Do Hamsters Know When Another Hamster Dies? Let’s Find Out

When you keep two or more hamsters together you must wonder how the hamster feels when another hamster dies.

Do hamsters know when another hamster dies?

Hamsters do not know that the other hamster has died, they then think that the other hamster is in another cage or has been taken to some other location. Hamsters will grieve because they are left alone, but it is not the same as when other animals grieve when they lose their friend.

In today’s article you will learn why hamsters do not know when another hamster is going to die, as well as other similar questions on this topic.

Do hamsters know when another hamster dies?

Hamsters have feelings, but they don’t know when another hamster is going to die.

Your pet will be sad because they were together in the same cage, but they will be sad that they were left alone, not that the other hamster died.

Hamsters can get stressed and feel unhappy because their friend is gone.

They will get upset and think that the other hamster has been moved to another place, and they will hope that he will return to the cage again.

Hamsters don’t really understand death, so they won’t know what happened to the other hamster.

When the hamster is left alone in the cage, he will get used to the loneliness, but it will take him some time to forget his friend who died.

Is loneliness dangerous for the life of hamsters?

Loneliness will not kill the hamster, although at first, it will be difficult for him for a period of time when he is alone without another hamster.

Hamsters are mostly used to living alone, so they will get used to continuing to live alone without their companion.

When hamsters are lonely, especially after the death of another hamster, you as an owner can help your pet overcome loneliness.

For this purpose, you should play with your pet more often, add more toys to the cage, climb stairs, and of course they should have an exercise wheel.

When you notice that your hamster eats normally, runs, and plays all day, then you will know that he has overcome loneliness and got used to continuing his life quite hamsters know when another hamster dies

Should you bring another hamster to the lonely hamster?

When one hamster dies, you should not immediately bring another hamster into the cage.

Although the hamster left alone will be depressed, nervous, and lonely, still this is not a good solution, you should let the hamster get used to the new situation.

If you bring a new hamster it is a big risk because you can’t know in advance how your hamsters who are together for the first time will get along.

They simply may not suit each other and a conflict situation may arise, fights may occur and one of them may end fatally and lose his life.

When hamsters are together from an early age, then there are the greatest chances that they will continue to live without problems for the rest of their lives.

Is it good to keep two hamsters together?

In general, hamsters should not be kept in pairs, they are naturally used to living alone.

This is especially true for Syrian and Chinese hamsters, which you should never keep together in the same cage.

If you try to keep these two breeds together then there may be fights and aggression, and eventually one of the two hamsters may end up fatal.

Only dwarf hamsters can live together, but only if they are kept in the same cage since the beginning of their life.

However, this does not mean that dwarf hamsters will live together in harmony all their lives, because when this breed of hamsters becomes an adult, there may be changes in their thinking and behavior, and problems between them may begin.

What to do when one hamster dies?

When a hamster dies you should put it in a box using gloves.

Then you can bury the hamster in your yard, but be sure to bury it at least three meters deep.

If you bury it at a low depth, predators can detect the hamster by its smell and dig it up.

Can hamsters feel sad?

Hamsters have emotions and can experience happiness, sadness, and depression just like us humans.

New studies show that your pet feels and experiences a moment of happiness, for example, when you let him run around your room.

But they can also show feelings of stress and fear from other predators, unknown people, loud noise, and the like.

How do I bring my hamster back to life?

You can bring the hamster back to life when it is in hibernation because then it is not dead, but sleeping with a slow pace of work.

To awaken the hamster from hibernation requires a gradual increase in the temperature in the room and a gentle massage of its body.

You can also heat it when you hold it in your hands, which will gradually increase its temperature thanks to your body hamsters know when another hamster dies

Is my hamster dead or in shock?

To know if your hamster is in shock or dead, it is enough to follow its body movements.

When a hamster is in shock it may appear limp and its gaze may be dazed. In doing so, his body temperature will decrease and when you touch him, he will be cold.

Other symptoms when a hamster is in shock are breathing problems, such as shallow breathing and a rapid heart rate.

Can a hamster die from a dirty cage?

Hamsters can die indirectly as a result of a dirty cage.

This usually happens when they get a wet tail due to a dirty cage, which usually affects hamsters.

If the hamster has a wet tail, you must know that it is a very serious disease that often ends fatally for hamsters and they die in a few days.

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How do I know if my hamster is happy?

To know if your hamster is happy, it is enough to observe its body language. When a hamster is happy, it acts relaxed, yawns, grooms itself, and plays and runs all the time.

If your hamster is happy it will burrow into the bedding and constantly hoard food.

A happy hamster will use the exercise wheel and jump back and forth on your hands.

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Do hamsters miss their owners?

Hamsters are solitary by nature and they are trained to live that way. Hamsters do not miss their owners, they can live alone if they have enough food and water.

Hamsters like to be friends with their owners, especially when they get used to them, but even if they are alone, they will continue a completely normal life.

For hamsters, two things are most important in their life, and that is to constantly have enough food and to have enough places to hide, i.e. shelters for protection from predators.

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Hamsters do not know what death is, and therefore they do not grieve when a hamster from the same cage dies.

Hamsters think that their friend has been moved to another place, but in no case do they think that he has died.

They will be nervous and stressed about being alone because they are used to their presence, but in time they will get used to the loneliness.

Hamsters are naturally used to living alone most of the time, so they will adapt if they lose one of their friends.

For this purpose, provide them with more playing with you, more toys in the cage, and other activities so that they forget the loneliness when another hamster dies.

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