Why Hamsters Hide Food Under Their Bedding? Let’s Discover

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:33 pm

For hamsters, food is one of the most important items and therefore they pay a lot of attention to it. Hamsters put food in different places and save it for later.

Why do hamsters hide food under their bedding?

Hamsters usually hide food under their bedding so they always have enough food supplies. Hamsters hide food under bedding and if they are afraid of predators so they do not smell the food.

In today’s article, you will learn why hamsters hide food under the bedding and similar questions related to this topic.

Why hamsters hide food under the bedding?

Hamsters hide food under their bedding because they are afraid of running out of food, or being attacked by predators, and as their natural way of storing food.

Let’s see in detail why hamsters keep food under the bedding.

Protection from predators

Hamsters are often prey when they live in nature and are often exposed to attacks by predators.

They hide the food there so that they have it for later and don’t have to go out all the time for food, and we know that they eat very often.

In the cage, they do not have such dangers, but they are still taught to regularly hide food under the bedding, which is completely normal behavior for our furry friends.

They are afraid of running out of food

Hamsters store food in their bedding all the time because they are afraid that they will run out of food.

They again use instinct from nature, although it is not necessary when kept in a cage.

They think that we will not put food again tomorrow, and therefore they want to be sure that they will have enough food reserves, and the bedding helps them with that.

To cover up traces of food

Hamsters hide food under the bedding so that there are no traces of it.

When hamsters are in nature, they can be detected by predators by the smell of their food, so they hide it.

The better they manage to hide the food, the lower the chances of being attacked by predators, that’s why they use this habit in their cages and keep the food under the bedding.

Especially young hamsters use bedding to hide food because when they are small they are very timid, while when they grow up they do it just like a habit.

Food comes first for hamsters

In the life of hamsters, food comes first, it is the most important factor in their life and they think about food all the time.

No matter how much food we give them, they will always think that they won’t have enough or that they may go hungry and without food.

Putting food under the bed is their security and safety when it comes to food and their survival, so there is no reason to stop them or try to change this habit.why do hamsters hide food under their bedding

If they are bored

Hamsters sometimes hide food under the bedding because they are bored.

If they don’t have any other activity at the moment and feel bored they will bring the food and put it under the bed.

Is eating food under the bedding healthy for hamsters?

Honestly, this is not the healthiest option for feeding hamsters.

When food is under the bedding, it will begin to spoil in a short time, especially vegetables and fruits, which will cause the appearance of bacteria.

The problem is that no matter how much we pay attention to food scraps, hamsters will still manage to hide some of the food in their cheeks and put it under the bedding.

Do multiple hamsters put their food in the same place under the bedding?

It depends, if you have more hamsters in the cage they may or may not use the same place under the bedding to store food.

Sometimes it happens that two hamsters hide food in the same place under the bed.

If the cage is big enough, most probably each hamster will find their own special place under the bedding where it will hide the food.

Separate locations for hiding the food under the bedding may be better so that there are no misunderstandings between the hamsters.

What food is best to keep under the bedding for hamsters?

As we said, fresh food such as vegetables and fruits is easily spoiled and can be a source of bacteria.

Fortunately, hamsters usually eat dry food that has a longer shelf life.

Dry food is the best option for storage under the bedding because it has the greatest durability, thus protecting the health of the hamsters.

How long do hamsters keep food in their cheeks before putting it under the bedding?

Hamsters store food in cheek pouches as long as needed.

They are taught to keep food if necessary for a long time before putting it under the bed.

However, since the bedding is right next to the hamster, it won’t take him long before he gets under it.

It takes much longer for hamsters in the wild who sometimes have to spend more time before coming back to their shelter.why do hamsters hide food under their bedding

Is there a way to train my hamster to stop hiding food in their bedding?

No, it is very difficult to wean hamsters from this natural habit of hiding food under the bedding.

However, you can try to cut down on bringing food under the bed if you don’t give them too much food to eat.

You will have to pay attention to how much food the hamster eats on average to know how much will be enough for him because you should not let him be hungry.

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Hamsters hide food under the bedding very often and this is completely normal for your furry friends.

They hide food for various reasons such as prevention from predators, fear of running out of food, and as a natural way of storing food.

Although hamsters do not need to do the same thing as their friends in the wild, they still have the instinct to keep food and it will always remain, and probably will not change in the future.

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