Why Your Hamster Is Sleeping On Their Wheel? Let’s Discover

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:42 pm

Hamsters enjoy playing and running and especially love their exercise wheel. They spend 4-5 miles on the wheel every night, which is important for their fitness and health.

But sometimes we can notice that they are sleeping on the exercise wheel.

Why your hamster is sleeping on their wheel?

Hamsters sleep on their wheel because it’s comfortable and relaxed and it’s completely normal as long as they don’t show signs of illness. Sometimes hamsters sleep on the wheel, and their bed they use to store food or as litter boxes.

In today’s article, you will find out why hamsters sleep on their exercise wheel, as well as some questions related to this topic.

Why your hamster is sleeping on their wheel?

Hamsters sleep on the exercise wheel because they probably liked it and decided to use it as their bed.

If the hamster behaves normally and does not show any strange behavior, then it is perfectly fine to sleep on the wheel, and there is no need to worry about this habit.

When the hamster decided to sleep on the wheel it means that it feels comfortable and relaxed and therefore uses it to sleep.

ONLY if the hamster sleeps on the wheel and shows signs of illness then you should take something in that direction, otherwise, you should not make him change his sleeping location.

He will probably sleep on the wheel for a while, but he will probably continue to sleep in his bed after a while.

Why does your hamster not like to sleep in his bed?

Hamsters like their bed or bedding to allow them to sleep comfortably.

They are really very adaptable animals, but you still need to pay attention to some things related to their sleeping place.

The more comfortable his bed is, the more he will want to sleep in it.

Here are some things you should pay attention to in order to give your hamster a comfortable and pleasant sleep.

Not enough ventilation

If the hamsters sleep in huts or plastic hideaways, they will not have enough airflow and it will affect their normal breathing.

Such beds, in addition to poor airflow, collect more moisture and increase the temperature, which will affect the hamster, and he will not sleep comfortably.

That’s why his bed or place where he sleeps should always have enough air flow and normal ventilation.

Hard bedding

Hamsters do not like to sleep on a hard surface, so they will try to change the location.

Hamsters like to sleep on soft bedding that should be comfortable and soft so that the hamster can enjoy their sleep and rest after a hard day.

That’s why you should provide them with a large enough space or a bed with soft paper bedding.why is your hamster sleeping on their wheel


If the hamster’s bed or the place where they sleep is too small they will look for another place in the cage.

Although they look like they can sleep anywhere, they also want comfort in their sleep.

Always try to provide them with a big enough bed or a hut that they use to sleep in.

The design and material for their bed along with the size will be crucial so that they don’t have to look for another place to sleep.

Can hamsters use the bed for another purpose?

Yes, sometimes, despite the fact that the hamster’s bed has all the conditions, such as size, and soft bedding, they still avoid sleeping on it.

The reason is that they intended to use it to put food or something like that.

Hamsters have their own thoughts and sometimes they know how to surprise us with what they do with their bed or when they decide to sleep on the wheel, but that’s the reality with our furry friends.

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Do hamsters use their bed as litter box?

Yes, hamsters sometimes use the bed as a litter box.

It’s really a bit strange for us, but the hamsters don’t mind it at all, although it’s not good for their hygiene, especially if they have diarrhea.

However, it is best for hamsters to use the bed for sleeping and not for any other purpose.

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Why is my hamster sleeping in weird places?

If the hamster sleeps in strange places it may mean that it feels fear.

When a hamster is scared, it can sleep in strange places as a warning from predators, loud noises and unknown people in its environment.

When the hamster is in a new home, it is scared and can sleep in different places until it relaxes, which will take several days or a month.

Should you disturb a sleeping hamster?

No, under no circumstances should you disturb a sleeping hamster.

If you wake up the hamster, it can get scared and stressed and get sick.

If you wake up the hamster with your hand, then it can bite you as a sign of self-defense.


Hamsters can sometimes fall asleep on their exercise wheel and this is completely normal.

They use the wheel to sleep because that’s how they feel comfortable and we don’t need to worry about this habit of hamsters.

They sometimes convert the bed where they have to sleep into a place to store food or as a litter box.

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