How Much Human Attention Do Guinea Pigs Need A Day?

I play with my guinea pig every day, hold him in my arms, and let him run around on the living room floor. However, I did some research to find out if and how much attention I should give him each day to keep him happy.

How much human attention do guinea pigs need а day?

Guinea pigs need 2-3 hours of daily attention from humans, which means playing with them, holding them, talking to them, giving them food, and letting them out of the cage.

The more you give them attention, the more guinea pigs love their owners, so set aside a few hours every day for your guinea pig.

In today’s article, you will learn how much attention to give to your guinea pigs and similar related issues.

How much human attention do guinea pigs need a day?

Guinea pigs need a few hours of human attention each day. It would help if you held the guinea pigs daily, played with them, talked to them, and let them run and play on the floor in your room.

I hold my guinea pig several times a day for at least 10 minutes when I pet him and talk to him gently.

I noticed that my guinea pig enjoys holding him in my arms, sometimes he even falls asleep because he feels happy and safe.

In addition, I let him on the floor in my room for half an hour so he can run and play.

When he is in the cage, several times a day I approach him and talk to him or give him something to eat, which again gives him attention.

In total, I spend 2-4 hours each day paying attention to my guinea pig.

Of course, I cannot dedicate the same number of hours to him every day, but I spend at least one hour with him.

I notice that the guinea pig enjoys when I give him attention and I think the longer I play with him the happier he is.

Guinea pigs are social animals, so they want you to give them your attention whenever you can.

Can guinea pigs be left alone for long periods without attention?

It is not recommended to leave guinea pigs alone for long periods as they are social animals. If guinea pigs are alone they will be sad, especially if you leave them alone in their cage for a long time.

If you leave your guinea pig for only 1-2 days it can affect his health as he will be sad and may even become sick and depressed.

If you are not at home or you are somewhere on a trip, you should always find someone close to you who will come every day to put food and water and change the bedding.

Guinea pigs that live in pairs can more easily go without human attention for a few days, but it is still best not to leave them alone for more than a much human attention do guinea pigs need а day

Do Guinea Pigs Squeak for Human Attention?

Guinea pigs squeal for human attention when they want to let us know they want to be held, or when they are hungry.

Here are some examples of when guinea pigs squeak and what it means:

  • pain
  • hunger
  • fear
  • greeting
  • attention seeking

When guinea pigs squeak, they do so with different tones that over time you will learn exactly what they mean.

For example, when they are scared their squeak tone will be cut off and loud.

When guinea pigs want our attention they will squeak but in a gentler tone and quieter as if they are complaining that we are not paying them attention.

When hungry guinea pigs squeak and run towards the cage bars because they are hungry. When guinea pigs squeak as soon as you walk in the door, they want to greet you and are happy to see you.

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How long should you let the guinea pigs out of the cage?

Young guinea pigs require more time out of the cage, for example, 1-2 hours a day.

Half an hour or less is enough for older guinea pigs because the older they get the less they want to run and play.

I let my guinea pig out of the cage twice a day for an hour, when he runs and plays around the room, of course previously secured with a barricade so he doesn’t get hurt or get stuck somewhere in the room.

Letting guinea pigs out of the cage is part of the attention you need to give them to keep them in good physical and mental condition.

It’s not good if you don’t let your pet out of the cage at all, so take at least some time to allow them free roaming.

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Is talking to guinea pigs part of the daily routine?

Talking to guinea pigs is part of the daily attention you should give them. When you talk to your guinea pig it feels better because it knows that someone loves and cares for it.

Guinea pigs are sensitive and if you neglect them, they will notice it immediately and it will negatively affect their health.

Speak gently and in a calm voice to your guinea pig as this way you will strengthen the bond with your pet.

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Is holding guinea pigs necessary every day?

Guinea pigs love to be petted, so it’s good to hold them every day. You can lie down and put your little one on your chest, and you will see how he will sit still and probably caress.

Some guinea pigs are more emotional than others, but in general, they all love to be held and given daily attention.

If you notice that your guinea pig makes noises when you pick it up, it may not be tamed enough and needs more time to feel safe and much human attention do guinea pigs need а day

How best to give your guinea pig daily attention?

For the guinea pig to be happy and not feel neglected, it is necessary to take care of it daily. Here are some tips that I apply to my guinea pig every day:

  • every day I hold it in my hands for at least an hour in short intervals of 10 minutes.
  • I talk to him gently so he doesn’t get scared and at the same time, I stroke his head.
  • never pet him on the back of his body because then he gets scared, thinking you might want to attack him.
  • I give him food regularly and always at the same time because the guinea pig knows exactly what time you give him to eat.
  • I let my guinea pig out on the floor for at least an hour a day, sometimes more.

All these tips will help you take proper care of your guinea pig and provide him with daily attention.


Is my guinea pig happier alone?

Guinea pigs are not happy when they are alone as they are social animals that need attention and companionship. If a guinea pig is alone all the time then it will affect their mental health and they may become sick or depressed.

Can you leave a guinea pig alone for 3 days?

Guinea pigs should never be left alone for 3 days, because it is dangerous for their health. Guinea pigs need to be given food, water, and changing bedding every day, otherwise, they can get sick.

Can I hold 1 day old guinea pig?

When you buy a guinea pig, you should never hold it in your hands on the first day. It takes about a week to get used to the new environment and the new owners. During the first days in the new home, the guinea pig will be scared, which is completely normal behavior for these pets.


Guinea pigs need daily attention for a few hours because they are social animals that need socialization.

Guinea pigs that live in pairs are not so dependent on human attention, but those that live alone definitely need attention from their owners.

To have a happy and satisfied guinea pig, talk to him every day, play together, pet him, and let him eat from your hands.

Guinea pigs are very emotional animals that love attention, and in return, they will love you even more and you will create a great bond between pet and owner.

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