Why Is My Hamster Awake During The Day? (Let’s Discover)

Last updated on December 6th, 2023 at 11:11 am

All of us who keep hamsters think that they are nocturnal, that they sleep during the day and are active at night, but in fact this does not always have to be the rule.

Hamsters are nocturnal in captivity, but when they are in nature they move during the day and sleep at night.

From this we can conclude that caged hamsters can sometimes change their habit of sleeping during the day.

Why is the hamster awake during the day?

Hamsters are awake during the day when they need food and water and when they want to play, also they awake during the day if they are bothered by loud noises, illnesses and if they are bored.

Hamsters wake up during the day if we wake them up when we give them something to eat and drink, or if we drop something on the floor.

In today’s article we will find out why hamsters are awake during the day, is it normal if they are awake during the day and other related questions on this topic.

Why are hamsters awake during the day?

Hamsters can be awake during the day for various reasons such as loud noises, too much light when the hamster is hungry, or if they are sick, as well as other reasons.

Before we go into detail about all the reasons why a hamster is awake during the day, let’s say that all hamsters are different.

If you have two or more hamsters, you will notice that they are not equal and that they have different ways of behaving, eating, etc.

Hamsters also differ in that some are aggressive, while others are calm and pleasant.

The same thing happens with their sleep, some sleep more during the day, others sleep more at night, and others sleep a lot both day and night.

If the hamster is awake in the morning, it should not scare you that something is wrong with his sleep unless he slept earlier that day, then it could be a problem for this change in his sleep.

And now let’s start with the reasons why hamsters are awake during the day.

When hamsters are hungry they may wake up during the day

If the hamster needs some food and water, it will wake up during the day.

However, most likely after he eats, he will play a little and continue to sleep again during the day.

This awakening of the hamster during the day should not worry you because it is completely normal when it needs food or water.why is my hamster awake during the day

Sleep Deprivation is the reason for the hamster to be awake during the day

If the hamster is awake during the day, then there may be something that wakes him up and makes him unable to sleep.

When a hamster is deprived of sleep it is not good for its health and can cause stress and disease.

You can imagine how we humans feel when someone wakes us up during the night, and after that how much harder it is for us to fall asleep, and when we get up in the morning we won’t feel well, we have a headache and we won’t feel rested.

The same thing happens with hamsters when something disturbs their sleep, and it will be difficult for them to fall asleep again and they will be nervous.

Here are some reasons that could disrupt daytime sleep in our furry friends.

Lots of light

Hamsters prefer darkness to light.

There may be some light in the hamster’s room, but if you turn on a light then he will be frightened by the light and wake up.

Therefore, it is best to cover the hamster’s cage a little, so that there is no direct light towards his cage, and normally so that he does not wake up from sleep.

Putting food in the cage

In the morning before we go to work, we put food and water in the hamster cage so that he will have it through the day or until we return from work, but this can be a problem for his sleep.

The hamster will sense you coming to give him water and food and he will wake up.

It’s best if you can change the routine and add water and food at night so you don’t disturb him when he sleeps during the day.

Loud noises wake up the hamster

Loud noises wake up the hamster from its daytime sleep.

If something falls on your floor, ringing mobile phones, alarms, TV, music, and loud talking of people near the hamster will wake him up and disturb his daytime sleep.

In addition to waking up, he can also get scared and stressed.

Therefore, it is best for the hamster to sleep in a room where there will be no disturbance to his sleep during the day.

Why do hamsters sleep all the time?

When hamsters sleep constantly both day and night, it means that something is wrong with them.

There are several possible reasons for this behavior of hamsters, let’s see what they are.

Old age

As hamsters get older they will need more and more sleep because they don’t have the strength they had when they were young.

When hamsters start to sleep all the time then most likely the end of their life is coming.

Unfortunately, in such situations, nothing special can be done except to make the rest of his life more comfortable, and take care of him, because he probably has a little more left in his short life.why is my hamster awake during the day

Hamsters sleep constantly when they are hibernating

If hamsters sleep constantly during the winter period, it means that they are probably in hibernation.

Hibernation in hamsters usually lasts for several days.

To know for sure that the hamster is in hibernation, check it and if you notice that its breathing is short and irregular then it is a sign of hibernation.

Other signs of hibernation are lethargy and his ears, paws, and nose will be cold to the touch.

When hamsters are in hibernation it is very important to allow them to be warmer, because the colder they are, the longer they will stay in hibernation.

Hamsters sleep all the time if they are bored

Hamsters also love fun and new interesting things so they don’t get bored.

They may sleep all the time if they are bored, and that is a sign that you need to make a change.

Buy them new toys, give them something new and tasty to eat, and simply make their day more interesting and fun.


When your hamster is sick you can expect that he may sleep all the time because he has no energy and is very exhausted due to the illness.

Hamsters can also get sick from us, if we have a cold, they can also catch a cold from us.

But in a few days, they will recover and they will no longer sleep constantly both day and night.

If even after a few days the hamster is still sick, it should be taken to a veterinarian to examine it and prescribe appropriate therapy.

Is it okay if hamsters are awake all day?

Hamsters wake up during the day to eat and drink water, and they can play a little, but if they are awake all day, the reason for this behavior should be seen.

When hamsters sleep all night and are awake all day, then something is wrong with them, it can be a sign of some disease in your pet.

When hamsters are under stress or illness it can be noticed by the following signs and symptoms:

  • loss of appetite
  • diarrhea
  • lethargy
  • aggressiveness
  • hair loss
  • breathing difficulties

Any of these signs could mean that the hamster has a problem or illness and needs to be taken to the vet for a checkup.

How many hours a day should hamsters be awake?

Hamsters need to sleep 6-8 hours a day, in that they sleep in several smaller cycles.

They usually sleep more during the day, while they are more awake at night because they are nocturnal animals, they are most active during the night.

At first, when you buy a hamster, he may sleep all day or much more than usual, but this will change once he gets used to his new home.

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Do hamsters wake up easily?

Yes, hamsters can wake up very easily because they have a very well-developed sense of hearing.

Even the smallest sounds in his environment are enough to wake up the hamster, they hear 10 times better than humans.

That’s why we should be careful when the hamsters need to sleep, be quiet, and allow them to sleep peacefully.

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Is it okay to wake my hamster up?

No, if your pet is sleeping, you should not wake him up and disturb his sleep.

Waking him up can only cause stress to the hamster, so wait until he wakes up on his own.

Although sometimes the hamster sleeps and we have to put food and water in it, or we have to clean the cage, it is best to wait until it wakes up.

If we wake up the hamster while it is sleeping, it may bite you, so do not touch it while it is sleeping.

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