Do Hamsters Have Boogers? Let’s Discover

Hamsters sometimes have a snotty nose, which is not a good sign and usually means that something is wrong with your pet, so I did some research on this topic.

Do Hamsters Have Boogers?

Hamsters have boogers or discharge from the nose, which can be wet or dry, and is a sign that your pet has a health problem.

In today’s article, you will find out what are the causes of boogers in hamsters, as well as similar questions related to the topic.

Do Hamsters Have Boogers?

Hamsters can have bооgers or discharge from the nose, although this phenomenon is not so common. Hamsters have bооgers or nasal discharge, which can be dry or wet.

Boоgers are dirt and dust that enters the nose and affects the nasal mucus of hamsters. Boogers can be wet and slimy or dry and crusty, and is a bad sign when it occurs in hamsters.

It is enough for the hamster to have a cold or a chest infection to get the bооgers.

Hamsters can have bооgers , but the biggest problem is that often we owners cannot notice them, except when our pet is in a bad state of health.

Why is it hard to spot bооgers in hamsters?

It is difficult to spot bооgers in hamsters because they remove it very quickly.

Hamsters are known for being very good in grooming and maintaining their hygiene, so when they have bооgers, they clean them immediately.

Only hamsters will not clean the bооgers from their noses only when they are already very sick and unable to groom themselves.

What are the causes of bооgers in hamsters?

Hamsters get bооgers in the nose most often from colds or if they have an infection, and allergies can also be the cause of this phenomenon.

Here is a more detailed explanation of the causes of bооgers in hamsters:

Colds cause bооgers in hamsters

Colds are the reason for the appearance of bооgers in hamsters, because these pets are very delicate and can often get colds.

Symptoms of a cold in hamsters are:

  • lack of appetite to eat
  • lethargy
  • they spend more time sleeping
  • they don’t want to socialize
  • they will not want to grooming

All these reasons are indicators that your pet has a cold and therefore has bооgers in the nose. In addition to these symptoms, you will also notice that their fur looks duller as if it lacks its usual shine.

If you try to touch their body is warmer than normal,and then this is also a sign that they have a cold.

Infection is the cause of bооgers in hamsters

When hamsters have an infection then it can be the cause of bооgers.

These small pets often suffer from infections, especially if they have chest and lung infections.

Symptoms of such infections are:

  • shortness of breath
  • rapid breathing
  • rapid fatigue when moving and running

Hamsters have small lungs and therefore problems and infections very easily result in deterioration of health and appearance of bооgers, but also other health hamsters have boogers

Allergy causes bооgers in hamsters

Hamsters are sensitive and often get allergies that result in bооgers. Causes of allergy in hamsters can be:

  • bedding
  • food
  • objects in and around the cage

Most of the time, bedding is the cause of allergies because sometimes it has dust that hamsters find offensive, but the food you give them can also be the cause of allergies.

Toys and objects inside and outside the cage can cause allergies and bооgers in hamsters.

What to do so that hamsters do not have bооgers?

In order to prevent nose bооgers from appearing in hamsters, you need to pay attention to certain things and better hygiene in the cage.

Here’s exactly what to download:

Clean bedding prevents bооgers in hamsters

Since bedding is the most common cause of allergies and bооgers in hamsters, you must make sure it is clean.

Sometimes the bedding was stored in warehouses or other places where there was dust and dirt.

When you notice that the bedding is blame for the appearance of bооgers in hamsters, it is necessary to immediately change it with a new one, or get a new package of bedding.

Prevent colds as they cause bооgers in hamsters

Colds, as well as allergies, are a common cause of bооgers in hamsters.

To prevent the hamsters from catching a cold, you should be careful not to leave the cage in a draft or near open windows.

Pay attention to the temperature in the hamster room, because if the temperature in the hamster room is below 65 F, your pet will catch a cold because it will be cold.

Do not allow hamsters to have infections that cause bооgers

If hamsters get sick and get an infection then expect them to have bооgers too.

Pay attention to the hygiene of the hamsters, so you should regularly clean the cage and change the bedding, but you should also regularly clean and remove the leftover food from the cage.

An infection of the lungs causes bооgers, and it is obtained if they inhale dust and dirt, so be careful about these things so that your pet does not get sick and get bооgers.

Regular vet checkups

As we said, hamsters groom themselves and clean the bооgers from their noses.

But sometimes we can’t notice that our pet is sick and therefore has bооgers, until we discover new health problems.

That is why it is important to take the hamster for an examination several times a year so that the veterinarian can examine it, which will promptly reveal whether the hamster has diseases or infections.

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Are bооgers dangerous to hamsters?

Bооgers themselves are not dangerous for hamsters, but they can be a harbinger of diseases and health problems for your pet.

In any case, boogers are not a danger that directly affects hamsters, because they clean themselves, but still be careful.

When hamsters have boogers, they usually go away in a short time, because this is not an everyday occurrence for these small hamsters have boogers

Why do hamsters have boogers on their eyes?

Hamsters can also get boogers on their eyes if something gets stuck in their eyes.

Then the hamsters will try to clean the eye by wetting, but this can also cause the appearance of scabs if the eyes dry out.

The appearance of boogers around the eyes also occurs in older hamsters because they sleep more and then the moisture from their eyes thickens and crusts form.

When hamsters have boogers on their eyes, the scab or crust should be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth or cotton.

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Hamsters should not have boogers or discharge from their noses. Bооgers are dirt or dust that causes boogers to appear.

Hamsters groom themselves and thus clean the boogers. Bооgers can still mean the appearance of diseases, colds and infections in the pet.

Therefore, if you notice boogers , you should pay attention to the hygiene in the cage, the temperature and the food, which should not be dirty.

In any case, boogers are not a common occurrence and they usually go away in a short time, otherwise if they have them for a long time, you should take your hamsters to the vet.

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