What To Do When A Hamster Bites You? (Find Out Now)

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:14 pm

What to do when a hamster bites you? Hamsters often bite their owners, but this can be prevented, and your play with it will be interesting and fun again. Most hamsters that do not bite too much (this is true of most hamsters bought in pet stores) are often not tamed and will not bite if you try to pick them up.

The most important thing to remember is that hamster bites actually mean that in this case, they are scared.

Unfortunately, hamsters think that humans pose a threat to them, so they defend themselves in a way that they know best.

Hamsters are not aggressive at all by nature. It is important to be patient when it comes to biting hamsters. You will need to gain the trust of your pet first and do so gradually.

You should never be unnecessarily depressed by the fact that it may take a month or a few months to fully achieve this. Be flexible and you will be able to become good friends with your hamster.

If your hamster is progressing fast, in terms of relaxation and getting used to it, you will quickly take a few suggested steps, but if in any way it shows aggressive or frightened behavior, take a step back.

4 Steps to keep your hamster from biting you anymore

Let the hamster get used to you

The first week when you buy a hamster, you should spend time sitting near the cage and talking to your hamster, especially at night when he is active. You can even read to him or sing something.

Remember, moving to a new cage and new environment is very stressful, so this period is also getting used to a new home for your hamster.

You need to pay attention to the most important rule in the first week, and that is not to try to touch it at this stage.

Let the hamster get used to your hand

You are now in the second week of having a hamster.

Now that you are sitting next to the cage and talking to your pet, you can also try gently pushing your hand into the cage.

And this requires patience: the first day, put your hand next to the door or the top of the cage, and then every other day stretch it a little further.

Do not try to touch the hamster, but if he becomes curious, then feel free to let him explore your hand.what to do when a hamster bites you

Add a few treats to your hamster

By the third week of having a hamster, by now, you are probably familiar with some of your hamster’s favorite treats.

Most people love sunflower seeds, of course, they love hamsters too.

And although they should be given in moderation, they can be used as a reward for training your favorite hamster.

A small number of raisins or apples or some other delicacy can be used for this purpose, but do not overdo it.

Offer this pleasure to the hamster in your hand, with which you have previously approached the cage. Because they are more likely to come and eat from your hand.

This will help them gain more confidence in you, and you will be as happy as the hamster.

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Touching your hamster with your hands

It’s been about a month now that you have a hamster and it’s finally time to pet it. When your hamster relaxes and eats snacks, you can gently stroke him.

If your pet accepts gifts and allows you to hug him, try to take him. First, try to direct it so that it climbs to your hand so that you put the pleasures in a not so accessible place on your hand.

Cover the hamster with the palm of your free hand, gently, so as not to scare him. Do not hold it high and try to have a soft surface under it in case it falls or jumps.

What does a hamster bite feel like?

When your hamster is scared he will bite you. But do not be afraid it will not be so scary.

Although it has sharp teeth, it is still a small animal that still does not have so much strength to hurt you.

Are hamster bites poisonous?

When your pet bites you, you may think of getting a skin infection or something worse. However, such a thing will not happen, be calm.

It is best to wash your hands with soap just in case, for prevention and safety.


Hamsters bite their owners because they feel fear. It takes attention and a lot of patience to relax and start trusting you, to stop biting you.

We have shown you 4 steps on how to make it easier to make friends with your new pet. In a month if you follow the advice, be sure that the hamster will have confidence in you.

Then you will be able to enjoy, play, feed the hamster or your pet.