How to Clean Hamster Poop? All You Need To Know

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:50 pm

Hamsters are cute and interesting pets that still require attention and care.

They poop a lot and can do it everywhere if you don’t teach them where to poop.

There are special litter boxes for hamsters, but you need to teach your pet that in the corner of the cage is its toilet.

Until the hamsters are trained about the place where they should poop, we must clean their poop regularly.

How to clean up hamster poop?

To clean the hamster poop you need a scooper and rubber gloves. Cleaning the hamsters’ poop should be done daily, and the entire cage once a week.

In today’s article, you will learn how to clean up hamster poop and how to make your job easier in the future.

How to clean up hamster poop?

To clean the hamster poop you will need a scooper and rubber gloves.

The good thing about hamster poop is that they have a firm and small poop, and luckily it doesn’t smell like other animals, in fact, it looks like it doesn’t smell at all.

With the help of the scooper, you should collect the droppings by digging inside the bedding.

Then after you have removed all the droppings, your hamster can once again enjoy clean bedding and a clean cage.

The best time to clean up hamster poop is in the morning while our furry friends are still sleeping and inactive.

If you have a sand lining in the cage then it is easier to collect the hamster poop, but it will not be so good when the hamsters have to dig and make tunnels.

That’s why we recommend paper bedding, which is better for hamsters for their daily play and digging, although a little harder to clean up poop.

However, it is more important that the hamsters have the right environment and that they can do what is most important to them, which is digging in the bedding.

In addition to paper bedding, wood shavings as bedding are also used as a basis for digging and making tunnels.

How often should hamster poop be cleaned up?

Hamster poop should be cleaned daily, it is best to do it during the day or in the morning.

Hamsters are nocturnal, they will run and poop all evening, and they will sleep during the day, so the morning is the best time for cleaning.

The poop should be cleaned every day, but also once a week you should thoroughly clean their poop together with their cage and all other objects.

How to teach a hamster to poop in the toilet?

Hamsters poop everywhere they go, but with a little training, you can teach them to poop and pee in the toilet.

Buy them a litter box or toilet and place it in the corner of the cage.

Put some bedding and sand inside to make it look more natural and prevent the hamster from overturning the box.

Then take a piece of paper and wipe where the hamster pee and put the same in their toilet, so the hamster will know by the smell where it needs to go to poop and pee.

This method is great for getting your hamster used to pooping and peeing in the toilet, but it will take time to get used to it.

Why do hamsters poop everywhere?

Hamsters poop everywhere because it’s their natural behavior that they use when they’re in the wild.

Hamsters don’t even know that it’s wrong to poop and pee on the exercise wheel, for example.

That’s why with the training you have to get them used to a new place for their poop.

How to clean the cage of hamsters?

Cleaning the hamster cage is done with vinegar and water,

At the same time, the cleaning of cage should be once a week, which means cleaning all the objects in it.

The exercise wheel, chew toys and everything else should be thoroughly cleaned with a cloth and a solution of vinegar and water.

If the hamster has learned to use the potty, you can do this cleaning once every two weeks.

When cleaning the cage, you should also remove the bedding and after wiping it with a towel, put in new bedding again.

Cleaning the cage takes 30 minutes and then the hamsters will be able to do their daily tasks more easily.

Hamsters do not like a very clean cage, they like the smell of them, that is, from pooping and peeing, but cleaning every hamster owner must do to clean hamster poop

Is a dirty cage dangerous for hamsters?

Yes, a dirty cage is dangerous for the health of hamsters, although our pets get irritated when we clean their cage.

Hamsters are small and short, they can very easily get an infection or bacteria from a dirty cage, ie from pooping and peeing.

That is why it is important to regularly clean their poo and pee so that we can prevent the occurrence of diseases and damage to their health, which is very delicate.

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Do hamsters mind pooping in their cage?

No, the hamsters don’t mind at all that there is excrement from pooping and peeing everywhere in the cage.

They are used to such an environment and therefore poop and pee wherever they go.

They poop and pee on their wheel very often, even though they use it the most because they go a few miles on it every night, but they still don’t mind the poop they make.

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Hamsters poop wherever they go and they do it very often and it’s completely normal.

Fortunately, their feces do not smell and are quite solid, so they do not cause additional problems with cleaning.

With the help of gloves and a scooper, their poop is cleaned, and this needs to be done daily.

The easiest way to clean the feces is if the bedding or the place where they poop is sand, but this is not good for digging tunnels for our furry friends.

It’s even better if you manage to get your hamster to poop and pee in its toilet, but that takes time and training.