Why Your Hamster Moving Slowly? Find Out Now

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:56 pm

Hamsters are very active pets that run, and play all the time inside or outside the cage. But sometimes we can notice that hamsters move slowly and we wonder why our pet is not active, is it sick?

Hamsters sometimes move slowly because they get injured, and have breathing problems, diseases, age, and other factors.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will find out the reasons why hamsters move slowly.

Why do hamsters move slowly?

Hamsters can often fall and get hurt and start walking slowly.

They walk slowly and if they are sick, they walk slowly when they get old, they are afraid of predators and other reasons.

So let’s find out all the reasons why hamsters walk slowly.

Old age

Hamsters will start to walk slowly as they get older and this is completely normal, this process is irreversible, just like with us humans.

When hamsters are young, they run and jump, and they are very active all the time, but when they start to age, the activity will decrease.

When hamsters get old, their muscles and joints wear out and their movement becomes difficult.

And you yourself will notice how the hamster sleeps longer, runs less and less, uses the wheel in the cage less and its activity is much reduced.

As the hamsters get older, they will not have the desire to play and jump, they will prefer to be alone and separated in the environment.

Aging cannot be stopped and it remains to take care of hamsters as best you can because their lives are short.


Sometimes obesity also affects the hamster in its movement.

The hamster will move more slowly when it is heavier, and it will have problems with coordination and balance.

When the hamster is overweight, it is best to change its diet so that it loses weight and can move quickly and easily again.

Danger from predators

Hamsters are very careful, especially when they sense predators near them, they immediately begin to walk slowly and pay attention to the environment around them.

Hamsters are timid and they will hide from predators as best they can, They will walk slowly and you will not see them running and playing as they know and are able to.


Of course, when the danger has passed, they will start behaving like before, they will run and play, which you can immediately notice.

Therefore in the case of predators, it is best if you can see where the danger is coming from the hamsters and move them away from them so as not to scare the hamster.why your hamster moving slowly


Hamsters know how to walk slowly because they fall and slip very often. When they run, they are too fast and can easily fall and scratch themselves or break a limb.

When they fall and slip they get hurt, they may get swelling or bleeding and they walk slowly.

Sometimes we are also to blame for the hamsters falling from our hands, during which they will get hurt and start to walk slowly.

However, it all depends on the fall and the height, it may not be a problem for them, but they may seriously injure themselves, we will notice that immediately after they walk.

Hamsters walk slowly because of scurvy

Scurvy is a dangerous disease for hamsters and occurs as a lack of vitamin C, which is one of the most important vitamins for the health of hamsters.

Hamsters must get it through their diet because they cannot produce it themselves. The lack of vitamin C and the onset of scurvy affect movement and they begin to walk slowly.

They walk slowly because they don’t have enough energy, and most of the time they lose weight because of scurvy.

Vitamin C helps to form hemoglobin and maintain functions in our pets.

Diet is the most important part of getting vitamin C in hamsters, although vitamin C tablets can also be given, however, the natural way through food is the best way to get it into their body.


Strokes are too dangerous for hamsters and their movement. When hamsters have a stroke they have consequences such as slow walking.

That’s just some of the problems they face when they have a stroke.

Other problems are instability in movement and balance, they have no appetite to eat and they start walking in circles.

Hamsters after a stroke often know how to look at one point, or to be thoughtful and not react to the environment around them.

If you notice any of the problems we mentioned, you should immediately take the hamster to a veterinarian to examine it and help it with therapy.

In any case, the stroke is the reason for the hamsters to walk slowly until they recover, and sometimes they have permanent consequences.

Hamsters walk slowly because of a stroke, but in 15-20 days they recover and continue to live and move normally, except when they have permanent consequences of the stroke.

The biggest problem with strokes in hamsters is that they most often recur multiple times and the consequences are worse for your pet each time.


Dehydration is very dangerous for the health and life of hamsters.

If hamsters get dehydrated they will start to walk slowly because they don’t have the energy and strength to move.

When hamsters are dehydrated it can be noticed if you look at their skin and eyes how dry they are.

Dehydrated hamsters lose weight and stop grooming and maintaining fur hygiene.

Hamsters will not only move slowly, but they will also start to move less often, stay in the cage for a longer time, and become lethargic.

Dehydration in hamsters can cause death in 3-4 days.

That’s why we need to help them recover by giving them water and making sure they drink regularly, i.e. two teaspoons of water a day.

In addition to water, they should also eat food rich in water, such as cucumber, so they can hydrate quickly and regain their strength and health.

When the condition returns to normal, the hamster will run around again just like before, it will look happy and it will not walk slowly.why your hamster moving slowly

Health problems

When hamsters have health problems it can result in heavy breathing and slow walking.

Here are some health problems that will make your hamster walk slowly:

  • arthritis and paralysis – cause the hamster to not be able to move quickly because then it feels severe pain that prevents its normal movement.
  • room temperature – if the hamster is too hot it starts to have breathing problems and walking problems.
  • dental problems – lead to poorer intake of food, which results in a drop in his strength and he begins to walk slowly due to lack of energy.

A new home

When hamsters come to their new home with their new owners, they are scared and need time to get used to it.

During this time of getting used to them, they will be a little careful, they will go down slowly, and they will not rush and run around.

But it will all pass as the days go by he will get used to it and be active and run around.

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Why does the hamster shake while walking?

Hamsters may also start to get shaking when walking.

This usually happens when they have a fever or if they are dehydrated.

The option that the hamster may be under stress should not be ruled out, which is why it shakes and moves more slowly.

Why do hamsters suddenly stop moving?

Sometimes hamsters stop moving all of a sudden.

This usually happens when they have to focus on a certain smell or taste because they think that some threat is approaching them.

In particular, they do this in nature to detect unusual sounds and sense if they are in danger from predators.


Hamsters can sometimes walk slowly for various reasons.

The main reasons why hamsters move slowly is due to fear, old age, danger from predators, dehydration, diseases, and other factors.

In any case, when you notice that the hamster is moving slowly, you should find out what the problem is, whether it is afraid or sick.

When the hamster is healthy and free of stress or danger it will be active again and run around as usual.

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