What Does Your Hamsters Sleeping Position Mean?

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:58 pm

Hamsters are very interesting pets to keep and care for, even though they don’t speak, they use signs to communicate with us owners.

Hamsters are sometimes happy, sometimes they are curious, but they can also be aggressive, it all depends on certain situations and moods.

Hamsters sleep mostly during the day, and at night they run and play exploring the space in and around their cage.

When it comes to hamsters sleeping, they use different positions and each of those positions means something in terms of their current mood.

In today’s article, we will learn what certain sleeping positions mean, which will help us know how our pet feels.

What does the sleeping position say about the hamster?

Hamsters can sleep in different places and positions, however, this is not a coincidence.

When the hamster sleeps in a certain place, it wants to show us something, it wants to tell us why it is like that, why it changed its position or sleeping place.

So let’s see what are the most common ways and places he uses to sleep and their knowledge.

The hamster sleeps on the wheel

The hamster sometimes likes to sleep on the wheel and you must be wondering why that is, if he loves his wheel too much or if something else is the problem.

When hamsters sleep on the wheel it means that something is wrong with their cage.

Maybe the bedding is not comfortable for him, so he is forced to sleep on the wheel. If the sun is too bright in his cage and he can’t sleep in his favorite spot.

It is enough for a ray of light to hit the place where it sleeps and the hamster will get irritated and will not sleep in that place, but will go to the wheel.

If the place where he sleeps is dirty and the hamster thinks he will sleep on the wheel again, so you need to see where he usually sleeps and take what is necessary to make him comfortable.

When you fix the problem, then the hamster will go back to sleeping in its old and favorite place.

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The hamster sleeps on its back

If hamsters sleep on their backs it is a bit unusual for them, they then want to show us something that is wrong with them, or they can rest a little on their backs.

Sometimes the hamster sleeps on its back because it rests like that and it usually lasts for a short time.


Even when it is very hot, the hamster knows how to sleep on its back and in that way cool down its body a little.

It is a sign that you should be careful where you put the cage, is it in too much light or sunlight, you should also pay attention to the temperature in the room where the hamster is located, it should always be 65-75 F, it is the optimal temperature for hamsters.

When hamsters lie on their backs, it may also mean that there is a problem with the food, they may be tired of the same food or it is too heavy for them.

That’s why you need to change their diet, to see if it’s a problem with the food, why the hamster sleeps on its back.

Give him a different menu, or change certain foods to see if that affects his sleep.

Hamsters can lie on their backs and if something is wrong with their daily running and playing route, try to change it, that is, change the places where you let him run when he is out of the cage.hamsters sleeping position

The hamster sleeps like a ball in the corner of the cage

When hamsters sleep like a ball in the corner of the cage, it means that something is wrong with them.

When hamsters choose the corner of their cage to sleep in, it means they are scared or uncomfortable.

They may have been scared by a predator or some of our actions, in any case, if you notice something like this, you should find out what is the reason for his fear.

The hamster sleeps with its eyes open

Sometimes hamsters can sleep on their backs with their eyes open.

This is not good for the hamster and means that there is some problem with his health.

When we knock or wake up the hamster with something, it is not scary, but when the hamsters sleep with their eyes open in silence, it is a health problem.

There are other animals that sleep with their eyes open, but not hamsters, they should sleep with their eyes closed.

If this happens very often, you should take your pet to the vet to examine him and see if the hamster is sick and what is the reason for him sleeping with his eyes open.

The hamster sleeps outside the cage

It must have happened once that your pet does not sleep at all in the cage, and you wonder why this happens. If the hamster sleeps outside the cage then it is probably very warm.

Hamsters don’t like too much heat and they look for a place to sleep outside of the cage, so that shouldn’t worry you at all.

When the temperature around and inside the cage is reduced he will return to his home and sleep as before.

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What is the sleep cycle of hamsters?

Hamsters generally need to sleep 8 to 12 hours a day.

When they are in nature, they are constantly the target of various predators, and that’s why they don’t sleep for hours, but always in intervals of 20 minutes.

Of course, the age of the hamster affects its sleep, older hamsters sleep more than younger hamsters and that is completely normal.

One more thing is important about the sleep cycle of hamsters, and that is that each hamster is special, some sleep a little more and that should not worry you.

The biggest problem is when hamsters sleep more than the usual sleeping time, sometimes they know how to sleep even after more than 14 hours, then it is a problem that needs to be checked.

When hamsters sleep so much something is wrong with their health and you should take them to the vet to check them out and see what is wrong with your pet.

To see if it is a disease or something similar.hamsters sleeping position

What time do hamsters sleep?

Hamsters are nocturnal, which means they sleep during the day and are active at night, running and playing.

But you should not worry if the hamster sometimes changes its route a little, that is, sometimes they know how to be active during the day.

It all depends on the hamster’s current mood, sometimes he is bored or doesn’t sleep that much during the day.

If they also doze off at night and that shouldn’t worry you, maybe they were active a little more during the day that day.

But generally, hamsters sleep during the day and walk and play at night, that is the usual pattern of our furry friends.


Hamsters are very sensitive pets who can behave strangely or change their sleeping position at the slightest change.

They sometimes know to sleep in the corner of the cage if they are afraid of predators or something.

Hamsters also sleep on their backs if they are sick, but sometimes also if they want to rest a little from running and playing.

If they constantly sleep on their backs then we should take them to the vet because it could mean that something is wrong with the hamster and there could be some disease.

Hamsters can sleep on their backs and if they are very hot, they look for a way to cool their body, so we need to pay attention to the temperature in their room.

Finally, hamsters do not know how to speak, but with their behavior, they show us what they think or what they like, so as sleep and the way they sleep.