Do Hamsters Need a Heat Lamp?

Last updated on November 2nd, 2023 at 07:37 pm

Hamsters are truly great pets and an absolute joy in any home. They are funny and often know how to make us laugh with their actions, but they also demand attention from us.

We need to keep them, feed them, and provide them with pleasant living conditions.

That is why we sometimes wonder if they are cold if they are warm, and what is best for them to feel pleasant and comfortable.

Do hamsters need a heat lamp?

Hamsters do not need a heat lamp; it can harm them. Keeping the temperature in your home at 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit is enough for them, without any other heat sources.

In today’s article, we will find out why hamsters do not need a heat lamp.

Do hamsters need a heat lamp?

Hamsters do not need a heat lamp. The heat lamp can have a negative effect, which can harm them.

For hamsters, it is enough for the temperature in the room to be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and with their movement, they will easily regulate the temperature they need.

If you still decide to put a heat lamp on them, you can only have a harmful effect because such a lamp will increase the temperature quickly and harm your furry friends.

Hamsters warm up naturally

Hamsters in nature usually live in warm climates and do not need the addition of additional heat.

They are used to warm up by running and playing, providing them with the needed warmth.

Those hamsters that have lived outside in colder climates make their nests in their cage outside of the bedding, so they have a place to stay warm.

Nature has taught them such instincts for warming; that’s why they don’t need a heat lamp.

do hamsters need a heat lamp

Hamsters need a temperature of 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit

When the temperature in the room where they are located is 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit, hamsters feel comfortable; that is quite enough for them.

Heat lamps will raise the temperature to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which your furry friends will not like.

With such a high temperature, it will only be difficult and too hot for them, which can only cause problems with their health.

On the other hand, any temperature below 65 F is considered not enough for hamsters, and they will start to get cold.

What if you turned on a heat lamp to the hamsters?

Although we recommend not using a heat lamp, someone can still try to use it to warm the hamster.

If you decide on this step, ensure that the heat lamp is as far away from them as possible because if the hamsters get close to it, they can get burned or injured.

Just make sure you use a heat lamp as little as possible to warm your furry friends, and they’ll be fine.

How to keep hamsters warm without heat lamps?

It’s colder in the winter, but even then, you don’t have to use heat lamps; there are other ways to warm your furry friends.

Put more bedding

Adding a more significant layer of bedding will significantly increase the warmth of your hamsters.

During the winter, hamsters burrow into the bedding to keep warm, so it is essential to put a thicker layer of bedding or about 15 inches.

When choosing what bedding is better to keep warm, we recommend paper-based bedding, which gives much better results than wood-shaving bedding.

The blankets will keep the hamsters warm

Instead of heat lamps, you can use blankets and wrap them around the cage of the hamsters, which will give them great warmth, so they don’t get cold.

You can leave them a little open space or ventilation; don’t cover the cage completely.

We recommend using a fleece blanket because they are perfect for warming the hamsters’ cages and protecting them from the cold.

You don’t need to wrap the hamsters in a blanket; cover their cage; that’s enough to keep them warm.

do hamsters need a heat lamp

Use Space heaters to warm the hamsters

Instead of a classic heat lamp, you can use Space heaters to warm the hamsters.

Space heaters come in many forms, but it is best to buy ones with temperature control, which is an excellent advantage for setting the desired heat.

The only thing to be careful of is that space heaters are not too close to the hamsters’ cages because their space may overheat, and the hamsters may become dehydrated.

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How do hamsters tolerate cold temperatures?

Hamsters may experience health problems if the temperature in their environment is below 65 F.

In doing so, they can hibernate for three days, which will help them reduce energy consumption.

It is very dangerous if hypothermia occurs in hamsters; it is a condition when their body loses heat too quickly, i.e., faster than their body can produce it.

Hypothermia can cause death in hamsters.

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How do I know if my hamster is cold?

To know that your hamster is cold, it is enough to observe how it behaves in its cage.

If you notice that the hamster does not want to eat and does not want to drink water, it is a sign that it is cold.

When hamsters start shivering it is another sign that your pet is cold and you need to find a way to warm it up.

When hamsters are cold, they will have cold ears, nose, and feet, which means that you need to react immediately, because in the future they can get sick and have problems with breathing and overall health.

Do hamsters get cold at night?

Hamsters can get cold if the temperature drops below 65F at night because temperatures always drop at night.

To notice that your hamster is cold at night, it is best to look and see if he eats the food and if he drinks water, if you notice that he did not eat at all, then he must have been cold.

Cold temperatures can be very dangerous for hamsters and lead to hibernation, so keep an eye on the temperature in the room where you keep your pet.


Hamsters do not need a heat lamp, which can harm their health.

Anyone can use the heat lamp, but the risk of overheating the hamsters is high, especially if we forget to turn it off.

Hamsters warm up naturally by playing and running, of course, up to certain temperatures; if it’s too cold, then there are alternative ways to warm up.

Instead of a heat lamp, you should use blankets, a deeper layer of bedding, and space heaters.

To warm the hamsters, you must pay attention to the temperature; it should not be less than 65 F, and it should not be more than 75 F.

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