Should You Put a Heating Pad Under the Hamster Cage?

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:29 pm

When keeping hamsters you need to provide them with the best conditions so that they feel comfortable and relaxed in their cage.

In the winter period and when the weather is cold, you probably wonder how best to warm your pet.

Should you put a heating pad under the hamster cage?

Yes, you can put a heating pad under the hamster cage, but it is best to put it only under one side of the cage so that if they are hot, they can go to the other side of the cage.

In today’s article, you will learn how and why to use a heating pad under the hamster cage and what to pay attention to when you want to warm the hamster and its cage.

Should you put a heating pad under the hamster cage?

Yes, you can put a heating pad under the hamster’s cage, but you have to be careful that it doesn’t get too hot and burn your pet.

If the heating pad is too hot, it can cause other injuries to the hamster, in addition to possible burns.

Therefore, the temperature of the heating pad should always be checked before placing it under your hamster’s cage.

Also, check whether and how safe the installation or wires from the heating body are so that they do not come into contact with the hamster and injure it.

If the hamster’s cage is plastic, then for such cages there are special heating bodies, which the hamster will not be able to touch the wires and cables from the heating body.

When buying a heating pad for hamsters, you should check whether it is also intended for hamsters, as there are different heating elements that are not suitable for use with all pets.

Are heaters needed to warm hamsters?

Hamsters need the temperature in their room to be between 65-75 F to be relaxed and comfortable.

They are cold-blooded animals that need to maintain their body temperature at an optimal level.

For hamsters, it is not good for the temperature in the cage and the environment to be too hot or too cold, because it will affect them in their daily activities.

Hamsters need heaters in the winter and when the weather is cold, but you have to set the temperature correctly to keep them comfortable.

The more stable the temperature is, the better for hamsters because they are very sensitive to temperature differences and react immediately if the temperature is not appropriate.

Is it better to use a heating pad or heat lamp for hamsters?

If you have a heating pad and a heat lamp, then definitely the heat lamp is the better choice for heating your hamsters.


The advantage of using a heat lamp is that it can heat the hamster cages and will not burn your pets if it is properly placed at a certain distance.

While the heating pad must always be under the cage and hamsters can overheat if they get too close to it and get burns and injuries.

What are the dangers of using a heating pad for hamsters?

Yes, there are some dangers when using a heating pad to warm the cage and hamsters, here’s what you should be aware of.

The most important thing is that the temperature you set on the heating pad is around 75-85 F because a higher temperature than this will mean too hot for the hamsters and danger of overheating.

Also, make sure that the size of the heating pad matches the size of the hamster cage.

If the heating pad is too small then it may overheat to reach the temperature required for heating the cage, and a pad that is too large will not fit properly for heating the cage.

That’s why it’s best to buy and use a heating pad that matches the size of your hamster’s cage.

How to heat the hamster cage?

There are several ways to heat the hamster’s cage, with a heating pad, a heating lamp, and bedding, so let’s take a detailed look at all these ways to see which way suits you best for your pet.

A heating pad and heat lamp are good for heating hamsters because they can quickly reach the required temperature.

However, the heating pad is more specific and more dangerous for the hamsters, while the heating lamp is more reliable and safer to prevent the hamsters from overheating.

If you use the third option of blankets to cover the hamster cage make sure there is adequate ventilation and airflow for your pet when you cover the cage.

If you put blankets, the hamsters may start biting the blankets and there is a danger of suffocation.

My recommendation is a heat lamp as the best way to warm your hamster and its cage, as it can be better positioned to heat the entire surface of the cage with the least chance of overheating and burns to the hamsters.сhould you put a heating pad under the hamster cage

How to warm a hamster at night?

There are several ways to warm your hamster at night, you can use a heating pad, a heat lamp, and a warm blanket.

If you use a heat lamp and a warm blanket, be careful not to put them too close, as they can burn the hamster.

Also, you can buy a thermal rock as a heating option at night that turns itself on and off.

There is another option, which is the use of an electric pad in the shape of circles that are placed in several places under the cage and heat only those parts.

How do you know that a hamster is cold and needs heating?

To know that the hamster is cold and needs additional heating of the cage, it is enough just to observe its behavior.

When a hamster is cold, it will begin to shiver and lose its appetite for food and water.

Another symptom that the hamster has a cold is when it becomes lethargic, and if you touch it, you will notice that its feet, ears, and nose are very cold.

When the hamster is cold, it will also have problems with its breathing.

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How warm should my hamster room be?

In order for your hamster to feel comfortable and warm, it is best to keep the temperature in your room between 65-75F.

Any higher or lower temperature can only lead to health problems in hamsters.

When the temperature in the hamster’s room and the cage drops below 60 F, then the hamster can enter a state of torpor or hibernation, which can be dangerous to its health and life.

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Hamsters when it is cold and in the winter period should have adequate heating to keep them warm.

To provide them with a warm environment in their cage, you can use heating devices such as a heating pad, a heating lamp, and a warm blanket.

The heating pad is good for heating the hamsters, but you must pay attention to the temperature you set, it should not be too cold or too hot.

in any case, care should be taken when using different heating devices, due to the danger of overheating and burns in hamsters.