How Much Does A Hamster Cost? (Cage, Wheel, Toys, Bedding)

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Raising hamsters has certain costs that you should consider if you decide to keep these cute furry pets. Hamsters live an average of 2-3 years, so you should consider whether your budget allows you to keep a hamster.

Hamsters cost from 5-30 dollars, while the costs for one year of keeping them are about 250-300 dollars. The first year of keeping them requires the most money or about $350 because you need to buy basic things like a cage, treadmill, water bottle, a bunch of toys, bedding, sand, and other things.

Then in the next period until the end of their average life, you will spend about another 500 dollars for their nutrition, vet examinations, and similar necessary things around their keeping.

After you buy the basic things that we have listed, then it remains to refill the food and bedding, which should be changed regularly.

How much does it cost to buy a hamster?

As we said at the beginning, hamsters are not expensive to buy, the costs follow for their maintenance and requirement of food, toys, and bedding.

The price of a hamster in the USA can be from 5 – 25 dollars, it all depends on where you buy it.

If you buy it from pet stores the price is cheaper, while if you buy it from reputable breeders then the prices are more expensive.

But if you buy it from reputable breeders, usually those hamsters are healthier and with fewer genetic problems and diseases.

Whereas if you buy it from pet stores then they may have genetic diseases and unethical breeding, which ultimately contributes to a shorter lifespan of hamsters.

It is most certain that you can buy a hamster with appropriate documentation from the breeder because everyone can be called a reputable hamster breeder.

Here is the price of hamsters according to their breed:

Syrian hamster $15 – $20
Roborovski hamster $10 – $15
Chinese Hamster $5 – $20
Winter white hamster $15 – $25
Campbell $15 – $25

How much does it cost to keep a hamster for a year?

Buying a hamster is not very expensive, for example buying a cat or a dog is much more expensive.

The most money is spent on food, toys, bedding, and other needs of hamsters.

Here’s what a hamster feeding chart looks like in terms of spending for a year.

hamster $5 – $50
wheel $20 – $50
cage $45 – $250
food $50
water bottle $3 – $5
bedding $40 – $100
sand $25
vet exam $250 (40 for exam, 10 for medication, 200 for surgery)
toys $15 – $30


how much does a hamster cost

Where to buy a hamster?

We usually buy hamsters at local pet stores.

However, be careful when buying a hamster from a local store because you may get incorrect information from those who sell them.

Just to sell you a hamster, they may tell you the wrong information about the age of the hamsters, whether there are certain genetic diseases, and similar information.

It is up to you to choose which hamster you will like and which one you will buy.

When choosing a hamster, don’t always think that if the hamster in the store is wild or a little aggressive, that hamster is not a good choice.

Usually, when the hamsters are in their cage, in a homely and calm atmosphere, they become calmer and more peaceful.

Hamsters do not like noise and high frequency of people because it makes them nervous and scared. If you choose to buy a hamster from a reputable breeder, then you are more likely to get a healthier hamster.

Usually, these hamsters are from a good family with a healthy background, without hereditary diseases and other possible anomalies related to their health.

However, in the end, everything depends on your luck, no one can confirm with a guarantee that the hamster will not have diseases or health problems.

How much does a hamster cage cost?

The hamster cage is the main investment, of course besides the hamster itself.

A hamster cage costs between 40-250 dollars, depending on the size and quality of the cage.

When buying a cage you should not make a mistake, because the hamster will spend most of the day and life in the cage..

Hamsters are small, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need enough space, in fact, they do because they run and play 4-6 miles every night.

The cage of the hamsters should be at least 100 x 80 cm in size so that they can move freely and function normally.

The wheel in the cage should be 28 cm in size so that they can run without having problems with their body. In general, the bigger the cage, the happier the hamsters will be, feel more comfortable and enjoy their home.

Female Syrian hamsters require the largest cages, so make sure you buy a cage that is suitable for a specific breed of hamster.

As an alternative, you can also buy a 40-liter hamster breeding tank, which can also be found as a second-hand product.

Already used tanks are cheaper than new ones, and if they are in good condition, they are also a good solution for your hamster to live comfortably and happily.

Hamster tanks prevent bar biting and reduce stress in our pets.

How much does a hamster wheel cost?

The hamster wheel is very important for hamsters, as it allows them to run and keep their fitness and muscles in great shape.

Hamsters are very active animals that need the wheel for physical and mental stimulation.

When they are in nature, they don’t need a wheel, because there they run from predators all day, run for food, and dig tunnels, but in a cage, they need a wheel, which is essential when they are in a closed space.

Here’s what size wheel to buy depending on the breed of hamster:

Syrian hamster 11 inches in diameter
Chinese hamsters 10 inches in diameter
Dwarf hamsters 8 inches in diameter

The bigger the hamster, the bigger the wheel should be to fit its body.

The correct size for a wheel is one where the hamsters can run freely in it without bending their backs, otherwise, they will twist their spines.

The surface of the wheel where the hamsters run should not have bars, because otherwise, they can pinch their limbs.

The price of the hamster cage ranges from 25-50 dollars, depending on the size and quality.

Our recommendation is to buy him a quality wheel so that there are no unwanted injuries or side effects on their much does a hamster cost

How much does hamster bedding cost?

Hamster bedding is an important part so that hamsters can enjoy it, any wrong choice will be detrimental to the hamster.

There is a huge selection of bedding, so you must be careful about which bedding you choose for your pet.

Hamsters generally need bedding that is no more than 12 inches tall. Because if the bedding is not deep enough, the hamsters will not be able to dig.

The price of bedding depends on its quality and ranges from 20 – 40 dollars, generally expect that you will spend about 100 dollars a year on bedding.

Here is a table of the price of hamster bedding:

  • Chipsi Original and Allspan – wood shavings, price $20 for 60 liters
  • Kaytee Clean and Carrefresh – paper-based bedding, price $30 for 8 cubic feet.
  • hay – $40 for 180 liters

If you are using softwood shavings be aware that they are not the best choice because they do not absorb much liquid and the hamster cage will smell bad.

Bad bedding will mean frequent changes and nervousness in your pets, causing stress.

In addition to bedding, hamsters also need sand, or rather about 3 bags of sand per year, each costing about 30 dollars.

The sand is needed so that the hamsters can use it to clean themselves of their dirt and fur debris.

How much does hamster food cost?

Food is the most important part of the life of hamsters, which allows them to be healthy and live longer.

Hamsters need a variety of food rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Adult hamsters need:

  • protein 17-18 %
  • fat 5-6%
  • fiber 10-12 %

The diet for hamsters should consist of:

  • commercial pellets rich in vitamin C
  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • plants
  • insects
  • seeds

About 50 dollars will cost you the annual food bill for hamsters, because they don’t eat much, one to two spoons a day, and they keep a large part of the food in their cheeks.

When you give food to hamsters, you should make sure that it is varied so that they can get all the necessary nutrients in the right much does a hamster cost

How much do hamster toys cost?

Hamster toys are meant to allow them to wear out their teeth and of course play so they don’t get bored. You will need $30 a year for toys, however, it also depends on whether you buy cheaper or more expensive toys.

Tunnels and round balls are the best toys for hamsters and the most fun for them, they will never be bored with them.

Plastic toys are not so good as they can break and cause injuries and sores in the hamster’s mouth.

You should also avoid toys that are colored because the color and all the artificial ingredients can be harmful to their health.

If you want to save on toys, then we recommend that you use rolls of toilet paper, cardboard, and other similar things that can serve as toys for hamsters.

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How much does a hamster vet cost?

The cost of a hamster vet mostly depends on how healthy or sick your pet will be. The more you take it to the vet, the more you will have to pay annually for treating your pet.

Going to the vet is inevitable because hamsters can often face dangerous health conditions such as:

  • wet tail
  • tumors
  • pyometra
  • broken bones

The price of veterinary services looks like this:

  • $35 for review
  • 100 dollars for emergency intervention
  • $15 for medication
  • $100 – $250 for neutering

In any case, the money you give for veterinary services is necessary for the health and life of the hamsters.


Hamsters are not as expensive to maintain as cats or dogs, but there are still certain costs that are required for a normal life and their breeding.

The price of buying a hamster is not that expensive, but the maintenance of our furry friends is more expensive.

In the first year, the costs are the biggest because you have to buy a cage, bedding, toys, a wheel, and other accessories.

In any case, keeping hamsters is not too expensive, and we hope that we have helped you decide to buy a hamster, which will fill your everyday life with joy and beautiful moments in your home.

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