How High Can Guinea Pigs Fall Without Getting Hurt?

Guinea pigs are interesting and beautiful pets who are very smart and make our day happier with their actions.

On our part, we in turn have to take care of them and pay attention to their health and of course, provide them with nutrition and activities so that they are not bored.

When we let them out to play, they enjoy it, are very happy, and make popcorn.

Mѕ guinea pig, when I let him out of the cage, immediately makes popcorn as a sign of happiness, but I have to watch him so that he doesn’t fall from a height and get hurt.

How high can guinea pigs fall and be okay?

Guinea pigs should not fall from a height greater than 10 inches to avoid injury. They have very fragile bones, and even though they look big, injuries and fractures can easily occur.

We should be especially careful when we take it out of the cage so that it does not escape from our hands and fall.

In today’s article, you will learn all about the safe height from which guinea pigs can fall and not get hurt, how to prevent them from falling from a height, and what to do if they fall.

In the article, you will also learn about some situations from my personal experience with my guinea pig jumping from a height.

How high can a guinea pig fall without getting hurt?

Unlike other pets, guinea pigs are not very active, which makes them not have very strong joints and bones, and they can get hurt when they fall.

When guinea pigs fall from a height they can injure their spine as they have a long back which makes them more susceptible to injury.

That is why it is very important to take care that such unwanted situations do not occur. If guinea pigs fall from a height greater than 10 inches they can sustain serious injuries.

The only good thing is that guinea pigs do not jump so often unless they are in some danger when they have to jump for fear of their lives.

When they jump in the cage for happiness and make popcorn, those jumps are not that high.

My guinea pig jumps both in and out of the cage when he is happy, but those jumps are 3-4 inches, no more than that height and he doesn’t get hurt.

The older the guinea pig, the more susceptible it is to injury even at heights less than 10 inches. As guinea pigs age, their bones become weaker and more susceptible to injury.

Younger guinea pigs are stronger and less likely to be injured, but any fall below a greater height can cause further joint and bone problems.

It doesn’t mean that if the guinea pig jumps and falls and doesn’t look hurt, everything is fine because there may be consequences from such jumps later in life.


What to do to prevent the guinea pig from falling from a height?

Since apparently guinea pigs can be easily injured when falling from a height, we had to keep an eye on them and be very careful.

The more we prevent the guinea pig from falling, the fewer injuries they will have that can cause problems for their bodies later in life.

Here are some tips on how to prevent your guinea pig from falling from a height to help prevent their injuries.How high can guinea pig fall

The guinea pig’s cage should be safe from falling from a height

Guinea pigs spend most of the day in their cage, so it should be secure so they don’t jump and fall from a height.

Mѕ guinea pig is in a cage with a plastic base about 5 inches high which makes it impossible for him to climb the walls or jump off of it.

The other part above the plastic is wired but my pet can’t get to that part because he can’t climb up the plastic.

For all owners using two-level cages, it is important that the guinea pig has a ladder to climb up and down without jumping from the top floor.

It is best if you have a cage with two levels that the top floor is not very high, no more than 4-5 inches, so that even when the guinea pig jumps, it does not get injured.

Be careful when playing with the guinea pig when it is on the floor in the room

When I let the guinea pig out to play I always put it down on the floor to make it safer.

Sometimes I also put him on the bed, but even though he doesn’t jump off the bed because they are smart and know that if they continue they can easily fall, there is still a danger that he will jump and injure himself.

That’s why it’s best to never put your pet on a bed or table.

Although the guinea pig may not be afraid of you, any sound from outside can immediately surprise it and it will jump out of bed and hurt itself.

When I put him on the floor I always make a 10-inch high barrier with pillows or something so he can’t jump over them.

I do this because when it is on the floor it jumps for joy and because when I let it across the room it hits hard objects and can injure itself.

When guinea pigs make popcorn, they cannot control themselves during the jump and hit hard objects such as tables, chairs, etc., and may get injured.

When on the floor, the guinea pig cannot jump from a height and this is the best way to protect itself from injury.

Therefore, never play with your pet on a table, bed, or any high objects, because if they fall from them the chances of injury are too great.

Children should not take the guinea pig from the cage

When children take the guinea pig out of the cage, it can escape and jump, causing it to fall to the floor and injure itself, since the height will certainly be more than 10 inches.

It is best for adults to take the guinea pig out of the cage and then give it to the children who will be sitting on the floor, so the chances are almost zero for injury if your pet jumps out of their hands.

Children cannot hold guinea pigs as well as we adults, because your pet is quite mobile and will slip out of their hands or jump.

The safety of the space will make it impossible for the guinea pig to jump

As we said before, although the guinea pigs are safe in our hands or when they are on the bed in our presence, the slightest noise or something else can scare them and they jump out of fear of the environment.

Guinea pigs are very smart and they immediately notice the danger that may be near them and jump.

Although realistically, when they are in our hands or nearby, there is no need for them to be afraid, their natural instinct is then activated and they will do everything to be safe, if necessary, they will jump from a height.

Here’s what to watch out for when letting your guinea pig out of its cage:

  • Other pets like cats or anything else are a potential danger in the guinea pig’s mind and they will immediately jump to save themselves when they see them.
  • Guinea pigs perceive other pets as predators that have come to attack them and therefore immediately react by jumping and running away.
  • When you play loud music, TV, or loud sounds are heard outside your home, the guinea pig will immediately hear them with its senses and start to run away, get scared, and jump from the place where it is.
  • If strangers come to your home, the guinea pig will start to get scared and will hide in its house or in a shelter until they leave. If at such moments it is outside the cage and you hold it in your hands, it can easily jump and fall from a greater height and injure itself.

All of these environmental safety tips should serve as an example of when you shouldn’t take your guinea pig out of its cage, as it will jump out of fear and injure itself.How high can guinea pig fall

What to do if a guinea pig jumps from a height?

When the guinea pig jumps and falls from a height, it may or may not be injured, but it will certainly be in shock.

When a guinea pig jumps from a height, there is a great risk of injury, so it is best not to have such a thing happen at all.

If such an unwanted situation does occur, you need to know what to do for your guinea pig, let’s find out together the advice that we should take.

You must take him to the vet

Whether or not the guinea pig gets hurt when it jumps, it still needs to be taken to a vet for a check-up. If the guinea pig falls on its side, it may suffer hip fractures or other internal injuries.

If the guinea pig falls on its back, it can injure its spine, which is very dangerous for it.

When a guinea pig falls on its face, it can break its teeth and then it won’t be able to eat, which is a big problem, because it can’t live without food.

Apart from a simple physical and visual examination, the veterinarian can also take an X-ray if he suspects that the guinea pig has broken a bone in its body.

Keep them safe after falling from a height

When a guinea pig falls from a height, although it may not have visible injuries, it may still experience emotional shock and stress for a period of time.

That’s why you will need to talk to them and tickle them every day so that they can relax and more easily forget and overcome the shock they experienced from the fall from a height.

Give them their favorite food and play with them, let them on the floor in your home, because it makes them very happy.

My guinea pig is happiest when I let him run and play on the floor, then he makes popcorn for happiness.

If necessary, give him soft food and water with a syringe

When a guinea pig jumps from a height, it can get scared and stressed and we must help our pet for a certain time, while it can refuse to eat food and drink water.

If the guinea pig breaks his teeth while jumping then it is a big problem and in such situations, you will need to give him water with a syringe until he starts drinking water on his own.

As for food when the guinea pig has broken teeth or refuses to eat you will have to give him soft food in the form of pureed vegetables again using a syringe.

Guinea pigs are very gentle so you should help them until they heal from their broken teeth or until their shock wears off.

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Can a guinea pig die if it falls from a height?

Yes, a guinea pig can die if it falls from a height, but it has to be much greater than 10 inches.

If a guinea pig falls from a great height, it should be taken to a veterinarian to examine it and check how it is breathing or moving.

When a guinea pig falls from a great height, it can get broken bones, become paralyzed, or, in the last case, die as a result of the fall.

Older guinea pigs are more likely to die if they fall from greater heights.

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Are guinea pigs afraid of heights?

Yes, guinea pigs are afraid of heights and therefore avoid jumping unless they are in danger.

Guinea pigs are not very good at climbing and jumping and they prefer flat surfaces.

My guinea pig does not want to jump even from a height of 4 inches, because many times he lays on my shoulders with me on the bed and tries but does not dare to jump on the mattress itself, he can slowly get off but he never jumps.

Only if it is in danger from predators, then the guinea pigs will jump from a height to save themselves.

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