Do Hamsters Cry? (All You Need To Know)

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:15 pm

Do hamsters cry? Hamsters do not cry, not in the way we humans do, but they do make sounds of crying, such as screaming, squeaking, and the like.

They make sounds when they are in pain, fear, stress, or even when they are asleep, hungry, and afraid of their surroundings.

When it comes to crying hamsters is that you will not see them shed tears like us humans, but their sounds will be a sign of their grief and feelings.

In today’s article you will find out what sounds they make and know exactly what they mean, how to help your pet in such a situation.

Do hamsters cry?

Hamsters make sounds, which is their way of grieving, although you will not actually see tears in their eyes, or if you see tears it is just humidity caused by the space around them.

Wetness can also be the result of dust and you will need to remove them with a cotton ball soaked in lukewarm water.

Your pet simply does not cry in the usual way, because they were not born to do so. They make sounds that are their way of expressing sorrow.

Their way of crying is characterized by different sounds such as screaming or creaking. In time you will learn these sounds, you will know that they are due to sadness, pain, stress, or fear of your furry pet.

Sometimes they make such sounds when they sleep (cry in their sleep). Dropping or crying in sleep means that the hamsters may be dreaming of something that scared them.

Why do hamsters cry?

Hamsters are taught to be lonely in the wild, so their way of grieving is a little different from other animals.

Your pet makes crying sounds when he is in an unfamiliar environment, or when you first introduce them to their new habitat.

Hamsters then feel fear of the new situation in their life and cry through the sound of sounds, the fear shows when their ears are retracted and if their body is numb.

They are also afraid of you (the new owner), so do not be surprised if the same situation happens to you, it is completely normal and very common. For your part, you need to be gentle at first, talking to them calmly and in gentle tones, which will help reduce their fear of you.

Hamsters can cry if they want to play with you, or if they are hungry. Pain, injury, and poor sleep can also cause your pet to cry and make noises, as well as too much light or noise in the room.

What to do when hamsters cry?

When hamsters cry, certain actions can help them stop crying, the most important thing is to find out the real reason for the crying.

A new home is always stressful for hamsters, but gradually they will get used to the new environment, they will only need some time.

You, as the owners, need to be with your pet more often in the beginning, in order to get to know him better, and so that the hamster can get used to the new situation in his life faster and easier.

If at the beginning when you approach him the hamster cries or makes noises, do not worry, as you spend more time with him, he will be less afraid of you.

Sometimes it can be scared of an object near it, and you will have to remove it. Hamsters may be afraid of other people in the room or other pets.

All this leads to the conclusion that hamsters are much more sensitive pets than we assume. Hamsters cry and if they have any pain or health problems, then it is best to take them to a veterinarian for help.

When hamsters cry in a dream, the worst thing is to break it or try to take it in your hands, then it can attack you in hamsters cry

Is it okay if hamsters cry?

Crying in hamsters is perfectly fine, just like us humans. Like us humans, hamsters sometimes have difficult moments, and they are living beings with emotions just like us, sometimes they will make sounds (cry), and most of the time they will be happy and cheerful and they will play and run.

The environment will do its thing, the hamsters will get used to it and stop crying, you can be sure of that.

Only when they are crying because of injuries and pain, then you should not wait or hesitate what to do, the vet is the best solution for your hamster, who will help him in the best way.

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Do hamsters cry even when they are hungry?

Yes, hamsters can cry even when they are hungry.

Therefore, you should take care of their diet, always have a well-balanced diet with food special for them, as well as a fruit or vegetable supplement.

They should always have enough water in addition to food so that they do not become dehydrated, which can also be a reason for crying.

What types of sounds release hamsters when they cry?

First, we emphasize that when hamsters emit sounds, they always have some meaning, the better you understand those sounds, the easier you will know what to do.

So let’s see exactly certain types of sounds in hamsters:

Squeaking and squealing – These sounds are the most common that you will hear from hamsters, they can be for several different reasons. They can be a sign that hamsters are sad or have some pain, but they can mean that they are happy, hungry, or playful. It will be easier to recognize what these sounds mean if you observe his behavior, whether he is lethargic, or is happy or running and playing.

Screaming-such sound is usually fear and scariness of hamsters. In such a situation they hide and scream, it simply said their defense mechanism in the current situation.

Any of these sounds make by your pet, with experience, and getting to know them better, can best help you know the exact meaning of the sounds that they emit.

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Hamsters do not cry like humans, they make noises, screams, or the like, it is their way of grieving and crying.

They are very sensitive when changing their home, meeting new owners, noise, light, are some of the reasons why they cry.

All of us who have hamsters should pay attention to them because with our behavior we can help them a lot to make hamsters be happy.

Over time, hamsters get used to it and stop crying, unless they are in pain, then a vet is the only solution for them.

Finally, hamsters need to receive a lot of attention and care so that they can more easily adapt to the new reality, to be happy, and of course, we will be happier together with our pets.

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