, and therefore when you take them outside the home, make sure that it is in short intervals of up to 10-15 minutes and of course pay attention to them.

Guinea pigs love to groom you

Guinea pigs love to groom their owners, or hug them and run after you.

Wхен you are not close to them, or if you are away for a certain time, the guinea pig will probably miss you, and when you come back, it will always want to be next to you.

Therefore, whenever you are at home, set aside some time for your pet so that he does not miss you.

They emit certain sounds

When the guinea pig sees you coming it will start making sounds of joy because you will be with it again.

If the guinea pig misses you, it may start to behave lethargically, it will not want to eat or drink water.

If you notice that the guinea pig is not feeling well when you are with him, then you can take him to a veterinarian to examine him and see that there is no disease involved.

How the guinea pigs can recognize you more easily

In order for the guinea pigs to recognize you more easily, you should pay attention to certain things when you start keeping them in your home.

Through food

Food is one of the best ways for guinea pigs to bond with their owners.

In addition to food, the guinea pig will gradually get used to your voice and smell, which will further help to get to know and become attached to you.

Of course, in addition to food, you will need to provide them with many toys and other objects to keep them active and happy.

Have a daily routine

Guinea pigs love it when you always give them the same time to eat, they want you to play with them regularly and preferably at a similar time of the day.

They thus get used to their owners more easily and love them more, which will allow them to become completely attached to them in the future.

If your guinea pig is suddenly not happy anymore, then something is wrong with him and you should take him to the guinea pigs miss their owners

You need to talk to the guinea pig

In order for the guinea pig to get used to its owners, you need to talk to it.

Guinea pigs are social animals that need daily human interaction and attention.

Take the guinea pig in your arms and talk to him in a soft voice, which will allow him to get to know you better and love you.

Slower movements

Guinea pigs don’t like it when you move them too quickly to a new home. When guinea pigs move quickly, they will miss their owners.

That is why it is necessary to gradually introduce them to their new home, it takes time for them to get used to it and start to feel comfortable.

If you have to move them then be with them for a certain amount of time, and don’t be away too much so they don’t miss you.


Guinea pigs need security to feel safe and not afraid.

And don’t forget to close the cage door so that the guinea pig doesn’t accidentally escape, this will protect it from running away and from being scared when you come back later.

Be careful when you return to your pet always speak in a quiet way so as not to frighten him with your appearance.

Guinea pigs need plenty of space

Guinea pigs need enough space to get used to you and your presence.

Guinea pigs need enough space to relax and then get to know you better.

Play with your pet from time to time so that it will recognize you more easily and get used to your presence.

Do guinea pigs know when their owner is sad?

Yes, guinea pigs are very sensitive and smart animals who can sense when their owner is not happy.

Even in the wild, guinea pigs can sense emotions from other guinea pigs.

This means that your pet is smart enough to judge if you have a problem and will empathize with you.

Will guinea pigs be happy alone?

No, guinea pigs are not happy alone, and life will be very sad for them if they don’t have company. When they are in nature they socialize with other guinea pigs which helps them to be happy and content.

That’s why the guinea pigs that you keep in your cage should receive daily attention from you so that they don’t feel lonely and sad.

When a guinea pig is lonely and sad it can only cause stress and diseases that will threaten their life.

Is it OK to have just 1 guinea pig?

It is not good to have only one guinea pig as it will feel lonely.

It is best to have two guinea pigs so they can play, cuddle, and keep each other company. In Switzerland, it is illegal to keep just one guinea pig.

Or if you can no longer afford two guinea pigs, then you should play with your pet every day and show him attention and love so that he does not feel lonely.

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Guinea pigs are very sensitive animals that love to receive attention and care from their owners.

Once the guinea pig gets used to you, it will be easier and it will not run away from you, it will not be afraid and it will want to pet and play with you.

When guinea pigs bond with their owners, then if you are not around them for a long time then you will miss them.

Guinea pigs are sensitive, so if you are gone for a long time they can become sad and depressed. That’s why you should set aside time for your pet every day, play with it, talk to it, feed it, and do similar activities.

The more time you devote to your pet, the happier it will be which is great for its health and life.

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