Do Guinea Pigs Sleep? (Find Out Now)

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The guinea pig is an interesting pet when it comes to its sleeping habits. Not all pets have the same sleeping habits, some sleep during the day, some at night. The guinea pig is a crepuscular pet that sleeps day and night.

The guinea pig is awake and most active at dawn or dusk. And we as owners still need to know when to buy a pet, whether and when it sleeps, because we also need to sleep without waking our pet.

Therefore, we should be careful what kind of pet to buy and what awaits us, more precisely how much and how it sleeps.

Does the guinea pig sleep day or night?

When it comes to guinea pigs, they are really different from some other pets in that respect. The guinea pig does not belong to those who sleep during the day or to those who sleep at night. This pet sleeps day and night. A guinea pig needs about 4-6 hours of sleep to function during the day.

Interestingly, the guinea pig sleeps at short intervals, day and night. This cute pet enjoys playing, running, in other words being very active. Since he does not need to spend many hours sleeping, you may not even notice when he sleeps, you will think about how this pet plays all the time.

The guinea pig does not really need to spend many hours sleeping, but it is still important for its development and of course for its health. If you notice that the guinea pig sleeps much longer than usual, this is a bad signal.

If he refuses to eat, then he should be taken to a veterinarian to be examined for any infection or other health problems. For example, if there is a bacterial infection, there may be symptoms such as loss of appetite, depression, drowsiness, and the like.

What are the sleeping habits of guinea pigs?

The guinea pig, as we have already said, sleeps 4-6 hours a day, although this can be with small differences in each guinea pig individually. The guinea pig sleeps quite differently from hamsters and rats, which we can often see when they sleep. His sleeping habits sometimes change depending on the current situation and the environment around him.

Sometimes your pet will only sleep for 10 minutes, and sometimes it can happen that he even sleeps for 30 minutes, then gets up to play and run, then rest and sleep again, and so on.

The younger the guinea pig, the less it sleeps at shorter intervals, while the older ones sleep at longer intervals. This is probably due to the already acquired habit and security of older guinea pigs in relation to the environment or your home.

Guinea pigs when they are satisfied, calm, and relaxed then sleep for 20-30 minutes at a time.

How do guinea pigs sleep?

The guinea pigs usually sleep with their head forward. But do not be fooled, they wake up to the slightest sound or movement, as we said, as Mother Nature taught them.

You will not always know if they are sleeping, because they usually sleep with their eyes open. Sometimes they sleep with their eyes closed, but this only happens if they really feel happy, relaxed, and satisfied with their environment.

When you see that they sleep with their eyes closed, make sure that they really trust you and that they are satisfied with you as owners. If you notice that they sleep lying on their side for a long time it may not be good, it may be a sign that they have health problems.

In such situations, you should consult a veterinarian to check the health of your guinea pig.

Do the guinea pigs sleep in the dark?

The guinea pig sleeps in the dark, in fact it loves to sleep in the dark. The reason for this sleep in the dark is primarily safety, they feel much safer when sleeping in the dark.

That is why they usually look for tunnels, hiding places where it is darker and safer for them.

The guinea pig is accustomed to sleeping and moving in the dark because we ourselves keep them in a darker room because they do not like daylight too much.

Although they do not have sharp eyesight like some other animals, they still have very sharp senses, which help them to cope in the dark.

Where do guinea pigs sleep?

In principle, guinea pigs do not make their own holes or pits but use them from other animals. Every crack or tunnel is an ideal place for your pet to sleep, of course, we can not literally provide such conditions to our pets.

But that’s why we can make or imitate a safe guinea pig sleeping nest. Some people use a cardboard box or something similar, but this is a temporary solution, as the guinea pig will bite the box over time.

We can make a shelter for them out of plastic or wood. However, it may be best to buy them a wooden house. Such a house or shelter should be placed in a cage, where the guinea pig will almost always sleep.

He will sleep in such a house because they want a place where it is a little darker, so it is the most beautiful and safest for them.

Does temperature contribute to whether the guinea pigs sleep day or night?

As we said, the guinea pig sleeps differently, and the reasons can be different factors, and one of them is the temperature.

For example, if your pet is in an environment where the temperature is warm, it practices sleeping during the day and being active at night. Conversely, if the temperature is colder then he sleeps more at night and is active during the day, looking for food or running and playing.

Because the guinea pig is native to South America, this pet is accustomed to normal room guinea pigs sleep

Which temperature is too cold for a sleeping guinea pig?

Because the guinea pig is native to South America it has been taught to sleep at normal temperatures, a little colder for them is already a big problem.

If the temperature where the guinea pig sleeps is below 15 degrees, it is already too cold for it. To keep the guinea pig outside in the hut warm, you should either have other guinea pigs cuddling with it or cover the hut with a blanket to keep it warm.

It is certainly safest to be in your home, where it will be easier to control the temperature than outdoors, where it changes every hour.

Ideal sleeping temperature for guinea pigs?

The ideal sleeping temperature for a guinea pig is 17-20 degrees.

The guinea pig does not require too much heat or too much cold temperature, although warmer than this ideal temperature will not harm it as much as the low temperature.

Cold temperatures are a great danger to your sweet pet. However, be careful not to expose the guinea pig to too much direct light, or a stove, fireplace, or the like.

The guinea pig sleeps at intervals because it fears predators

The guinea pig in the wild is often the prey of other animals or predators.

Because predators such as cats, wolves, snakes, birds of prey, and others often hunt at night, guinea pigs are taught to sleep both day and night depending on the danger.

The advantage of sleeping at intervals of the guinea pig allows it to always be ready to protect itself from a predator.

The guinea pig, therefore, sleeps a little so that it can be more alert and know when danger is coming from the environment, and to be saved from a possible attack.

Does a guinea pig want to sleep in the winter?

We humans also sleep more on winter days when the day is short, so expect the guinea pig to prefer to sleep in the winter. Another reason to sleep more in the winter is that it saves energy to keep them warmer.

The winter period requires much more attention from us owners because the low temperatures are very dangerous for the guinea pig.

If you do not notice that the temperature is low and that the guinea pig is cold, it can create very serious health problems with your pet, unfortunately sometimes with death.

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What can make a guinea pig have a good night’s sleep?

In order for him to sleep well and with quality, you as owners should take care to provide him with the best conditions for that. Here are some ways to give your pet a good night’s sleep.

Reduce noise

In order for your guinea pig to sleep well, it needs silence just like humans. As we have already learned, the guinea pig has sharpened senses of hearing, so that the slightest movements and sounds will immediately wake it up.

While you may not be able to provide the ideal silence, try to have a quiet atmosphere in the area where the guinea pig sleeps.

The guinea pig cage should be clean

To make it even more comfortable for him to sleep, you need to maintain hygiene in the guinea pig cage. Clean it regularly and your guinea pig will be satisfied and happy and of course, it will be more comfortable for him to sleep.

His bedding should be soft and able to absorb urine, or the bedding should be in several layers. Change his bedding weekly and monthly, because wet and dirty bedding will not allow him a pleasant and nice sleep.

When we talk about bedding we mean hay bedding. Hay is his natural bedding, and then it’s best for him to sleep. Artificial bedding is not ideal for guinea pigs, it can even cause problems especially with the gastrointestinal tract.

If a guinea pig sleeps in a damp and dirty place, it can cause various diseases, and of course, that is not your goal. The larger his cage, the more comfortable it will be for him to sleep.

Provide conditions for him to play

In order for a guinea pig to sleep properly, we need to provide it with enough space to expend energy, after which it will sleep much better. The cage should be big enough, with props inside everything in order to run and play.

To have hiding places and tunnels in the cage, pleasures for snacking, in other words, let it feel happy and fulfilled.

He needs enough food and water to be able to rest and sleep. To get tired of it, you need to play with it for a while, but the guinea pig also needs attention from its owners.

Can you sleep with your guinea pig?

You can, but you still would not recommend doing so. First of all, the guinea pig likes to walk at night, run, and play, and you will surely want to sleep.

It can bother you with squeaking and hitting, and it can also use your bed as a toilet. There is a risk of accidentally squeezing and injuring your pet while sleeping.

Our recommendation is that after playing with your pet, everyone should sleep in their sleeping place. Then they can eat at night, they will become nervous and will start making certain sounds, which will wake you from sleep.

Does diet affect guinea pig sleep?

The diet has a big impact on how and how much your guinea pig sleeps. When your pet eats a lot then it makes him sleep, which is similar to us humans.

This is due to the increased activity of the digestive system, in order to process the food the guinea pig’s digestive system will focus on digestion.

As a result, other functions will be reduced, and your pet will want to guinea pigs sleep

Do you need to cover the guinea pig when it sleeps?

You should not cover the guinea pig when it sleeps, and here is why? Your pet needs space for breathing or ventilation, you can eventually cover his cage or habitat only halfway.

This will give it a little more silence and dim light while leaving room for ventilation and airflow.

Covering your pet when he sleeps can serve as training, so try to get him used to how long he sleeps, but of course, it may work, and it may not.


The guinea pig sleeps day and night, sleeping 4-6 hours a day at different intervals, from a few minutes to half an hour. This cute pet usually sleeps with its eyes open or closed if it feels safe and secure in its surroundings.

To sleep well you need to have an optimal temperature of around 20 degrees, low temperatures of 15 degrees and less are harmful to guinea pigs.

For a peaceful and quality sleep, he needs a clean cage, silence, and preferably a darker room. The guinea pig usually likes to sleep in hiding places, tunnels, etc., because then it feels safest.

The more you get tired, run and play, the better your pet will sleep.

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