Do Hamsters Like Mirrors? All You Need To Know

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:32 pm

Playing with the hamsters during the day is really fun for them and at the same time for us the owners. We use various props that make the hamsters have more fun so they don’t get bored.

Sometimes I wonder if I should add a mirror to the cage where they are, that way they will see themselves in it and it will be even more fun.

But do hamsters like mirrors? No, hamsters do not like mirrors, they do not understand the reflection in the mirror, in fact, they see the presence of another hamster in the mirror, which can cause aggression and resentment.

In today’s article, we will find out what will happen if you put a mirror in your hamster’s room.

Do hamsters like mirrors?

No, hamsters don’t like mirrors, they don’t understand the reflection in the mirror, and they will think that there is another friend in their room.

In most cases, negative things happen when we put a mirror on the hamsters. Hamsters will think there is some threat from the hamster in the mirror and get annoyed.

Very rarely, hamsters will like a mirror, because it can reduce loneliness, they will think that there is another hamster with them, but this is only short-lived.

Should we put a mirror in the hamster cage?

Yes, you can put a mirror in the hamster cage.

You should know that if you put a mirror in their cage, it will have both positive and negative effects on your furry pet.

Hamsters, or most of them, will show aggression towards the hamster they see in the mirror, while a small number of hamsters may be happy in such situations.

So let’s find out what exactly will happen when we put a mirror in the hamster’s cage.

Hamsters will be confused by the mirror

Hamsters will be very confused at first when you put a mirror in their cage.

Your pet has a developed sense of smell, and it will not be clear how they see another hamster and do not feel any smell from it.

With the help of their senses, they survive in nature and their life, and now the situation will be completely different, in the mirror they will see an opponent for the first time and they will not be able to use their senses to prepare a defense and so on.

do hamsters like mirrors

Hamsters will constantly look in the mirror

At first, hamsters will persistently look at the mirror and their reflection for hours.

They will observe the hamster that is in the mirror, and they will start to become nervous and fearful about their territory.


They will think that they should share the food you give them, and they will prepare to fight with their reflection in the mirror.

In rare cases, hamsters will supplement their loneliness with the friend they see in the mirror.

A mirror can cause stress in hamsters

The presence of another hamster in the mirror can also cause stress in your furry pet.

Hamsters are very sensitive pets, which can easily get stressed, which is not good for their health.

Some hamsters will get used to the mirror, but some won’t and will just get annoyed for a long time.

Hamsters may stop eating

The nervousness and stress of having another hamster in the mirror can cause a loss of appetite and weight loss in hamsters.

They will be sad and disappointed because there is another hamster in their cage and you are not doing anything to help them.

If you notice that the hamster starts to reduce eating after you put the mirror on, you should immediately take it out and take care of your furry pet.

Hamsters may also ignore the mirror

Hamsters can also ignore the mirror and the hamster they are looking at.

Older hamsters usually do this, while younger ones will want to examine the other hamster with them, that is, their own reflection.

If you want to attract the hamster’s attention with the mirror, you need to change its location, thus curiosity can help the hamster to become more interested in looking at the mirror.

The fight between the hamsters with the mirror

Sometimes placing a mirror in their cage can lead the hamster to fight with himself or his reflection.

Hamsters will think there is another hamster and start showing signs of displeasure such as squeaking, making noises, grinding their teeth, etc.

It is very bad if you put the food in front of the mirror, the hamster will think that the other hamster also wants to eat his food and this will create a problem that can culminate in a fight.

The hamster can start fighting with the reflection in the mirror, and if he breaks it he will get hurt, which is too dangerous for his health.

If you notice your pet hitting the mirror you should remove it before side effects and injuries occur to the hamster.

Hamsters can run away from the mirror

To avoid a conflict with the other hamster they see in the mirror, the hamster may start running to the other side.

He will not want to face his opponent in the mirror and avoid approaching him.

Since hamsters do not understand the mirror reflection, they can only see over time that the other hamster is not aggressive towards them and the whole situation calms down, but it is still individual, every hamster will not act in the same way.

do hamsters like mirrors

Do hamsters see themselves in the mirror?

No, hamsters can’t recognize themselves when they look in the mirror; they think it’s another hamster.

They will prepare to defend their territory from the mirror reflection, although they rarely see a new friend to play with and socialize with.

It takes some time for them to realize that the mirror is just a toy and nothing more.

Can a mirror hurt hamsters?

As fun as it may seem, hamsters can be seriously injured by mirrors in their cage.

Hamsters will be nervous and want to fight with the opponent from the cage, during which they may break the mirror, or if they hit it hard, they may injure themselves.

Can hamsters damage their teeth from a mirror in their cage?

No, hamsters will not damage their teeth if they try to attack the reflection in the mirror, ie the other hamster.

They will try to bite the opponent in the mirror, but since the mirror is a smooth surface, there will be no damage to the teeth.

If the mirror breaks at that moment, they can damage their teeth and get sores on their mouths and bodies.

Will the hamsters love the hamster in the mirror?

Yes, hamsters can fall in love with the hamster they see in the mirror, that is, by looking at themselves, but very rarely.

Usually, the mirror brings more problems and fear when looking at its reflection, than beautiful moments for your furry pet.

However, there is such a possibility, although it is very rare.


Hamsters don’t like mirrors, because they can’t understand the reflection when they look at them. The hamsters see in the mirrors another hamster that is a danger to their territory.

They will be afraid and will not want to be together with the hamster from the mirror, because they will have to share the food and the cage.

Hamsters can get hurt if they hit the mirror or if it breaks, which can cause injuries and wounds on their body.

A mirror in the hamster’s cage has its advantages, that is, it is placed to make it more interesting for your pets, but the effect is mostly negative because the hamsters or most of them will not be happy.

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