Why Does My Hamster Poop So Much? Let’s Discover

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:43 pm

When I let the hamster out of the cage to play for a bit, he always leaves poop. No matter how much I clean, again in a short time I see that there is poop on the floor.

I’m sure you and other hamster owners are wondering why hamsters poop so much?

Hamsters poop very often because they have a fast digestive system and because they are constantly eating. If hamsters eat food with a lot of fiber, this is another reason for them to poop a lot.

Pooping at very frequent intervals is a completely normal thing and you don’t need to worry about it.

In today’s article, learn in more detail why hamsters poop very often, how frequently pooping is normal, and other related questions on this topic.

Why do hamsters poop so much?

Hamsters poop a lot because they eat all the time and their fast metabolism digests the food quickly which ultimately results in a lot of hamster poop.

If hamsters eat food that has a lot of fiber, it helps them poop a lot and that’s completely normal, there’s no need to worry.

Fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits also contribute to the frequent pooping of our furry friends.

But sometimes hamsters may poop a lot when they are stressed or scared.

When hamsters change the environment where they live then they have stress and it is normal to poop very often, it is a normal reaction.

How healthy is it when hamsters poop a lot?

Yes, when hamsters poop a lot it’s perfectly fine, there’s nothing to worry about as long as the droppings are fine.

Hamsters poop both day and night, that should not worry you, as well as pooping inside and outside the cage.

In fact, if they feel good they will poop freely wherever they happen to be at that moment.

Only when their excrement is not as it should be, then it means that something is wrong with your pet and it can mean the occurrence of diseases.hamster poop so much

What factors determine how often hamsters poop?

Hamsters poop a lot, that’s very clear, however, not all hamsters poop the same, it depends on several factors.

Here are the factors that affect how often hamsters will poop:

  • breed
  • body size
  • age
  • nutrition
  • stress level

Normally smaller hamsters poop more often than larger ones because they have smaller bodies.

How do you know your hamster’s poop is okay?

As we said, hamsters poop all the time, but you can judge whether the hamster is healthy or has a disease by their feces.

When the hamster is healthy, its feces should be firm and dark brown or black in color.

When your pet has a health problem, then its feces will be much softer, with a watery form and a lighter color than usual.

If the hamster’s feces is softer and brighter, it is best to immediately change its diet, because this may be the reason, not a disease.

After you change his diet, wait a few days to see if his pooping returns to normal.

If the pooping continues to be soft and watery, it is time to take the hamster to the vet because then it is obvious that it is a disease.

How to make your hamster poop less?

Frequent pooping in hamsters is completely normal, but if you think that they poop a lot more than before and you want them to reduce pooping, you can take a few steps in that direction.

Eating less fiber

If you give hamsters food with less fiber they will poop less.

To do this you will have to change their diet and at a certain time, you will see that there will be a result.

When you buy a certain food for your hamster, you can also read how much fiber it contains in its composition, so you can be sure that you are giving them food with a lower amount of fiber.

Less stress less hamster poop

The less stress your hamster has, the more likely he will poop less.

Keep other pets away, do not play loud music, and have a calm atmosphere in the room where you keep the hamster so that there is no stress.

So if you want hamsters to not have stress, you should provide them with a comfortable cage, and lots of toys in the cage, and of course, you, as the owner, need more playing with your pet.

When the owners play with the hamsters they are happy and it positively affects their mood and of course less stress.

Fewer vegetables and fruits

If you want the hamsters to poop less, you will need to reduce the number of fruits and vegetables.

When hamsters eat vegetables and fruits, this food is easier to digest and therefore they poop very often.

However, vegetables and fruits are very important for their health and intake of nutrients, so you must pay attention to the necessary amount that they will introduce into the body.

You can reduce vegetables and fruits but not too much.hamster poop so much

Do hamsters poop on their owners too?

Yes, hamsters sometimes poop on their owners and that is completely normal.

Hamsters like to hold them in our hands and play with them, and that’s why sometimes they will poop on our hands, the more we hold them, the more chances they will poop on us.

Younger hamsters will prefer to poop while we hold them in our hands, while older hamsters can be more trained on where to poop, we can teach them to poop in their toilets.

How many times does a hamster poop a day?

It is impossible to determine exactly how many times a day hamsters poop.

However, according to the experience of many hamster owners, the general opinion is that they poop very often, or rather once every hour.

However, how many times a day hamsters will poop depends on what they ate that day, whether they were under stress or similar circumstances.

Do hamsters poop in one spot?

It depends on the hamster itself, some like to poop in one place, while others poop everywhere in the cage and outside it.

Hamsters are very careful animals and as they get older they become more understanding about their poop and can be trained to use the toilet or litter box for their poop very easily.

How often should I clean my hamsters’ poop?

Since hamsters poop very often, it is necessary to clean their droppings in and out of the cage every day.

Hamsters have a very fast metabolism and they liked it or not will poop more often.

Once a week, the cage and bedding should be thoroughly cleaned so that they can be cleaned of all hamster poop.

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Hamsters poop very often and this is a completely normal behavior of our pets.

They poop a lot because they eat all the time, and their fast metabolism digests food quickly and they poop very often.

If the hamster’s poop is hard and dark then there is no need to worry, and if it is liquid and light then it may mean that they have a disease and should be taken to the vet.

If you want your hamsters to poop less, they should eat fewer vegetables and fruits, have less stress, and eat less fiber.

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