Do Hamsters Get Zoomies? Let’s Discover

Hamsters are interesting and fun animals that make our day much happier and help us forget about our responsibilities and problems.

When my hamster runs and plays it is really interesting to watch and enjoy his daily games, such as getting zoomies or running in circles.

Do hamsters get zoomies?

Hamsters get zoomies or rather run in circles, this happens because they use their impulse for exercise and the need to release their energy.

When hamsters get zoomies it can be a sign of joy, exercise, illness, restlessness, and heat or mating time.

In today’s article, you will find out why hamsters get zoomies, what are all the possible reasons and similar questions related to this topic.

Do hamsters get zoomies?

Yes, hamsters get zoomies and run in circles to use up their energy, and they can do it every day.

Hamsters besides zoomies as a way to spend energy, also use the exercise wheel which allows them to be active which positively affects their health.

But when hamsters get zoomies it can sometimes be a bad sign or some current mood. When hamsters get zoomies it can be due to the following things:

  • disease
  • exercise
  • heat
  • anxiety

Hamsters run in circles and when they see you approach their cage and want you to play with them, they get zoomies with happiness.

What are the reasons why hamsters get zoomies?

As we said, there are several reasons why hamsters get zoomies or run in circles, so you need to pay attention to his behavior so that you can more easily know what is the reason for this behavior.

So let’s take a closer look at each of the possible reasons why hamsters run in circles.

Hamsters get zoomies due to illness

When hamsters are sick it can be a reason why hamsters get zoomies or run in circles.

A variety of diseases can cause hamsters to run in circles, diseases such as:


Which occurs more often in older hamsters, and causes zooming or running in circles. Stroke can occur due to excessive heat ie high temperatures, Hamsters live best at a temperature of 65-75 F, anything above or below these values is dangerous for their health. When hamsters run in circles for more than a few seconds it can be a sign of a stroke.

Infections and dizziness

Infections and dizziness are causes that can again cause hamsters to get zoomies and run in circles. If you notice that your pet is often running in circles then you should take it to the vet for an examination.

Exercise makes hamsters get zoomies

Exercising or running is one of the most important things a hamster should do daily to stay healthy.

Hamsters must have an exercise wheel, as they cover several miles on it every night.

If hamsters don’t have a wheel they will start to get zoomies and run in circles. Sometimes even though hamsters have an exercise wheel, they may still zoomies because sometimes they get bored and want a little change.

Exercise is good for the health of hamsters and maintains their physical condition, at the same time it relieves them of stress and reduces the chances of diseases.

When hamsters get zoomies it may be because of anxiety

Anxiety causes your hamster to get zoomies and run in circles, so it is necessary for hamsters to have enough fun and activities every day so that they do not feel anxious and bored.

So that there is no anxiety in the hamsters, you should provide them with:

  • Exercise wheel – as they cover several miles a day they tire and become calmer.
  • Toys – every hamster cage should have enough toys as they love to explore and play, this will reduce anxiety and running around.
  • Climbing objects and hiding places – give the hamster ladders to climb and more hiding places, tunnels, tubes, and similar objects that will make the hamster happy. He will not get zoomies around as often if there is always something to do in his cage.
  • Free roaming – let the hamster out of the cage for half an hour every day so that he can run and explore in your room, this will make him happy and satisfied, which will certainly reduce his anxiety.
  • Play with your pet – all of us as owners should set aside 20 minutes a day to play with the hamster, which may be afraid at first, but will soon get used to it and allow you to hold it.

All these things are necessary for the hamster not to feel anxious and get zoomies, so provide them as much as you hamsters get zoomies

When hamsters are in heat they get zoomies

When female hamsters are in heat or mating time they may zoomies and run in circles.

Female hamsters are in heat every 4 days, running in circles is completely normal in such situations and should not worry you.

When the female does not have a male partner, she becomes a little nervous and more aggressive than usual, she can bite the leftovers from the cage, run in circles and she can bite you too.

in such moments there is nothing to do except to let the female hamster pass the heat, or to bring her a male hamster for mating, of course, if you are willing to keep more baby hamsters.

Hamsters get zoomies are signs of a happy hamster

When hamsters get zoomies, it is often related to their behavior, that is, when they are happy, they want to run in circles.

As we said, hamsters can also zoomies when they have certain problems with their health or the environment, but now let’s see what are the happy signs of their behavior.

When you feed them

When the hamsters get used to their owners, they are happy and enjoy when you feed them from your hand, they can then purr and run in circles.

Hamsters do not have good eyesight, they can only see a few inches in front of them, but they have excellent senses of smell and taste, which allow them to recognize you when you approach them.

When hamsters will allow you to feed them and won’t try to attack or protect you then you can be sure that your pet trusts you and enjoys feeding them.

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When hamsters are happy they hoard food

When hamsters are happy, they take the food, stuff it in their cheeks, and take it to the bed where they store it.

At the same time, if they run in a circle while bringing the food, then they are full and satisfied. Hamsters store their food in their bedding because they think that tomorrow you will no longer bring them food.

That’s how mother nature taught them to always have food reserves, no matter how much there is near them, they constantly do it and save food for the next day.

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Hamsters get zoomies with happiness when you play with them

When you see the hamster get zoomies and run in circles when you approach its cage, it means that the hamster is happy that you are coming towards it.

Hamsters are solitary by nature and they like to live alone, but they also like to play with their owner.

It really takes a little more time for the hamster to get used to you and start to trust you, but once it gains trust, everything is easier.

he will be happy for you to pet him and will not be afraid of you anymore, he will happily wait for you to come and take him from the cage to play with you.

That’s why you should always take some time out of your day to play with your pet and make him happy and satisfied.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my hamster is happy?

When the hamster is happy he enjoys running all over the cage, he has a lot of energy and is quite active. When the hamster is happy he plays with toys and does not hide from you when you come to his cage.

Why is my hamster hyper?

When hamsters are hyper, the reason for this behavior is usually insufficient nutrition or poor nutrition. Hamsters need a varied diet of seeds, pellets, vegetables, and fruits to be healthy and disease-free.

What does it mean if my hamster is running around like crazy?

When the hamster runs like crazy then it is under stress. The most common causes of stress are a small cage, too much noise, not enough toys and entertainment in their cage, and other reasons. The hamster is very timid and can get stressed very quickly, which is not good for his health.


Hamsters get zoomies or run in circles for several reasons such as fun, and excess energy, but it can also be a sign of illness or anxiety.

Hamsters are very active and they may get zoomies around often if they do not have enough toys and objects in their cage, or when female hamsters are in heat.

When hamsters get zoomies you need to pay attention to their behavior to know what is the reason for their running in circles.

In any case, zoomies are common in hamsters and it is a normal behavior in our little furry friends.