Do Hamsters Sleep Sitting Up? Let’s Discover

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:30 pm

Hamsters sleep during the day and walk and run at night.

They sleep in different positions, including sleeping on their backs, and on their sides, and they do sleep for a short intervals of time.

But do hamsters sleep sitting up?

Yes, hamsters sleep sitting up, they usually sleep in this way to protect themselves from predators. Hamsters may sleep while sitting to maintain their balance, protect their head, and stay warm.

In today’s article, you will find out why sometimes hamsters sleep while sitting, and what are the most common reasons for this behavior and the sleep of our furry friends.

Do hamsters sleep sitting up?

Yes, hamsters can sleep while sitting up, although this is a slightly unusual position.

Hamsters sleep while sitting for a number of reasons such as:

  • protection from predators
  • better balance
  • head protection
  • to stay warm
  • to mark their territory
  • for grooming

Let’s read in detail about each of these reasons why hamsters sometimes sleep while sitting.

Protection from predators

Hamsters are taught to be ready and alert all the time from possible attacks by predators, although in the cage it is not really necessary.

Sleeping while sitting allows hamsters to react better and faster if they are attacked by predators in the wild.

Regardless of the fact that domestic hamsters have no reason to worry when they are in a cage, however, their natural instinct does its thing.

To have a better balance

Hamsters sleep while sitting because this way allows them to better maintain their balance since they naturally have very poor eyesight.

When hamsters sleep while sitting it is especially useful if they sleep in tight spaces or in the exercise wheel.

Hamsters who sleep sitting up are less likely to fall awkwardly and injure themselves.

Head protection

When hamsters sit up while sleeping they have better head protection.

Hamsters are often easily injured, so sleeping while sitting up will help keep them safer from injury.

If multiple hamsters are sleeping together then sleeping while sitting up will reduce the chances of them bumping into each other and injuring themselves.


Hamsters are animals that come from desert regions and they have a very fast metabolism, which is why they need to stay warm in order to regulate their body temperature.

When hamsters sleep while sitting up this position can help them become warm as their body will be exposed to hamsters sleep sitting up

Marking of territory

Hamsters have the benefit of marking their territory when they sleep while sitting.

While sitting and sleeping they release their scents and mark their territory.

This is important mostly for male hamsters, who by releasing their scent will mark their territory and attract female hamsters for mating.

For grooming

Hamsters maintain their hygiene and they groom themselves often. Hamsters can be groomed more easily when they sleep while sitting.

Although it is less common for them to groom themselves while they sleep, they still have a grooming reflex that allows them to groom themselves while they sleep.

If they feel they have something on their fur or some dirt they will groom themselves more easily while sleeping and sitting.

Do hamsters sleep on their backs?

Yes, hamsters can also sleep on their backs, although they usually sleep curled up instead of on their backs.

If hamsters sleep on their back, it is because the hamster likes this position and feels comfortable.

Hamsters sleep on their backs and when they are too hot, they try to cool down, especially if the room they are in is very warm.

Hamsters can also sleep on their backs when they have a problem with their stomach, from the food they have eaten.

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Do hamsters sleep on the exercise wheel?

Yes, sometimes the hamsters sleep and the exercise wheel.

They do this if they are comfortable sleeping on him if something is wrong with his cage or his bedding.

If there is too much light in his sleeping area it may be the reason for him to move to the exercise wheel.

However, this sleeping place is usually temporary and the hamster will return to its place in the cage where it always sleeps.

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Why do hamsters sleep in the corner of the cage?

Hamsters usually sleep in the corner of the cage if they are scared.

They use the corner of the cage to sleep there because they feel safer from possible predators.

Apart from predators, sometimes as the owner, if you scare the hamster, he will run away to the corner of the cage and sleep there for a certain time.


Hamsters can sometimes sleep while sitting, although they don’t do it very often.

When hamsters sit while they sleep it has some benefits for them, such as protection from predators, better balance, easier grooming, and maintaining their body temperature.

In any case, hamsters sleeping while sitting is not a common occurrence, but it is certainly possible and it may happen that you see your hamster sleeping in this way.

If hamsters sleep when sitting up, you should not worry at all, because it is a normal behavior of our pets.