Do Hamsters Need To Go To The Vet? (All Answers)

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:51 pm

Keeping hamsters is a big responsibility that requires care and attention, and if necessary, to take them to a veterinarian.

Do hamsters need to go to the vet?

Hamsters do not need to go for regular check-ups at the vet, but they should be registered so that they can go for immediate check-ups and treatment when is necessary. If hamsters have bleeding, body lumps, heavy breathing, loss of appetite, and other symptoms, they should be taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

In today’s article, you will find out when to take the hamster to the vet, whether they should be vaccinated, how often to take them to the vet, and other questions related to the topic.

Do Hamsters Need To Go To The Vet?

Hamsters do not need to go for mandatory medical examinations, but they do need to be registered as patients with your local veterinarian.

This should of course be done when you start keeping a hamster, whether or not you will be taking the hamster in for check-ups often.

There may be a situation where you urgently need to take the hamster to a veterinarian, so the hamster should be registered with a veterinarian.

When hamsters are sick, they cannot wait to call a veterinarian, because time is crucial for the health and life of the hamsters.

It is much better to already have your own veterinarian who will immediately take you in for an examination and treat your pet.

Do all vets have experience with hamsters?

No, it does not necessarily mean that all veterinarians have had previous experience with treating hamsters.

Hamsters are very popular in the United States, but not all veterinarians have the necessary experience to treat hamsters.

Once you have checked which vet has experience with hamsters, you need to know some other things that will be important to you when choosing a vet for your hamster.

You can also check some of the following conditions that play an important role in choosing a veterinarian:

  • how far is it from your home, as this may be important
  • the prices of his services, examinations, and medicines
  • working hours
  • work experience with hamsters

All these factors will help you find a veterinarian that will be most suitable for your hamster, and then you can register your pet.

Also, consult your friends who can recommend a good veterinarian who has experience with hamsters.

Proximity is very important because the time you need to take the hamster to the vet can be crucial for its life.

Do hamsters need to be vaccinated?

No, hamsters do not need to be vaccinated.

Other animals such as dogs should be vaccinated, but not hamsters.

The life of hamsters is mostly in the cage so there is no need for vaccination, they are not exposed to diseases like other animals that move outside the home all the hamsters need vet

Do hamsters need to be sterilized or castrated?

No, hamsters do not need to be sterilized or castrated.

Hamsters need to be able to reproduce because they are prey to predators all the time and therefore need to maintain their population.

Sterilization is a very expensive and dangerous procedure for the life of the hamsters, and you do not need such a thing.

Sterilization can be done if you do not plan to breed more hamsters in your home, but there is another solution.

If hamsters live alone, which usually happens, then they will not reproduce.

Or if you keep multiple hamsters then they should all have a separate cage if you don’t want them to breed.

How often should hamsters go to the vet?

You should not take hamsters to the vet very often, it is best to take them when there is a need for examination or treatment of a disease.

Hamsters don’t live long anyway, so you don’t have to take them often because they’ll be afraid of the vet.

If something is wrong with the hamster then you should take your pet for an examination.

When should a hamster go to the emergency vet?

As we said, hamsters should be taken to a veterinarian if their health is compromised and they need treatment.

Here are some situations when you should take your hamster to the vet without thinking.


If the hamsters have any bleeding then you should take them to the vet.

Hamsters can bleed from a broken tooth or if the tooth is too overgrown and hurts their mouth, they must be taken to a vet to reduce a tooth, you can’t do it yourself at home.

If female hamsters are bleeding from the genitals, they must be taken to the vet immediately because this is not a normal phenomenon, and it means that there is a problem that must be treated.

A limp

Although hamsters are small and seem to have only a few bones, they still have 124 bones in their body.

You can imagine how small they are by the number of bones, and they can break a bone very easily.

Playing, running on the wheel, climbing in the cage and similar situations can be the reason for hamsters to fall and break or crack a bone, so they start to bend when they walk.

If hamsters fall from a height greater than 25 cm they will break a bone and become lame.

In such situations, you must immediately take the hamster to a veterinarian.


Diarrhea is life-threatening for hamsters and you must take your hamster to the vet immediately.

WHEN hamsters have diarrhea, it can be the beginning of a wet tail, which, if not treated, can kill the hamster in two days.

Diarrhea also causes dehydration which can also kill your pet in 3-4 days.

Blood on the bedding

Maybe when you look at the hamster you won’t notice anything on it, but if you notice traces of blood on the bedding you should take the hamster to the vet.

There may have been an injury and a wound that has dried up, but it can cause internal bacteria and infections in hamsters that will later show illness or health problems.

Problems with the respiratory system

When hamsters have problems with the respiratory system or difficulty breathing and shortness of breath then they need to receive antibiotics to improve their condition.

Hamsters are very delicate and such choking problems can lead to pneumonia if not treated promptly by a veterinarian.

Even if they do not have pneumonia, all such problems with breathing and the respiratory system require appropriate treatment and hamsters need vet

Lumps on the skin

If you notice lumps anywhere on the hamster’s body when you hold it in your hands, it could be a tumor and you must take it to the vet immediately.

The vet will examine the hamster to see if it is a tumor and most importantly if it is malignant or benign.

Benign tumors are not dangerous for hamsters, as your pet can continue to live normally, while malignant tumors can kill the hamster if not treated in time.

Fortunately, malignant tumors are represented in only 4% of all tumors that hamsters get.

However, if the hamster has a malignant tumor and if it is too late for treatment, the veterinarian may suggest euthanasia to reduce the pain in the hamster.

Tumors in hamsters usually occur after one year of their life and are a common occurrence in our pets.

Sudden changes in behavior

If the hamsters change their behavior then it is a sign that you should take them to the vet, because it could be a serious illness.

Here are some symptoms to look out for:

  • loss of appetite
  • aggression
  • lethargy
  • too much sleep
  • hiding in the cage

All these symptoms can be a serious warning for us, and we must immediately take the hamster to a veterinarian for treatment or examination.

It is very dangerous if the hamster has a wet tail that is characterized by the symptoms we have listed.

How much does it cost to take a hamster to the vet?

Regarding the price for the examination and treatment by a veterinarian, it depends on the tariff of the veterinarian and the treatment that will need to be done on your pet.

Veterinarians usually charge around $40 for an examination, but it still depends on where you are.

In any case, charging for hamsters also depends on the antibiotics that the veterinarian will prescribe.

In general, examinations and treatment in hamsters are cheaper, unlike other animals in which regular vaccinations and blood tests are done, which is not done in hamsters.

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How to prepare your hamster for a vet visit

When you have to take your hamster to the vet you need to make them comfortable because it will probably take an hour to get to the vet.

Especially when the hamsters are sick, the drive to the vet will be even more distressing for them.

You can also buy a travel cage which is not expensive and will provide safer travel for the hamster.

It is not a bad idea to put some bedding in the cage or box that you will take the hamster to the vet with so that it feels like home and there is not so much fear and stress.

Also, carry some food like a cucumber that has a lot of water so that the hamster doesn’t get dehydrated during the journey.

Tie the cage well during the trip so that he does not get scared and lose his orientation, and make sure that the heat in the car is not too hot for him.

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Hamsters do not have to go for regular vet checkups unless their health is at risk.

In any case, hamsters should have their own veterinarian and be registered as a patient so that when needed, the hamster can be quickly examined and treated.

Choosing a veterinarian who has experience in treating hamsters, and looking for the one closest to where you live, can be crucial to the life of the hamsters.

Although hamsters do not need to go to the vet often, if you notice injuries, bleeding, limping, heavy breathing, and lumps on their body, you should immediately take your pet to a vet for examination and diagnosis.