Why Guinea Pig Drinking A Lot Of Water? (Find Out Now)

Last updated on August 12th, 2023 at 07:57 am

Guinea pigs should drink water every day, but what if they drink too much, is it dangerous for their health?

If guinea pigs drink too much water it can cause health problems. They do drink a lot of water at certain times, for example when it is very hot which is completely normal.

But sometimes they know how to drink too much water and when they are sick if they have diabetes or problems with their kidneys.

In today’s article, we will find out what are the reasons why guinea pigs drink too much water, as well as the problems they may have.

Why do guinea pigs drink a lot of water?

Guinea pigs drink a lot of water for many reasons such as changes in diet, dehydration, overheating, diabetes, and others.

So let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons and how they influence the guinea pig to drink more water.


When guinea pigs have diabetes they drink water all at once and have no appetite.

Diabetes in guinea pigs can be due to poor nutrition, and sometimes it can be a genetic disease, but most often food is the cause of this disease.

Type 2 diabetes is most common in guinea pigs and usually occurs when they are one year old.

When guinea pigs have diabetes, apart from drinking a lot of water, can be noticed other symptoms, such as the following:

  • occurrence of cataract
  • weight loss
  • urinary tract infections
  • frequent urination

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is necessary to take your pet to a veterinarian to prescribe appropriate therapy for treatment.

Of course, it will also be necessary to change the diet of your pets.


Dehydration in guinea pigs leads to frequent drinking of water.

We must say that dehydration in guinea pigs is mostly related to the temperature in the environment of the guinea pig.

When a guinea pig is warm it drinks more water which is completely normal.

Guinea pigs have thick fur that warms them even more, so we must pay attention to the temperature in the environment.

When guinea pigs are dehydrated it can be much more dangerous than just drinking more water, they can die from dehydration.

The diet

Changes in the diet of guinea pigs cause them to drink more water than usual.

Guinea pigs are herbivores that eat only plant food, but sometimes we can mistakenly give them food with too much sugar in its composition, or with too much salt and fat, which affects the guinea pig and make it drink more water.

That’s why when we start giving them some new food, we have to pay attention to how our pets will act, will they drink more water?

For example, if we give them food that does not have so much water in its composition, they will drink more water, while, for example, vegetables have enough water in their composition, and guinea pigs will not need to drink too much water.

Guinea pigs should eat 80% hay in their diet, which is no coincidence because hay also provides them with enough water that they need.why guinea pig drinking lot water


When guinea pigs are bored they start to get stressed and depressed which eventually results in drinking more water.

Guinea pigs are very smart animals and if they don’t have enough toys, activities, and places to play and climb, they soon lose the desire for mental stimulation, and then the problems we mentioned begin.

From our side, we should always provide them with enough activities so that they don’t get bored, buy them new toys, and simply do certain novelties to make it interesting for our pets.


In addition to other reasons for drinking more water, diseases are one of the possible reasons that lead to water problems in our furry friends.

Various diseases can cause guinea pigs to drink more water, here are some of them:

  • dental problems
  • problems with the urinary tract
  • gastrointestinal problems
  • blisters on the feet

These are just some of the possible problems and diseases that cause the guinea pig to drink too much water due to pain.

Sometimes it’s a little hard to notice that they really have a problem because they usually hide illnesses and pain.

They do this because this is how they are taught in nature, not to show signs of illness or injury, because they will more easily fall prey to predators.

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Digestive problems

Digestive problems are another reason why guinea pigs drink more water.

When guinea pigs have diarrhea or bloating they drink more water and eat more food.

When guinea pigs have digestive problems they lose electrolytes and consume a lot more water, which makes them drink even more water.

Digestive problems in guinea pigs can be seen through the following symptoms:

  • stress
  • loss of appetite
  • lethargy
  • weight loss
  • exhaustion and fatigue

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is best to take your guinea pig to a veterinarian, who will help improve the condition of the guinea pig.

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How much water should guinea pigs drink?

Guinea pigs on average should drink 75-100 ml of water every day, normally this can vary depending on their size, weight, and whether they are very active during the day.

Water is important for guinea pigs because it helps to flush out excess calcium in their body, otherwise, they will have kidney problems and the appearance of kidney stones.

Water also helps with other functions in the guinea pig’s body, such as:

  • digestion of food
  • lubrication of the joints
  • regulation of their body temperature
  • disposal of waste

Guinea pigs need to drink water every day, as they cannot survive more than a day without water.

The amount of drinking water also depends on whether the guinea pig is pregnant or when it is nursing, then a larger amount is needed than normal.

As long as guinea pigs drink normal amounts of water it is good for them while drinking too much water means problems and diseases in guinea pigs.

When you give them water, make sure that there are no additives of sugar or salt, that it is not distilled water and that there are no vitamins or any other additives, they only need plain fresh, and clean water.

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How harmful is it if a guinea pig drinks too much water?

When guinea pigs drink too much water it is harmful to their health and can cause diabetes and kidney stones.

Very often, guinea pig owners make mistakes when they need to notice how much water their pets drink, that is when it is too much.

If you have two guinea pigs and one drinks 80 ml and the other drinks 100 ml of water per day, it does not mean that one is healthier than the other guinea pig.

The problem arises when any guinea pig suddenly drinks too much water than the previous days.

If a guinea pig drinks 80 ml one day and 120 ml the next day, then that is not good and represents a problem with its health.why guinea pig drinking lot water

A guinea pig that drinks a lot of water can have polydipsia

Polydipsia is a disease that occurs when guinea pigs drink too much water.

This disease can appear in guinea pigs, as well as in other animals, and it can be a sign of additional disease, but it is not necessarily a sign of another disease.

When guinea pigs have polydipsia, you need to see a veterinarian to help your pet.

Polydipsia is dangerous if it continues and lasts for a longer time and measures are not taken for the guinea pig, that is, it is necessary to see why it drinks too much water and find a solution.

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What to do to prevent guinea pigs from drinking too much water?

In order for guinea pigs not to drink too much water, it is necessary to take several steps that will help the guinea pig not to get into such an unwanted situation that affects their health.

Here are some tips:

  • nutrition – make sure that they always have a proper and varied diet, so that they will have a proper intake of nutrients and of course water.
  • temperature – always make sure that the temperature in his home is optimal so that he doesn’t get too hot and start drinking too much water, of course, it shouldn’t be cold either.
  • diseases – if you notice any diseases or problems with digestion, diarrhea, flatulence, lethargy, and other health problems you should take him to the vet.
  • activities – don’t let your guinea pigs get bored, change their toys, and play with them, boredom is not good for them and causes problems, so drink more water.


Why is my guinea pig drinking and peeing a lot?

When guinea pigs drink and pee a lot is a normal condition, and you don’t have to worry. Guinea pigs are active pets, they run and play, that’s why they consume more water and peeing, which helps to flush the bladder.

Why is my guinea pig suddenly drinking so much water?

When guinea pigs suddenly start to consume an excessive amount of water, it could be a sign of diabetes. Also in this situation, guinea pigs will urinate more frequently.

Do guinea pigs drink more in the summer?

Always in the summer guinea pigs tend to drink a lot more water. So always check the water supply to make sure they have enough clean and fresh water.

Why are guinea pigs drinking a lot of water and losing weight?

Diabetes is the reason why guinea pigs drink a lot of water and lose weight. Also, guinea pigs will urinate more than usual at the same time.


Guinea pigs drink too much water when they have health problems when they are bored, have poor nutrition, and when the temperature in their home is too warm.

Our furry friends, if they drink a lot of water, can become seriously ill and eventually die, so we must pay attention to them, and their behavior and take care as best we can.

If you notice changes in your guinea pig such as drinking too much water, it is best to take your guinea pig to a vet to have him examined and helped to overcome this problem.

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