Do Guinea Pigs Get Jealous Of Each Other? Find Out Now

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:43 pm

When keeping two guinea pigs you will often notice that sometimes the two guinea pigs differ in their behavior, especially when you are only playing with one pet.

This kind of behavior can confuse us, and make us wonder if guinea pigs are jealous of each other?

Yes, guinea pigs are jealous of each other, they then knock each other with their teeth, and chase or pull each other. When guinea pigs are jealous they get angry at each other especially when they are together in the same cage for a long period of time.

If guinea pigs do not have enough equal attention from their owners, they become jealous and angry.

In today’s article you will find out why guinea pigs are jealous of each other, do they get angry, and do they hate each other,

Do Guinea Pigs Get Jealous Of Each Other?

Yes, guinea pigs are jealous of each other.

They are very smart and social pets who immediately notice when someone is not paying attention to them.

If you have two guinea pigs and you play with one, then the other one will immediately start crying and complaining because it feels ignored.

Guinea pigs are jealous and they want to always be the center of attention.

That’s why you have to be careful if you have two guinea pigs at the same time you will have to play with both of them, you must not share them, because the ignored guinea pig will immediately get angry.

When guinea pigs are jealous, they become aggressive as a sign of revolt and can easily bite you.

The most important thing is not to divide the two guinea pigs, that way there will be no jealousy between them.

Do Guinea Pigs Get Mad at Each Other?

Yes, guinea pigs can get mad at each other and that is completely normal for them.

Guinea pigs get mad at each other if they don’t have enough space in the cage, they will constantly hit each other and that’s how the anger starts, which can then end in a fight.

If you first have one guinea pig and then bring another one, it can easily lead to anger in the older pet.

Therefore, if you plan to take another guinea pig, you should promptly put two water bottles, two food bowls, and of course more toys so that the dominant guinea pig does not get angry.

If one of the guinea pigs is sick and that can be a reason for him to get angry with the other guinea pig because he is not well.

In the end, guinea pigs can get angry with each other for no reason, i.e. out of boredom.

If they have nothing to do, they will start to get angry, and eventually, all this can cause a fight between them.

That’s why all owners of two guinea pigs must often check if everything is in order in the cage and if the atmosphere is calm between them.guinea pigs get jealous

Do guinea pigs hate each other?

Yes, guinea pigs sometimes hate each other and that is completely normal for them.

When guinea pigs hate each other, you can see the following signs:

  • showing teeth
  • pushing each other
  • they chase each other in the cage

All these and other signs indicate that your pets hate each other at that moment and this can start violence.

They will start to hang more and more, they will stand on their hind legs and a fight will occur.

Guinea pigs are dominant, which means that one of them always wants to be the leader in the group, it’s a hierarchy for them and they must have a leader.

Sometimes guinea pigs love each other and after a while, they start to hate each other. Over time, as guinea pigs get older, their behavior changes and they start to hate each other.

How do we know when guinea pigs are playing or fighting?

The more time you spend with your guinea pigs, the easier it will be for you to tell if they are fighting or playing.

When guinea pigs play they chase each other a bit, lift their heads and touch their noses.

When guinea pigs fight, they hit each other, show their teeth, and bite each other.

It is very important not to make a mistake in your judgment when they are playing and when they are fighting because playing is important for their health and social life.

Sometimes it is difficult to notice if they are playing or fighting, so you need to study their behavior well.

Why are my Guinea Pigs Hissing at Each Other?

When guinea pigs lick each other, they hiss.

Then they also start making noises like teeth chattering and that means they are not keeping themselves comfortable.

Guinea pigs make noises when they like something, but also when they feel uncomfortable.

Over time you will learn which sound has what meaning and you will know if the guinea pig is happy or angry for some reason.

What do guinea pigs do when they get


When guinea pigs are together, they play together, sleep together, lick each other’s ears and search the environment together.

When two guinea pigs get together they copy each other in their behavior as they love each other and learn from each other.

When guinea pigs get together they sometimes fight and we can hear them by their sounds, but as long as they don’t start fighting then everything is fine with their friendship.

How do you bring two guinea pigs together?

To pair two guinea pigs you should first put them in two cages close together or one cage split in half.

So they will be able to slowly get used to each other and will get used to their smells.

Then you should put them in one cage, but of course, one guinea pig will be dominant, that is the rule for all guinea pigs that live together.guinea pigs get jealous

How long will it take two guinea pigs to bond?

In order for two guinea pigs to join together, it takes a certain amount of time from one month to several months, it is different for everyone.

Two guinea pigs get together the easiest if one is more dominant than the other, then there should be no problem to make a new friendship.

It is also easier for two guinea pigs to become friends when one is older than the other guinea pig, the older one will be the leader or dominate over the other guinea pig.

Do guinea pigs get jealous of humans?

Guinea pigs are very smart animals and they notice very well when you are not giving them enough attention and they will start to get jealous.

If they notice that you dedicate more time to your partner and ignore your guinea pigs, they will be jealous of you.

That’s why it is very important how you position yourself towards your pet, whether you give him enough attention.

It’s best to be able to do the same thing when your partner and your guinea pig are in the same room, of course as much as possible.

It can’t be ideal, but there should still be some equality so that they feel comfortable and that you give them enough attention.

Do guinea pigs get jealous of babies?

Although it seems a little unbelievable, guinea pigs are also jealous of the babies in your home.

They are just as jealous of babies as they are of your partner, and this shows how emotionally attached guinea pigs are to their owners.

They will get angry if they notice that you are spending more time with your baby than with them.

That’s why you’ll need to give enough time to the guinea pigs, although the baby certainly comes first.

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Guinea pigs are jealous of each other and this is completely normal for these animals.

Sometimes that jealousy will cause fights or chases around the cage, so you have to pay attention to them.

Whenever you keep two or more guinea pigs you have to be careful because in a short time their play can turn into a fight.

in any case, guinea pigs are peaceful animals that can sometimes be jealous, especially if you don’t treat them the same, they require attention and equal care for both guinea pigs.

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