Do I Have A Ghost Hamster? (What To Do)

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:01 pm

Hamsters are fun pets, and especially when we see them playing and running, we will think that they never rest.

Hamsters sleep during the day and are most active at night, although even during the day, they know how to get up to drink water or eat and then go to bed again.

But what if we don’t see our hamster at all?

If you can’t see your hamster, you may have a ghost hamster. A hamster is a ghost when you can’t see him eating and you can’t see him anywhere at all. The ghost hamster is afraid to go out and socialize, and it takes time for him to feel safe and go outside.

In today’s article, we will find out what a ghost hamster means, why we can’t see our pet and how to change this situation with our furry friends.

What is a ghost hamster?

When the hamster only comes out late at night or when people are not around, it means you have a ghost hamster.

The appearance of a ghost hamster is a common occurrence, especially when hamsters first encounter a new environment, new habitat, and new people.

When you buy a hamster and wait to play with it, and it does not come out and hides, it is a sign that you have a ghost hamster.

There are various hamsters; some like to run everywhere, regardless of whether someone is near them, but not all hamsters are so bold and brave; many run away and hide.

Sometimes, hamsters that used to go outside suddenly become ghost hamsters and do not leave their home.

Why does my hamster never come out?

Hamsters may come out to eat and then hide again, and this is all for a reason, there is something that makes hamsters feel like ghosts not to come out to play with their owners.

Let’s find out what the reasons are for this behavior of hamsters.

Hamsters become ghosts because of the people around them

Yes, that’s right, when the hamster first comes to their new home, it will be afraid of people and run and hide, becoming a ghost hamster.

It will take a few days for the hamster to get used to people and start going out and socializing with them.

This is especially true for the younger and new hamsters you buy.

Opinions are divided as to whether you should leave him for a few days to get used to you or take him in your arms from the beginning, to help him get used to you and get rid of the stress.

We recommend that you leave the hamster alone for a few days so that he gets used to you, he will start going out and making friends on his own, and of course, he will no longer be a ghost hamster.

Change of residence

Changing a hamster’s home can be stressful for hamsters, and this is when they become ghost hamsters.

Hamsters need ten days to get used to their new home, new environment, and new owners.

When hamsters move to a new home, they are scared and therefore run away, hide, and we cannot see them often or at all.

But once the hamster gets used to the new home, expect it will no longer be a ghost hamster; it will start to come out and run and play with you.

Change in the hamster cage

Hamsters become ghosts because of other things, and it doesn’t always have to be a change in their home.

They are very sensitive and timid, even the most minor changes can upset them, and they start to run away and hide from us.

If you make any changes in his cages, such as changing the wheel, toys, water bottle, and similar items, it can quickly happen that you suddenly have a ghost hamster.

Of course, this hiding and running away will pass, and the hamster will be the one you know again, running around and playing everywhere in and outside the cage.

ghost hamster

Can two hamsters prevent a ghost hamster?

If your hamster is a ghost hamster, you can try putting another hamster in his cage. When two hamsters are together, it is easier for the hamster that runs and hides to stop doing so.

The other hamster will lure him into playing together, and he will be more attracted to playing, which can be a good solution.

Just be careful to avoid putting two Syrian hamsters together because this breed of hamster does not like living in a company; they like to be alone in a cage.

While from other breeds, you can afford to keep two hamsters in one cage.

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Why is my hamster running away from me?

When we buy a hamster, we all want him to immediately start playing with us, to hug and pet him.

But sometimes what we expect from our hamster does not happen; he runs away and hides, does not want to make friends, and we wonder why his behavior is.

Here are the most common reasons why hamsters do not run away.

He is afraid of us

Hamsters are afraid of us because we are much bigger than them; they are scared that we might hurt them, which is why they run away from us.

Sometimes the hamster gets scared if we suddenly approach it and surprise it while sleeping in its cage. Hamsters living in captivity should be given time to get used to their new home and the people around it.

Hamsters can be ghost hamsters, but over time they will get used to our presence and begin to want to bond with their owners.

The hamster runs away because it does not like the company of people

There are different types of hamsters; they all have different moods and social habits.

Some do not like to socialize with their owners, while others quickly adapt and want to socialize right from the start.

Hamsters that have been kept in an environment where they have not had much socialization and communication often face a problem in their new home.

If the hamster has constantly been interacting with people since it was a baby, it is much easier for them to start making friends and playing with its owners.

If you have problems with your hamster, if he does not want you to touch or hold him in your hands, then start gradually approaching him, preferably when he is in his cage, because then he feels safe.

How to get a ghost hamster to stop hiding

If your hamster starts hiding all the time and being a ghost hamster, you can take specific steps to stop this habit.

Here’s how to successfully entice your hamster to stop hiding:

  • reduce the noise around the ghost hamster cage
  • put food in the cage and watch to see if it starts to come out to eat
  • provide him with a dark and quiet room for his cage
  • do not keep other pets near him because they scare him out of the cage
  • buy him a new toy that will hopefully catch his attention
  • bring another hamster so they can play and attract the ghost hamster to come outside

These methods can help keep hamsters from being ghosts, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will succeed with them, but it’s still worth a try.

In the end, you have to hope that the ghost hamster will stop hiding and start going out, running and playing just like other hamsters.

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Ghost hamsters are those that do not appear, they are constantly hiding in the cage, and we cannot see them in any way.

Ghost hamsters may have a momentary fear or stress that makes them run away and hide, but in the future, they may start to be friendly again and socialize with us.

Hamsters have their habits, and they are all different, so it is impossible to know which hamster will be a ghost hamster.

In any case, the ghost hamster does not mean it will always hide and be afraid; if we give them enough care and attention, most of them will overcome their fear and allow us to hug and play with them.