Do Guinea Pigs Like to Sleep Together? Let’s Discover

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:28 pm

When keeping a guinea pig after a certain time you may wonder if your pet is bored.

You are wondering if you should buy him another friend so that it will be more interesting for them to hang out together.

But you immediately think if they will get along and if the guinea pigs will want to sleep together.

Do guinea pigs like to sleep together?

No, guinea pigs do not like to sleep together, they like to sleep separately, each guinea pig in a separate part of the cage. Sometimes guinea pigs can sleep together, but only if they are too well connected to each other.

In any case, it’s nothing terrible if they want to sleep together or separately, it’s their choice.

In today’s article, you will learn a little more about why guinea pigs sleep differently and similar questions on this topic.

What are the reasons why guinea pigs like to sleep alone?

Although guinea pigs are social animals, they still prefer to sleep alone.

They don’t want to sleep together because they want to be alone and that’s how they feel comfortable and relaxed.

Sometimes guinea pigs want to sleep alone because of problems with other guinea pigs in the cage when another guinea pig mistreats them or behaves aggressively and violently.

When guinea pigs are sick, they want to be alone and do not want to sleep with other guinea pigs until they are well.

Guinea pigs like dominance and this may be the reason they sleep alone to prove that it is their territory.

Do guinea pigs need to sleep in separate areas in the cage?

Yes, it is best for them to sleep in separate places in their cage.

Therefore, make them different places where they will sleep so that they feel comfortable and restful, without having problems with each other.

And those guinea pigs who are used to sleeping together should still have separate places or beds in their cage.

You can place their beds close together, but of course, they should not have one bed for two guinea pigs.

Sometimes depending on their mood they can be close to each other, cuddle together and fall asleep together.

Why do guinea pigs sometimes sleep together?

As we said, guinea pigs sometimes like to sleep together, because then they feel safer in their environment.

If the guinea pigs sleep together, it may also be to keep them warm when they are next to each other.

When guinea pigs sleep together it can also mean a way to strengthen the bond between them and establish dominance in the group.

Do guinea pigs like to cuddle?

Guinea pigs are not animals that like to cuddle with each other, they prefer to have their privacy.

But it happens sometimes to see such a moment, that is, two guinea pigs hugging.

Whether a guinea pig will hug or not depends on its personality, for each guinea pig it is an individual matter. They also sometimes like to cuddle with their owners and sometimes refuse to do so.

Guinea pigs will only cuddle with their owners or other guinea pigs if they are really close and connected to guinea pigs like to sleep together

Can guinea pigs sleep with their owners?

No, guinea pigs should not sleep with their owners because it is too risky and unsafe for them.

If guinea pigs sleep with their owners they do not have access to food and drinking water which they always need. Guinea pigs can suffocate or injure you if you put them in your bed to sleep together.

Since they are active at night when you go to sleep they may go on a night adventure so it will be difficult for you to find them afterward.

If guinea pigs sleep with their owners they will urinate and poop in your bed which is not at all hygienic and safe.

What kind of bed do guinea pigs like to sleep in?

The bed or shelter where the guinea pigs sleep should be in a safe place in the cage, without much light and sound.

Bedding for guinea pigs should be made of hay or paper, although hay is their favorite bedding.

Therefore, place the guinea pig’s bed in a suitable position so that it feels safe and has comfortable bedding, you don’t need to put too much effort into making a bed, the place and the bedding are more important.

How long do guinea pigs sleep?

On average, guinea pigs sleep about 6 hours a day.

However, this is only an average because some sleep 4 hours, and other guinea pigs can sleep 10 or more hours in one day.

Depending on their environment, how tired they are during the day, and other factors that affect how much a guinea pig will sleep, it cannot be known exactly, each guinea pig has its own sleeping habits.

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Guinea pigs usually like to sleep alone, so they should have separate beds. But sometimes they can sleep together if they are very attached to each other.

It is best that they have separate beds, and let them decide whether they will sleep together.

Each guinea pig is individual and has different understandings and needs when it comes to sleeping together petting, and similar shared moments in their cage.

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