Do You Need To Restock Hamster Food if They Hide Food?

Hamsters care the most about their food, they make sure they have enough, they always store a certain amount of food, and so on.

One of the most common questions that bother all of us who own hamsters is whether we should restock their food if they hide it.

Do you need to restock hamster food if they hide food?

If the hamsters hide a large amount of food then it should be restocked, while if they hide only a small amount then there is no need to replenish it.

In today’s article, you will find out if you should renew the food for hamsters if they hide it and similar questions related to the topic.

Do you need to restock hamster food if they hide food?

If your hamster hides only a small part of the food then there is no need to restock it.

But if your pet is hiding large amounts of food then it is a sign that they are probably not getting enough food, then you need to supplement their food.

Sometimes the hamsters hide the food, but then they eat it, which means that everything is fine and you don’t need to add new food.

Hamsters can hide food because they want to stock up, so they don’t run out of food, it’s a completely normal behavior of hamsters, but you have to be careful if they eat enough or maybe too much.

Because if hamsters hide their food and do not eat enough, start to lose weight, and have similar symptoms, then it is a sign that something is wrong with their health and you should take them to the vet.

Is it okay for my hamster to hide its food?

When hamsters hide their food, it is something that is completely normal for them, that is their normal behavior.

They have a natural instinct to store and hide food when in the wild, which helps them survive when they don’t have or can’t get new food.

Although hamsters in cages do not need such a thing, still they cannot forget their natural instincts. So don’t worry if your hamster like my hamster hides the food somewhere in the cage.

Why does my hamster hide food in its cheeks?

Hamsters hide food in their cheeks to store it somewhere else.

This is especially true for hamsters that live in nature and that can transport food and store it in their burrows with the help of cheek pouches.

Domestic hamsters do not need such a thing, but they still have preserved their instincts from their ancestors and therefore they also store and carry food around the cage.

Otherwise, their cheek pouches are quite large and can hold food of about 20% of their body weight.

In addition to food, hamsters use the pouches in their cheeks to store other objects or carry water.

When does my hamster’s food need to be supplemented or refilled?

Whenever you notice that your hamster does not have enough food in the bowl, you should supplement it with new food.

It is best to occasionally check how much food there is in the bowl, and if you notice that it is running out, then refill it, because there should always be food.

It is not okay if you let your pet have an empty food bowl, because he will be hungry and you need to restock hamster food if they hide food

Related questions

Do you need to change hamster food every day?

Yes, hamster food should be changed daily.

Apart from the fact that you have to change the food every day, you also need to give them fresh and clean water.

If you don’t change their food, it will start to spoil, which can cause bacteria and health problems.

How long can a hamster go without food?

Hamsters can survive for about 3-4 days without food and water.

In fact, if they don’t have food for a few days, they will eat food that they have hidden somewhere in the cage.

Hamsters always hide part of their food, which we probably won’t be able to notice and know where they have hidden it.

How often should I change my hamster’s water?

Hamsters’ water should be changed once a day and new and fresh water should be given to them.

When the hamsters drink water, the water bottle may become blocked, and not have enough water flow, so checks should be made.

Apart from changing the water, it is also necessary to clean the nozzle regularly, so that contamination does not occur.

Why do hamsters store food in their bed?

Hamsters store food in their bed to make sure they have enough meals to survive.

They store food in their bed because it is the safest place in the cage for them.

Moving and storing food is a normal and regular thing that hamsters do all the time throughout their lives.

Can my hamster choke on food?

Hamsters can choke on food, but this happens very rarely. Hamsters grind their food very well before swallowing it in their stomachs, so choking is a very rare situation.

In the event that the hamster is choked, you should immediately take it to a veterinarian to help it.

You can also try to save the hamster from suffocation yourself by turning it upside down, but you still have to take it to the vet.

Why does my hamster throw away its food?

When a hamster throws its food it can be for several reasons. The hamster throws away the food if it eats too fast, or when the food is spoiled and not fresh.

Sometimes the hamster can throw the food and if there are health problems such as gastrointestinal illness, or when your pet is under stress.

If you notice that the hamster throws its food, then you should take it to the vet to check for health problems.

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Whenever you notice that the hamster’s food bowl is empty or almost empty and there is no food, then you need to refill it.

You should never leave hamsters without food, food is one of the most important things for your pet.

Sometimes hamsters know how to hide food, they do this to store food in another place because they are afraid that they might go hungry.

In any case, besides safety, food is the most important thing when keeping a hamster, so they should always have enough.

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