Is It Safe For Guinea Pigs To Chew Wood? Let’s Discover

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:46 pm

Guinea pigs eat and chew anything and everything, but what about wood, can they safely chew wood?

Many of us wonder which wood is safe for our guinea pigs to chew?

Yes, guinea pigs can chew wood, but to be safe it should be free of chemicals or pesticides. When giving wood to guinea pigs it should be without sharp edges so as not to injure the guinea pig’s mouth.

In today’s article, you will learn which types of wood are safe for guinea pigs to chew, and which are not safe and to avoid.

Is it safe for guinea pigs to chew wood?

Yes, chewing wood is completely safe for guinea pigs. When guinea pigs chew wood it helps to reduce their ever-growing teeth.

You only have to make sure that the tree does not contain chemicals because they will damage their health.

Any type of painted or varnished wood can be toxic to guinea pigs. The best and safest woods for guinea pigs are bamboo, spruce, and apple trees.

What wood do guinea pigs like to chew on?

In general, guinea pigs like to chew on hardwoods that are free of knots, such as birch, apple, maple, and willow.

While softwoods like cedar and common pine are not good for them, because they have aromatic oils that can harm the liver and respiratory system.

Do guinea pigs chew the wood in the cage?

Yes, guinea pigs do chew wood if they have it in their cage.

But chewing the wood in the cage may mean that the guinea pig may have a problem or is chewing out of boredom.

Here are some things that cause guinea pigs to chew on the wood in their cage:

  • boredom – if they are bored guinea pigs may chew the wood, which means you need to buy or replace some toys in the cage for them to have more fun.
  • stress – if a guinea pig is stressed it may chew on wood, stress from other pets, or a lot of noise in the environment.
  • loneliness – chewing on the wood in the cage may mean that your pet needs more attention and love.
  • dental problems – sometimes chewing on wood indicates that they have some kind of dental problem.

Is it dangerous if a guinea pig eats a tree?

If the guinea pig eats some wood it is not dangerous to their health.

A small amount of wood will easily pass through their digestive system especially if the wood is soft to eat and does not contain any chemicals.

If the guinea pigs eat a large amount of wood it will be noticed by signs of stomach pain and discomfort in the digestive system.

If the guinea pigs show certain signs of pain, you should take them to the vet.

In any case, it is most important that they do not eat wood covered with varnish or paint, because it can be toxic and kill the guinea pigs.

If they accidentally eat wood with varnish or paint, you should immediately take them to the vet without waiting for symptoms.

If they eat a little raw wood it also helps their teeth to ground down as they are constantly growing.guinea pigs to chew wood

Where can you find branches for guinea pigs?

You can find branches for your pet in several places, for example in a pet store, where there are branches that are made so that you can immediately put them in their cage and they are safe.

If you are not able to buy in stores then you can also use branches from your yard, while you should avoid branches from public areas like parks because you don’t know if they are safe enough.

Just be careful about the choice, that they don’t have chemicals and poisonous ingredients, like varnish or paint.

Branches are good for guinea pigs as chewing them improves their mental health and will make them happier and more content.

How to prepare wooden branches for guinea pigs?

It is best when choosing branches for guinea pigs that they do not contain any chemicals that could harm their health.

The branches should not have sharp edges and should not be split so as not to cause injury when our pets chew them in their mouths.

The best branches are from apple, willow, birch, and maple.

Just remove the leaves and place them in the guinea pig’s cage, being careful not to make them too long.

Why do guinea pigs need to chew regularly?

Chewing is not the same as eating, but it has its own advantages and needs for guinea pigs.

By chewing on wood, objects, and toys, guinea pigs reduce their teeth, which grow all the time. If guinea pigs have big teeth, they can only injure themselves in their mouths and then not be able to eat properly.

Chewing helps guinea pigs to both relieve stress and make it more interesting and fun in their cage.

Can guinea pigs chew plywood?

No, guinea pigs cannot chew plywood. Plywood is made from multiple layers of wood using glue that is toxic to guinea pigs.

If they accidentally manage to find and chew plywood, you should take them to the vet immediately.

Are pine nuts safe for guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs can chew pine, but only if it has been dried in an oven.

If the pine is not dried, then the oils it contains will cause problems for guinea pigs because they are toxic.

Is bamboo safe for guinea pigs?

Yes, bamboo is a completely safe wood for guinea pigs. Guinea pigs can also eat small amounts of bamboo along with the leaves.

Bamboo is excellent for grounding down their teeth and digestive system, but we will repeat it only in small quantities.

Is maple wood safe for guinea pigs?

Yes, maple wood is safe for guinea pigs to eat in small amounts, they just shouldn’t eat the leaves.

Maple wood also has a great scent that guinea pigs will love and is good for their cages.

Is Spruce safe for guinea pigs?

Yes, Spruce is safe and healthy for guinea pigs in moderation. The good thing about Spruce is that it helps improve immunity in guinea pigs.

This tree also has anti-inflammatory properties that help improve breathing in our furry friends.guinea pigs to chew wood

Is cedar wood safe for guinea pigs?

No, cedar wood is not safe for guinea pigs and you should not give it to them to chew or eat.

Cedar wood is not good because it emits aromatic fumes that are harmful to the health of our pets.

Is eucalyptus wood safe for guinea pigs?

No, eucalyptus wood is not at all safe for guinea pigs and can be very dangerous to their health.

Aromatic oils are a big problem and can only cause discomfort for the respiratory organs of guinea pigs, they can even make it difficult for them to breathe.

Can guinea pigs eat wood instead of hay?

No, guinea pigs should not eat wood instead of hay.

Hay is the main food choice for guinea pigs and wood is no way to replace hay.

Hay has nutrients and fiber that are important for their digestive system and improving health, as well as reducing their teeth.

The wood is good for guinea pigs to chew and to reduce their teeth, and they may eat a little of the wood but never in large quantities and as a substitute for hay.

Can guinea pigs chew sticks?

Chewing sticks are good for keeping guinea pigs from getting bored.

Just make sure they don’t have any chemicals or other ingredients, they should be made from natural materials.

Guinea pigs enjoy constantly chewing something, so sticks will be a great idea for fun and increased activity.

What is safe for guinea pigs to chew?

When we talk about safe chewing for guinea pigs, we have to list hay, certain types of wood and vegetables, and of course untreated wood.

Other things that are safe for them are toilet paper rolls, paper rolls, and paper that does not contain glue or other chemical ingredients.

The branches of the fruit tree are safe for the guinea pigs, but we should not give them leaves because some can be toxic to the guinea pig.

Can guinea pigs eat cardboard?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat and chew cardboard, but in small amounts. If they eat more cardboard, they can get digestive problems and stomach pains.

Cardboard is safe for guinea pigs and helps reduce their ever-growing teeth.

You just have to give them cardboard that does not contain glue or other harmful chemicals, they are dangerous for them.

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Wood can be an excellent supplement for guinea pigs only if it has not been treated with chemicals.

Small pieces of wood are good for fun, to reduce their teeth, and reduce their stress.

If the guinea pigs eat wood it will not be a problem as long as it is in a small amount, a larger amount will cause problems with the stomach and digestive system.

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