Do Hamsters Like Music? (What You Need To Know)

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:18 pm

Music helps us to relax and feel much more comfortable, it awakens our memories and emotions. As it has a good effect on us humans, music is also beneficial to animals, including hamsters.

Do hamsters like to listen to music? Yes, hamsters love music, but not every music they like, they like classical music the most, and metal and rock the least. Hamsters love quiet music, while loud music disturbs and frightens them.

Depending on the genre, just like people, some music calms hamsters, while other types of music seem disturbing to them.

In today’s article, we will learn more about music and its influence on hamsters.

Do hamsters like to listen to music?

Yes, hamsters like to listen to music, especially soft music.

Loud music bothers hamsters, it can cause stress, so avoid loud music when your hamster is present. Depending on the genre, some hamsters like music more and some less, which is quite normal.

Like all other animals and hamsters are more fond of instrumental music, this kind of music will relax them, it can even help them fall asleep easier.

Do hamsters understand music?

Hamsters do not understand music, but that does not mean that the music they listen to is harmful to them.

To make it easier to find out what kind of music they want to listen to, you need to play different music to them, and follow their behavior.

Especially if you play quiet music to them, it will not bother them at all. We must note that hamsters hear sounds at a much higher frequency than us humans.

How to teach hamsters to listen to music?

You need a lot of patience and attention to teach hamsters to listen to music.

It is best to start playing music for them when they are still young so that they can gradually get used to listening to music.

Always play soft music at the beginning and gradually increase the volume level, but to a certain volume, however, hamsters like quiet music to feel comfortable.

Do hamsters like classical music?

Classical music is best for listening to your furry pets.

Just because a lot of animals like classical music, such as dogs, does not necessarily mean that they will have a special positive effect, but they probably will not do any harm.

Just like eating food, it’s the same with music, some hamsters will prefer to listen to classical music, while others may not like the genre at all.

Do hamsters like to listen to rock and metal music?

No, hamsters, or most of them, do not want to hear rock and metal buzz.

They may listen to minimal rock or metal, but they certainly will not like it too much.

The reason is that hamsters are disturbed by this type of music, due to sudden changes in tempo and volume, and of course you would not want your pet to feel uncomfortable, so practice classical and instrumental music.

Do hamsters like to listen to pop music?

The answer is yes and no, some hamsters like to listen to pop music, while others do not like it,

Hamsters are believed to have enjoyed pop music the most from the 1980s, probably because of the rhythms and melodies associated with that period.

However, when it comes to pop music, it is still individual for each hamster, so play pop music and you will find out if he likes it or not.

Do hamsters like piano music?

Yes, hamsters or most of them like to listen to piano music

This type of music suits hamsters, primarily because of the soft sounds that help them feel relaxed and calm.

Try it and see if your furry pet will enjoy the warm vibes and sounds of piano music.

How many hours of music should hamsters listen to?

Just because your pet likes to listen to music does not mean that you should allow music to be on all day.

Hamsters like to listen to quiet music, but not too much, 2-3 hours of music during the day is enough.

It is best to play soft music at night, it will relax much better, it will be pleasant and will help him fall asleep hamsters like music

How loud music do hamsters like?

Because hamsters have a much better sensitivity to sound, it is best for them to listen to quieter music.

If you play loud music to them, it can only upset and scare them, which is certainly not good for your pet at all.

Remember that if some music is loud for you, then for the hamsters it will be even louder, so you should be very careful of the volume to always be quiet.

Does noise disturb hamsters?

Yes, noise disturbs hamsters, especially the following noise sources:

  • other animals – their noise disturbs hamsters, especially cats and dogs, so you should keep them in another room, or as far away from your pet as possible.
  • TV – can cause discomfort to your hamster if the TV is in the same room as your pet and is playing at a higher volume, especially when watching a movie or music video, so we should not forget to turn down the volume. to be quiet.
  • when talking loudly – he can upset the hamsters, so be careful when you are near them to speak quieter, especially owners should be most careful when talking to their pets, the voice should always be pleasant and calm.

Therefore, our recommendation is that the hamster cage should never be in the same room where there is loud music, TV, noise, or a large group of people talking loudly.

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How do you know what kind of music your hamster likes?

To know what kind of music your hamster likes, you just need to follow his behavior.

Once you play a certain genre of music, follow its behavior:

  • positive signs – if he is calm or playful these are signs that he likes music, and he can fall asleep.
  • negative signs – the hamster becomes aggressive, makes noises of dissatisfaction, and can run away and hide.

What sounds do hamsters like?

Hamsters are very careful, they know by the sound itself, whether they should hide or not.

For example, the sounds of footsteps when someone walks up the stairs can frighten them, and immediately they will hide.

On the other hand, if they hear the sound of the bag in which you usually bring them food, it can make them happy and they will be happy because they will know that dessert is coming.

Make sure they do not like the sound of animals because they will naturally think that someone is coming to attack them and will immediately hide.


Hamsters love to listen to music, it can be good for their health. Music helps your pet feel relaxed and can help them fall asleep easier.

Hamsters prefer classical and instrumental music, while rock and metal music will bother and frighten and upset them.

You should always play only quiet music and avoid loud music. The hamster cage should be away from noise, TV, and places where a large group of people is talking.

The behavior of hamsters will help you always know what kind of music they like and what to avoid.

Finally, just as we humans enjoy listening to music, why not and your furry pet take advantage of the music and its effect on his mood.

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